You are always there

With me.

You make me pick myself up

No matter how many times I fall.

You take care of everything

Even if my problem's really small.

From the day I opened my eyes,

To this moment when my world is polluted with lies,

There's always one truth,

One stagnant constant-

When I reach up for help

You hold my hand.

And even when I'm not asking

You are always there

For me.

I let you down countless times,

You showered me with your forgiveness,

Even though I still hate myself

For always making a huge mess.

When times are rough-

Troubles, quarrels, stress,

I talk to you, God

And you put a smile on my face.

I can never see you,

But I can hear your voice echo in my soul.

I can feel your presence in my mind,

Not letting me lose control.

And even when I'm breaking down all alone

You are always there

To help me out.

Even after my death

I don't want to lose my faith.

Believing in you is what makes me go,

I promise to follow the path you show.

Even if I stumble and ache,

I know that you're there for me.

It's so obvious, so easy to see!

The fact that I'm alive here today proves that

You are always there

For me.

Thank you God, you know I mean it.

I won't give up, I will win it.

As long as you are always there

With me.

A/N: before you jump to conclusions, I'm not a Christian. But this is for God in general :)