Ai Kia Si

Unless you're looking
for a faster way to die,
please look carefully
at the neon signs
that are everywhere,
for death in such a way
isn't at all a glory sight.

You're never too young
to die, so don't expect
your soul to be able
to take this risk,
hence take a close look
at the brightly lit words,
and follow them till
the end of this road,
for you can never know,
when death calls you home.

Lets' all end our lives
peacefully, with our
limbs all intact.
Lets' not wonder about
our existence and
just live the life
we are all given,
for there's a purpose,
whether we know it or not.


A/N: If you were wondering what the title means, it simply means we should be afraid of dying. It literally means, 'have to be scared of death'.