Let me start off by saying that this story isn't about vampires. It's not a plain 'oh, I hate my life!' kind of story either. It's more in-depth and complex than it seems or sounds.

We are not human, we are not dead. We each have unique super powers that we were born with. My brother, boyfriend/fiance, and I are on the run.

The three of us know very little of ourselves. We don't know how we were created, when, or why people are after us. We don't know who to watch out for. Only that they could kill us if we weren't careful. We skipped town after a terrorist attack destroyed my parents.

I am Grace Nolan, Gracie for short(my nickname). I'm sixteen years old. I have long brown hair with blonde highlights, bright green eyes with a spot of aqua blue, and light tan skin. I stand a mere 5'4 feet tall. I am the only person on Earth(that I know of) that has weather powers.

My brother, Derek, is 18 years old. He has short, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. He is about 6 feet tall. He has invisibility powers.

My used-to-be boyfriend/my now-to-be fiance, Joey, is 19 years old. He has pale blonde hair, cream colored eyes, and pale skin. He is about 5'9 feet tall. He has super speed powers.

Right now, we're in Lamon, Texas. It's about 100 degrees outside. When I'm tired or worn out, I can't do much.

"Gracie, we're here." Joey whispered. His damp, sweaty hair brushed against my hot cheek as he whispered in my ear.

I sighed in relief and wrapped my arms around his neck so he could carry me in. He insisted on carrying me from the shitty truck to the crappy motel room instead of me walking.

I opened my eyes as he stepped into the freezing room. He set me down to my feet and I immediately got into my duffle bag.

"What are you looking for?" Derek asked, crashing on the couch.

"I stole a few bottles of water from the fridge before we left." I tossed one to Joey then one to Derek. I chugged mine down then shut my eyes, concentrating on the weather. The thunder cracked outside a few times then I saw a bright flash of lights from behind my eyelids. It started pouring rain, then, as the temperature dropped about twenty degrees. I smiled in satisfaction then sat up on the bed.

"Happy now?" Derek asked.

"Pleasant, actually."

He rolled his eyes and turned the TV on. It turned to the local news and a lady in a pink suit was talking about the weather.

'A strange accurance has caused pouring rain, thunder clouds, and lightning. Scientists and Meteorologists are baffled at the strange weather change. Is a tornado on its way? Or are we getting another Hurricane? We will keep you posted on the latest information.'

"Look what you did now." Derek said.

"I didn't do anything! That has to be live for them to know about a change this sudden. I slept for the past hour and a half. I have no idea what I cause when I sleep."

"Grace, calm down." Joey said.

I rolled my eyes and turned away from both of them. It was going to be a long night.