If you ever read anything I've ever made, you know how serious I can be. This is me deciding that I can be serious later. As always, tell your friends if you like and criticize me if you don't.

Of Magic and Contracts

Chapter 1: Meeting

In a world, where magic is mundane and wizards are the population, there was a boy who couldn't do a lick of magic. However, that is for later. Now, it's a story of a teenager who can do amazing things with magic, but prefers to stay home. However, he comes in at the end of the chapter. Right now, it's a little short of how a girl dreamt of becoming a hero. It's a story of how they met. But first, the necessary information.

The world, not called Earth but Gaia, the population is about 4 billion humans, 4 million fair folk, and 1 billion other. Humans in this dimension have not strayed from the path of magic and have in fact cultivated it into an art form and science.

Current religion is basically broken down to The House, the main monotheistic religion on the planet, and other religions that may be mentioned later. The House advocates the use of magic to spread good will and aid to others and offers to teach healing magic for free. It is the main force in welfare and service for the community.

Unfortunately, there are people who cause harm with their magic. These evildoers strive like everyday criminals to force their way into the populous. To combat this, the world is guarded by an elite police force called SOLOMON. SOLOMON was made up of the best wizards of all kinds striving to keep the world safe from harm. Right now, a girl is late for her first day of work.

"HOLLY AGALIA!" A man screamed, face a deep shade of red.

"YES!" A girl exclaimed in response. She was a pale shade of white.


"N-no sir," Holly said.


Holly scurried away quickly to her new and shiny desk. She mumbled treacherous things under her breath, all directed towards her boss.

"You better not say that around here, he has ears like a hawk," A man said.

"Well, I'm right," Holly said proudly. "Um, so what do I do now?"

"We get introduced," The man said. "My name is Alexander Ajax. Yours?"

"Holly Agalia," Holly said, beaming at him. "So, what now?"

"Now? Now we go on patrol. It's standard for all newbies. We go out, walk around in this same pattern about a million times, then come back and call it a day," Alexander said.

"That sounds boring," Holly complained. "I expected more murder mysteries and having a showdown between mysterious thieves and such."

"Well, again, you're new and young," Alexander said. "Matter of fact, I never heard of anyone so young, really, 16 years old, who would have thunk it."

"Hey! I may be young but I got plenty of moxie you old bag," Holly replied.

"Yeah, yeah, moxie. I could hardly believe so much 'moxie' can be held in such a petite body," Alexander said.

"Hey! I am not petite, I am at the average woman's height! And my—" Holly started to say before Alexander started to lift her up and walk out of the door.

"Time's a wastin newbie," Alexander said. "We gotta go before boss man gets mad."

Holly grumbled and started to walk. The two walked proudly with their badges on their chests and heads held up high. The standard uniform was much like any other police form, but with a lot of zippers and pouches to keep any sort of mystical charms, seals, potions, and the like. The standard SOLOMON policeperson also comes equipped with an enchanted baton that breaks down magic like a hot knife through butter. It is unfortunate that no one bothered to give Miss Agalia one before she left the station.

A large explosion rocked the nearby building. A mysterious masked terrorist came running out of the building wearing an equally suspicious cloak. Holly ran after the criminal.

"HOLLY! WAIT! WE NEED TO CALL BACK-UP!" Alexander screamed after her. "Ah blast it."

He started to run after them, but unfortunately a rush of panicked people ran past. Alexander had to be in charge and calm them down.

"Curses," He muttered. "I really hope that the boss man will overlook a newbie casualty."

Meanwhile, Holly was on the chase. She was close to the mysterious criminal when a series of sharp turns led her down an empty street. There was an odd house to her right. To her left were some unimportant stone buildings.

"HALT!" Holly yelled. "Under orders of the SOLOMON Police force I order you to halt!"

The criminal turned to face her, and then she promptly laughed. Holly could see the criminal turn pink from laughter.

"Oy, what's with the laughter!" Holly screamed, turning somewhat pink herself.

"S-short," The criminal said.

Holly turned red with anger. "Say that again, I dare you," She said quietly.

"Aww, is little shorty going to get angry at me?" The criminal said. "Don't worry, I'm sure if you drink plenty of milk, you can grow big and beautiful like me. Maybe I can even get you a job with my boss."

"That does it!" Holly yelled. In the name of the 4 elements. I summon the power of the hottest flame. Pierce my enemy and leaver her nothing but ash!

A searing flame lunged forward at the criminal. The criminal stopped laughing and casted her own spell.

Let the darkness rise before me. I summon the form of shadow. Protect me from harm. The criminal spoke.

Her cloak started to change shape into a solid black wall. It blocked the flame and retreated back to the criminal. Holly casted another spell.

4 Elements. Chains of Gaia. Bind enemy Holly said.

Chains made out of dirt and stone wrapped themselves around the criminal. The criminal was forced down with a painful crack.

"Not bad little girl, short-cut evocation," She said. "But that's not going to be enough to stop me."

"Says who?" Holly demanded.

"Says me," A man declared.

