-Take Me to the Moon-

[Part 3]

Why do you keep changing your mind?

You know I was doing just fine.

I moved on when you walked away,

But now you say you want to stay.

You couldn't just tell me the first time.

You had to wait until it was my turn to shine.

Too bad the truth will hurt for you to know,

Because I moved on and you've got to go.

You should've known I wouldn't wait forever,

But you took your time and said, "Whatever."

I'm sick of and done with all your games.

It's my turn to leave you in the rain.

I don't want to be anyone's other choice.

I'm independent, I have my own voice.

I want you to know that I don't need you.

I have my own life; I have my own things to do.

I'm not gonna waste any more time on waiting,

'Cause it took me too long to keep on debating.

I'm moving on and there's no looking back,

I'll be gone after all the memories are packed.

Now I have nothing left to say,

But I guess I'll see you some other day.

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