-Take Me to the Moon-


Where are the stars tonight?

I looked up and there was no light.

I just wanted to see but one star,

To make a wish to be where you are.

I know I just saw you ten minutes ago,

But our conversation was cut short, you know.

With the raindrops falling on our heads,

And "Come on! Let's go!" being said.

I just want to go see a star,

Maybe one up close but they're too far.

Take me to the moon instead,

Maybe we'll see the stars above our heads.

I wish I could go fly with you,

If we did, all my dreams would come true.

Gravity won't have any effect on us,

Don't worry, just take my hand and trust.

If you want we can stop by the sun,

Who knows maybe it'll be fun.

It'll be okay, there will be plenty of light,

I'll be right there to hold your hand tight.

So please take me, take me to the moon,

We'll soar so this night won't end too soon.

Let's go to the moon and let's be free.

Let's go see the stars, just you and me.

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