This one is for the May WCC at the Review game, prompt: http:/www (dot) flickr (dot) com/photos/davidtalley/6131183899/. Remember to read and vote for your favorite!


Bryce leapt at the next closest thing with a fierce cry tearing from his throat. He clutched to the thing as it bucked and writhed trying to dislodge him. Still Bryce held fast, and let his fingers sink into the soft flesh he clung to. His wild eyes gleamed as his teeth found purchase in the throat of the beast. Blood filled every sense as he ripped, viciously, the skin and muscle from the throat.

As the thing fell to the ground, the last of its life fleeing its body, Bryce stood and stomped on the head. He spun away, foot slippery from the matter that coated it, dodging an attempt to render him unconscious or dead.

Bryce snarled at the offender, another monster, and lunged at the thing. It was ready and caught him, but that was the man had wanted. Bryce plunged a short blade into the monster's back, and jerked the blade toward him. He held tight as the monster tried to get him off, and plunged the blade in once more. He tore open the wound he made with his hand, and spilled the guts of the monster before springing from the thing.

A smile caressed Bryce's face as he watched the monster dying. He stooped down, and let his fingers dance in the spilled blood. The monster met his eyes, and Bryce was shocked at the humanity in them.

He jerked back as he realized he recognized this monster. He was looking at his father!

Landing hard on his butt, Bryce turned and looked over the other monsters he had ruthlessly killed. His eyes met with the faces, all twisted in agony, of his sister, mother, brother, and- dear God!- his wife.

Bryce scuttled away from the blood ridden scene with horror, agony and guilt ripping through his heart. He had killed each one of them with his hands and teeth.

What had he done?

Bryce stood slowly, and memory seeped into his muddled brain. This was a dream- a nightmare. He had had this nightmare before, and he would wake up to everything fine.

The rain started to drizzle down on him, and Bryce looked up toward the sky with closed eyes. He let the rain stream down his body washing him of the blood and sins he was drenched in. He waited for the sudden jerk and consciousness to assault him, but it didn't come.

Instead the rain continued to fall on him. Bryce opened his eyes ignoring the sting as the rain dropped in them. He lowered his head with panic creeping in.

This wasn't a nightmare this was real, he realized.

Falling to his knees a sob tore free of Bryce's throat. He crawled to the cooling body of his father, and pulled free the small knife he had used to gut the man. With tears spilling down his already wet cheeks Bryce raised the blade, and brought it down once more.