OK folks, my latest story, I hope you enjoy it.

The Grind

Chapter 1: Introduction

There was a certain country called USA. It had a certain state with a certain district that had a certain high school. This school was average. It was a regular public school that no one would pay much attention to. The students were mostly average as well. Of course some were smarter than others, but this was balanced with other students being dreadfully dull. These teenagers were not a source of controversy nor were they a source of excitement. As stated, this school was quite average.

There was one student who was slightly gifted. He was in advanced classes and could be considered among the top tier of the country. Unfortunately, he was quiet, unsociable and dreary. This much was reflected by him never once speaking in school. As well as his attire fore he wore glasses that looked as though it was covered in a fog of dirt and smudges, a jacket that was worn and close to tearing, and used cargo pants that were equally run down. His hair was clumped, gray, and never kept and had skin that was clean but still had minor splotches of acme. In some schools, he would have probably been bullied like mad. However, this school seems to choose ignoring the person as a suitable replacement. If one were to observe him for a day, one might assume that he was invisible and would quickly lose track of him. He was fine with that. His name was Lyle and he was a freshman.

There was a student who might as well have been crowned king of the school. He was also in advanced classes, maybe not as nearly as advanced as Lyle but still very bright. He was constantly praised with adoration from faculty and students. He was a part of the school council and was so very dutiful that he would probably make it to President just by next year. He was in the ace in Soccer and ran the record time in the school's track and field. Looks were also in his impressive reputation as he was praised to be very handsome with his golden blond hair and striking blue eyes. Most importantly, he was kind. His name was Joseph and he was also a freshman.

There was a student who was genius. However, he unfortunately embodied many stereotypical traits found in geeks and nerds. He had large glasses, an odd taste in clothing, and was small and unhealthy. He also had a slight obsession with any kind of game. At the very least, he didn't stink. However, he was very jovial and his odd habits were accepted by the student body and he found shelter with other nice folk. His name was Zack, and he was a sophomore.

There was a student who might have been classified as a jock. He certainly enjoyed sports and he certainly enjoyed to work out. He was not mean like a stereotypical jock, but he did have his moments of rudeness and anger. Especially anger. He also looked a bit like a jock as well, with short blond hair and a muscular frame. He was friends with Joseph and they got along well. His mind, however, was filled only with sports and this led to trouble with the school. At the very least he kept his grades up so that he wouldn't get kicked out of any sports activities. His name was Sam and he was a sophomore.

There was a student who was lazy. He chose to stay up at night doing things that shouldn't be done and would sleep through class during the day. He was smart, but just not very applied. He chose to hang out with his friends instead of studying and generally enjoyed life. His only complaint was all the nagging for his behavior and his dad that never came around. He did have a job so that his mother wouldn't overwork herself. He wasn't that into looks, choosing to keep his red hair where it was and simply slap on any clothes that were lying around. His name was David and he was a sophomore.

There was a student who was a bit mean. She was stuck-up at times and would criticize at times. She was concerned with appearances first and only, making sure her lustrous black hair was kept well, her make-up perfectly enhancing her blue eyes, and nails kept long and fancy. This could be blamed on her parents spoiling her rotten, but it was also likely that she had terrible resistance to peer pressure. However, she did have a soft spot for the people she did know. There was an incident where she asked out Joseph. Being the nice guy he was, he accepted. There were cries of sadness of him being of the market, there were also cries of joy as her rude ways started to disappear. She did have relapses though. Her name was Lily and she was a freshman.

There was a student who was painfully shy. She would not talk unless it was the last option and she voted to stay out of sight as much as possible, trying to keep her bright and golden hair hidden away under a hat and her gray eyes hidden behind glasses she really didn't need. However, she was smart and was often praised for it and with praise comes notice. It was very annoying for her. Still, she managed to avoid any serious events that would put her on the spotlight. However, this left her with no real contacts. At the very least, she had her books. Her name is Lynne and she was a freshman.

There was a student who was nice, insanely nice. No one ever saw her get angry, sad, or upset. She was kind and friendly to everyone and everyone loved it. It was as though she constantly gave off an aura of motherly kindness and calm around her immediate area. Her appearance was described as plain with her old fashioned looks and brown hair and eyes, but she was widely considered the queen of the school, looks be damned. Her name was Sadie and she was a sophomore.

There was a student who loved music. She was never seen without some instrument in her hand. She loved to sing and dance and cruise through her school life with little fretting as possible. She was also described as a free spirit, doing whatever she wanted, from dying her hair daily to getting piercings to partying all night. It may have been a bit too free, according to the rumors. However, she took it with a laugh and a smile and would strum her guitar without a care in the world. Her name was Alice and she was a sophomore.

There was a student who was energetic. She loved to participate in all kinds of activities, as long as she got moving. She was strong in both body and mind and loved to run around demonstrating it, brown hair flowing free and green eyes lighting up as she passed a lap. However, she was a bit too energetic and had a tendency to bother people at the most inopportune times. But she was funny and cute so she got away with it. Her name was Emma and she was a sophomore.

On this day, they would meet and survive. Most of them.

It was a sunny day. The teacher was talking and Lyle was taking notes in the back. He had to be a fast note taker because the teacher would often ignore him when he tried to say that he needed more time to take notes. All of the sudden, the teacher stopped talking and seemed to freeze on the spot. Lyle looked around and saw everyone in an equal state of stillness.

"Curious," Lyle said quietly.