Holly's eyes snapped forward. She saw a man covered with tattoos walking forward. He stomped his foot and broke the chains that were covering the woman.

'Unspoken evocation,' Holly thought.

"Thanks Br—" She was about to say.

"No names, code only," He said sternly. "I didn't know that you were having such a hard time with a little girl, Blackwing."

"Shut it Golem," She said. "I had it covered."

"Sure," Golem said.

"Um, excuse me, but I do believe that I was about to arrest you two," Holly said. "So if you don't mind coming with me to the station."

"…Little girl, I am afraid that you are messing with the wrong bunch of anarchists," Golem said.

"Call me a little girl one more time sasquatch and I will force you down and make you kiss my feet," Holly threatened.

"Ooh, I like this one," Golem said. "But I don't want witnesses so maybe I should just take care of her."

Golem's tattoos started to glow ominously. Blackwing's cloak danced in front of her. Holly readied her talisman. She knew that the odds were worse than not good, but what could she do? She took an oath to try and protect order. Strictly speaking, she could always run, but they would probably catch her. Might as well die fighting.

The air was tense, each was waiting for someone to make a move. Seconds went by as they edged closer and closer together. The tension would have culminated with a mad rush at each other when a door banged open and out stepped a teenage boy muttering.

"Stupid door, I thought I fixed that," He said.

Everyone stopped dead. It wasn't every day that one gets interrupted in a battle of life and death. They were honestly wondering what the youth would do. He saw the scene before him, and yawned.

"So, any reason why you three are gathered around my home?" He asked.

Everyone stared at where he came out of. It was an old fashioned building made completely out of wood. It stood out from the usual stone buildings surrounding them. It also did not look city sanctioned.

"Do you have a living permit for that house?" Holly asked. "Furthermore, aren't you a bit young to be living by yourself?"

"Yes, yes I am," He said. "Aren't you a bit young to be taking on two terrorists in front of my house?"

"No, no I am not," Holly said. "Now will you please retreat to your home and let me deal with this situation."

"…I don't really feel like it, and I have things to do, so I'm afraid I have to decline that command officer," The teenager said.

"Well you listen here you delinquent," Holly said. "You better get back into your house right now if you do not want to be included in the public damage tax that's going to be calculated after I'm done here."

"Uh, one, I don't really want this place to be rebuilt. Makes too much noise and I like my sleep. Two, I don't really see how a little shorty like you is going to get out of this situation," The teenager said.

"Don't make me force you back civilian," Holly warned.

"I really don't see how you can make me, officer," The teenager said.

Holly glared at the boy. She never met anyone so rebellious against her authority. Granted, she just got her official authority but she still never met anyone like him.

"Uh, officer, boy," Golem said. "I don't want to interrupt, but we do have something going on right now."

"Oh right, sorry," Holly said, facing him and Blackwing again. "Civilian, get back into your home and put up your protective wards."

"Uh, sorry, I have to decline," The teenager said. "I don't want to deal with a policewoman being murdered in front of my house and all, so I really should take care of this."

"I said—" Holly started to say before she was bound by numerous chains of ice. "Cold!"

"Sorry, I can't do stone real well," The teenager apologized. "Ok, you two. I'm giving you one chance. Walk away and you don't have to be arrested. Stay and you are going to be arrested by her after I'm done."

"Now those are fighting words," Golem said. He covered his hands in stone and his tattoos started to glow again.

"Quite cheeky for a brat," Blackwing said. Her cloak started to grow until they looked like giant wings on her back.

The teenager frowned and held up a pendant. It started to glow and form a standard magical circle in front of him.

Blackwing rushed forward first. She formed a spear out of her cloak and tried to pierce the teenager. The teenager dodged to the side and laid his pendant on her arm. Her cloak burst into pieces, as well as most of her clothing.

"He's a rune writer," She yelled, trying to cover herself up with her hands. The teenager just threw a giant piece of fabric he had and it started to wrap itself around her.

Golem tried to punch him in the face. The teenager quickly backed away and tried to lay his hand on Golem. Golem dodged the hand and went for a stone covered kick instead. The teenager dodged and darted forward. He got real close to the man and gave him a sharp kick to the face. Golem staggered backwards.

"You're dead kid," Golem muttered ominously. The teenager pointed down.

Carved out in the stone was a complex magic circle. It started to glow. Golem tried to run out, but chains of wind suddenly bound him to the center. Golem started to curse the kid. The teenager just yawned. A giant flash of light later, Golem was knocked out cold.

"Did you just…" Holly said in shock.

"Yeah," The teenager said.

He snapped his fingers and the chains binding Holly melted before her. He went over and gave her a hand. She accepted it and pulled herself up. The teenager started to walk away, waving goodbye. Holly stood still before running up to him.

"What's your name?" She asked.

The teenager looked as though he was deep in thought. He finally spoke a few minutes later, "Chance Freeman."

He walked away, leaving Holly with the two criminals in her custody. Afterwards, she would be celebrated as a rising star, but she knew better.