The Other Woman's Kid

_Chapter 1_





Saturday, September 3, 2011.





Since a very young age I have known that my mother wasn't an examplenary woman. She being the home wrecker in more than one occasion. She had even lured my married father with her charm. In all honesty I hate her. I hate him.


I hate him more. He has a family, a kid around my age and, for what I had heard, a beautiful, sophisticated wife. I, in his situation, would have never ruin something so precious. A family. I don't have a family. I have those who created me not a family. I have a whore for a mother whose hobby is to ruin other people's lives, including mine, because of her own diplorable life. I have a father who, eventhough he still saw my mother until recently and showered her with gifts, has always denied me as his own. I would have also been suspicious of my lineage if he hadn't taken the iniciative to get me tested. Even after he was shown the results he treats me as if I was gum underneath his shoe. His expensive shoe.

But that's fine. They have given me all the essentials I need, my life. I have to work for the rest of my belongings and to substain myself and I wouldn't have it any other way. At least now they can't hold over my head that they have given me stuff and taken care of me. All my good clothes, my cellphone, as crappy as it is, my used ipod, and my guitar are MINE. Mine. I earned them with my sweat and tears. I don't need my parents. I don't even want to associate with them.


"JENNAH!" I hear my mother scream.

Fuck, I didn't know she would be here at this time. Usually she wouldn't come home until later. I hate being in her presence. I do all I can to be out of this apartment when she is here. This is too small for both of us. Not only because the space is limited: one bedroom, one bathroom, a tiny kitchen, and a rather small living room. I take the couch. But because of our mutual hatred. She hates me because my father didn't leave his wife for her when she got pregnant with me and I hate her for obvious reasons. I can't wait to be eighteen so that I can leave. Only a couple of hours more. Tomorrow I'll be gone, I already have everything packed up.

"YOU ARE THE REASON WHY YOUR FATHER LEFT ME!" She jabs a finger into my ribs painfully.

My father has recently broken up with my mother. Not that they had a healthy relationship or anything to begin with. They have had an on-and-off affair since they started. I wouldn't even be surprice if he had others. She did. Most of my parents fights had been about me though. He wanted her to abort me when she was pregnant but she wanted to use me so she let me live. Too bad it backfire on her. She didn't see him again until five years after I was born. Then they fought again when I started calling him daddy at my mother's request. Apperantly she wanted for us to connect so that he would support me. It was then that he got me tested but refuse to pay child support. My mother tried to blackmail him into paying but he told her he would make her life miserable so my mother resign. They didn't see each other again for seven years. By the age of twelve I had witness my mother be 'the other woman' to five different businessman. She wrecked a couple of homes and treated me like dirt. But then he appear again and they started their relationship again ignoring I was even alive. It hurt. They fought again when I was fourteen and I was assing a project about my family. I asked him about his parents and if he had any siblings. He turned red and yelled that I wasn't his kid and that if I ever told anyone who my real father was he would kill me. I believed him. They fought again and he didn't come back until a year ago. I stayed away from him whenever he came over. Today they had fought again. Still about me. He wanted her to get me to sign over my rights of his company. Him being my father and owner gave me the opportunity to claim a status in the company when I reached adulthood. She still wanted to use me and said that I had rights that even he couldn't take away. He left her then and there. Too bad they didn't know I give a flying damn about his money and his properties and his company. I don't need anything from him.

"I SHOULD HAVE ABORTED YOU WHEN I HAD THE CHANCE!" Her tears streaming from her dark eyes, so different from my ocean blue, down her red face, her long, black hair, the same shade as mine, sticking to her wet cheeks. She is a mess. I would have pity her if I didn't know her.

"You should have." I calmly stated meeting her furious gaze with my cold, indifferent stare.

"WHY YOU-" She tried to slap me but I caught her hand. I squeeze her wrist almost to the point of shattering it. I'm not going to let her abuse me again. Not when I can fight back.

"Don't you even dare hit me mother because I won't hesistate to retaliate." She just huff in irritation and janked her arm away from me. I took a step back and glared. She had iniciated a staring contest I wouldn't back down from.

"You better be gone by tomorrow." Venom drip from every word her mouth spat.

"Like I would live under this roof for a second more then necessary." I threw back at her. She seem to become wilder with my reponse and turn on her heels and left again.


11:50 P.M

Ten more minutes.

I sigh as I sat back down on the sofa. I have already packed all my belongings. I only have a duffel bag filled with clothes, my guitar case, and my bookbag. I'm leaving the apartment with nothing more, nothing less. Just what I call my own. My mother left at eight and still hasn't return. She would probably come back much later, way after I have left. It's better that way because then I wouldn't have to confornt her. Not again today.

Taking a quick look and the digital clock in the oven that still read eleven fifty I made up my mind to leave now. Time has seem to stop and I couldn't wait in agony. Leaving now would not hurt me at all. Gathering everything I walked to the door ready to turn the knob and leave this hell behind when a knock resonated through the apartment. Cautiously I open the door to find a middle age policeman standing in my-soon-to-be-ex doorway.

"Are you Lauren Jennings' daugther?" He asked with a booming voice.

"Yes, I'm Jennah Jennings. Has anything happen officer?" I couldn't help but question his presence. Maybe my mother has been sent to jail and she wanted me to pay her bail.

"I'm sorry to inform you that your mother has died because of alcohol poisoning." He said in a genlter tone of voice.

My heart stopped beating and my breathing shallow. My mother dead. Dead my mother. I couldn't comprehen this. She's dead. Dead.

Tears started flowing down my face as the officer tried to question me if I had anyone I could stay with. I answer no.

"I'll be eighteen-" I looked back at the clock that read 12: 01 A.M. "I'm eighteen, I'll be fine alone." I convince him that I needed time alone and he left not before giving me his card and telling me to call him in the morning.

He thought my tears were because I was sad my mother died. There are not.

"What a great birthday present mom." I was crying because she finally did something right in my life.


A couple of minutes after the officer told me the news I collected myself enough so that I could finally call the only one I found fit to share this knowledge with me.

"LAUREN I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL-" "This is Jennah." I couldn't stop myself from figetting in my seat as I spoke to my father. He still terrifies me.

"What do you want?" He asked after a couple of minutes passed. His breathing hard from his previous screamfest.

"Lauren is dead." I simply stated and hang up. I did my deed. He knows.





Hi guys, this is my first FP story. Criticism is welcome. I would like to know if you want me to continue or not. If I do continue this story then it's going to be based on Jennah getting to know her half-brother, who doesn't know she exist, and his friends. It will be lighter than the first chapter but still have the undertone of angst.

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p.s.- I just want to clarified that Jennah might be portray as a bitch at the end of the chapter but she has reasons why she is happy her mother died. First of all, her mother only wanted to use her that's why she had her. Secondly, her mother abuse her physically and mentally until Jennah decided that enough was enough. Thirdly, her mother was a true bitch who ruined everybody's life and purposely dated married man. Jennah was always disgusted by her mother's antics. So she should be happy that she had finally escaped her mother's clutches.

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