Ok, sorry for the shortness and the delay and the fact that I'm going to only update like once a month. But hey, the fight scene turned out relatively well, sorta.

Chapter 16: Mirror vs. Feathers

"Understand the plan?" Zack asked, checking his mirrors once more.

"Yeah, yeah, just do the thing before it gets too dark," Jack sighed.

Nodding to each other, they executed Zack's plan

The wielder of the feathers was staring through a telescope. His plan was simple, the instant he could see Zack, he would send a feather flying towards him in a hopefully lethal area. Admittedly, it took a while to set up and find him, but now he had Zack right where he wanted him.

At least until he could no longer sense him.

"The Hell?" The Feather mumbled. "Where did he go?"

The Feather closed his eyes and tried to feel out Zack's presence, unfortunately, all he felt was nothing. Double checking, he glanced at the telescope and searched around until he could definitely say that Zack was gone. He reached down into his bag and grabbed his walkie talkie.

"Does anybody see the guy?" The Feather asked.

Everyone said 'no' immediately.

"Crap," The Feather sighed. "Gonna have to check it out then."

The Feather packed up his things and waited for the Sun to go down. According to their leader, Zack required the object to be visible in the mirror so that he can reflect it. The Feather reasoned that if it gets too dark, nothing can reflect without the light.

"Any second now," The Feather noted.

Sure enough, the Suns soon went below the mountains and the only source of light was the dim moon. Smirking, the Feather ran towards the bus stop until he was just out of visible range. Taking a peak through the telescope, the Feather once again scouted the area and stared at the lamppost.

'One shot at a surprise, have to make sure there's no wind,' The Feather thought, aiming a feather at the light.

Seconds passed until the Feather finally shot the razor tipped edge at the lamppost. A crash later and sparks flew around the broken remains, sending the place into darkness. Not pausing, the Feather ran forward and looked around wildly for a sign of Zack. He could barely feel a presence to the right of him, but couldn't be sure. Luckily for him, he saw a glint in the darkness.

'Idiot got his mirrors out for nothing,' The Feather thought as he ran towards the glint.

"I am the Soaring Feather!" The Feather declared as he sent several feathers aimed towards the glint in the dark.

A click echoed through the darkness as a sudden burst of flame ignited from the glint. Behind it was a man who was laughing wildly at the Feather's outburst. The feathers were also burnt into crisps as they neared the flame.

"We are the Reflecting Mirror," Zack muttered as he appeared from behind.

Panicking, the Feather quickly turned around and sent several feathers towards the noise. Unfortunately, he was in such a panic that he entirely forgot that there was a rather bright light source nearby. The result, most of the feathers got sent back, riddling the Feather with his own attack.

"You should really stop that," Zack sighed as he stepped forward.

Not listening to reason, the Feather sent another attack in a panicked fashion. This time, instead of feathers being flung, they were waved, sending several waves of sharpened air towards Zack. Strangely, instead of the attack being sent back, thin lines appeared in Zack's image before he somehow crumpled into pieces.

"What?" The Feather gasped.

Nothing happened.

"Hahahaha!" The Feather laughed triumphantly. "You really can't send back what you can't see!"

"No, I can't," Zack agreed.

"Huh?" The Feather sputtered, alarmed that Zack was still alive.


A heavy punch aimed itself at the Feather's head, sending him flying back. Soon, more punches and kicks were sent at the Feather in a wild fashion. Eventually, the Feather was knocked down on the street, a glowing feather hovering above his head. Zack grabbed the glowing feather and stuck it down his pocket.

"Ok, that was close," Zack sighed.

"Yeah, any longer and he might have noticed your reflection," Jack agreed, picking up a thin sheet of a strange reflective material. "What is this stuff anyways?"

"Just something my parents had made one day," Zack explained, folding up the remains. "Gah, it's all cut up into tiny pieces now, can't use this."

"Well, good news is you survived," Jack stated.

"Barely," Zack muttered. "But at least, they might think I'm gone with this."

Zack reached around in the Feather's bag until he found a walkie talkie. Coughing a bit, Zack tried to match the Feather's voice. Thankfully, he was pretty good at mimicking voices. Turning the walkie talkie on, he started to speak.

"Come in, come in," Zack said. "The Mirror is down. Unfortunately, I took major damage, I might have to rest for a while."

"Good," A voice crackled through the mike. "Mirror's friends will be handled tomorrow as well so don't worry. Leader will probably understand…maybe…well if he doesn't you would have heard by now so go ahead and rest."

"Understood, out," Zack replied, cutting off the signal.

"So, now what Mirror boy," Jack wondered as he fell back on the grass.

"War," Zack noted.

That's that folks. For now. Don't worry, good things are going to come.