This is for the August WCC at the Review Game. The prompt was:

"When you have to kill a man, it costs nothing to be polite."

- Winston Churchill

Enjoy my entry, and take a look at the others!

There is a moment, when she dances, in which the world and time with it begin to fracture. Jagged lines crack through reality like lightning through the storm darkened sky. It's a horrifying yet beautifully addictive sight to see. Eyes are always drawn to those, at first minute, cracks. There is a strange sound of dry leaves crackling as they open which turns to wood splitting as they widen.

It's amazing really, when you think about it, that she has the ability to do this. The most amazing thing is her though. With a dance she can make the world slip away. She can steal hearts, and make tears come to dry eyes. But most importantly: she can give you the world or take it away.

He's never seen her stop when everything is breaking apart, but she's told him she has before. The woman told him that there is a whole nother world behind theirs, and you can only glimpse it between those cracks. He believes her even though he never sees it. He is too busy watching her as she dances the most entrancing dance he has ever seen. He doesn't care to see the world she is so interested in; he just wants to see her dance.

He asked her once why she had never stepped into that other world if it calls to her so. She gave him a long look before she replied that she was scared she'd never be able to come back. He could understand that fear because he shared it too. If she never came back he'd not have a reason to live anymore.

Once she's sundered the reality that she clings to she can remake it. She can wipe a person from existence, or make a new life if she wanted. She'd done it once, but everything changed. She lived in that new world for a while before she tired of it. She changed it all back, and it was just after that when she met him.

He's watching her as she dances, and she can see the awe and wonder on his face. It makes her second guess her choice to do this to him, but... there was no one else. He was always willing to do anything she asked, and that was what she needed.

She spun out, and then stopped facing him. This was it. It was the moment she had been waiting for ever since she saw the world behind. Their eyes were connected and unbreakable as she held out her hand to him. He rose from the chair and came to her wordlessly. Together they walked to the largest crack in reality, but his eyes were only for her.

The woman gave him a pleading look, and without breaking eye contact stepped into that maw. He was halfway through when his body began to disintegrate from the feet up. He was still smiling and gazing at her with unconditional love when his head broke into a million tiny particles to vanish before her eyes.

She gazed into the other world for a long time before she stepped back. He was gone- dead. She had killed him, but now she knew that she would never be able to cross into that other world, and her heart sank a little for it. Her hand stretched out halting just before that crack he had died in. It hovered there betraying her intense desire to plunge into that hidden reality.

Instead she began to dance, and weaved the world back together. When it was done she spoke to the man that had so willing died for her.