I used to love the rain. The way it fell ever so gracefully. The sound of it pouring down. The way it smelled, so fresh. The way it felt against my skin .The water droplets skidding down my window as I watched it. It was as if it was dancing. Dancing ever so elegantly ever so carefully. It intrigued me like no other thing. Amazed me actually. That was until that day.

It was a pretty normal day for me I was playing in the yard. Running around barefooted. Dancing in the so called 'lovely' rain.
Mother called to me saying I would get sick if I played in the rain too much. Oh I did get sick. Sick of it.
I was a small girl. Very thin and boney. Everybody called me pretty though. A sight to see they said. They probably felt bad for me. Bad for the poor girl that got sick with Scarlet Fever and almost didn't make it. They said I was beautiful with my dark brown curls and always changing eyes my pale face and long nose that made my face look long and elegant.
I always smiled then when my mother and father were alive. I have no brothers or sisters just many cousins. The day they died is the day everything changed. Nobody wants to believe it. Nobody thinks it's true. Nobody but me. Me, little, small Jalyx.