For the July WCC.

Glancing around to make sure that no one was near, Lily began to hum a little tune. She loved to make songs in her head and hum them out alone. And she had to be alone because if she was heard her life would change drastically.

She stooped to her work once more, laboring to harvest anything that was good from the vast fields that stretched to the horizon. Her basket was only half full, and she needed to fill it before she could return home.


The cry rang out, and Lily froze instantly her heart thundering in her chest. Slowly she straightened and looked around.

A man, one of her neighbors, stood nearby along with two uniformed bodies. Lily fought the desire to run. There was nowhere to go anyway.

"Yes?" she called out strongly despite her fear and panic threatening to break free.

The two uniforms approached, and she waited patiently.

"The man claims you were humming." One man, the taller of the two with a stern face and dark eyes to match is dark hair, said.

Lily widened her eyes, but kept her cool. "Oh no, that would be illegal!"

The two men continued to look her over, and she tried not to fidget or sweat.

"What's your name?" The shorter of the two asked.

Lily nearly screamed in surprise when he spoke. Instead she replied, "Lily, sir, Lily Almoosk."

"Lily Almoosk," the taller one mumbled as if dissecting her name.

"You have been accused of humming before, and sent to a class to reeducate you on why music in any form is illegal." The short one said.

Lily bit her lip, but said, "Music serves only to distract and isolate while causing dissention." A finger had curled into her long blond hair. She removed it as soon as she noticed, and clutched her hands behind her back.

"You seem nervous," the tall one said while he smiled.

Lily tried to smile back, but couldn't muster it. "I really don't want to have to leave my family for another reeducation class. They need me."

"We'll have to make note of this accusation in our records Miss Almoosk, but we won't take you in. Remember another incident or two and you may be facing execution rather than a simple class." The short one was writing on his pad as the taller one told of her of the fine line she was dancing.

"Yes, sirs," Lily mumbled.

The short man walked off, but the tall one stayed.

He looked around, and then handed her a slip of wax paper. "Sometime you have to get it out or you'll die. Never be followed; never sing anywhere but there."

Lily stared at the paper astonished and when she looked up to thank him he was gone. She tucked away the paper, and went back to her picking being sure not to hum.


A/N: so I have to admit this was not the ending I had wanted to start with so I will add it here:


The short man walked off, but the tall one stayed.

He looked around, and then handed her a slip of wax paper. "You come by that adress every day at twilight, and you will sing for me. As long as you do I will make sure the axe doesn't fall."

Lily took the paper, and looked up tears touching the corners of her eyes, but the man was off by his partner now. She tucked the paper away as she went back to her work knowing she would do as the man said because her family needed her.