It envelopes us, almost sweetly. It drags us in, almost cruelly. It wraps loving arms around us, holding us with cruel hands. It soothes us, it torments us, it seethes, it sings. It traps us, it releases us.

It is fathomless, unending. It is constricting, claustrophobic. It presses down on us, closing in on all sides, while stretching, consuming, creeping. It waits, bides its time, drawing ever closer, growing ever larger.

It holds all questions, answers, whispers. Prayers, screams, it clings to them all, keeps them safe, hides them. It is our greatest enemy, our most trusted friend. It is a constant, ever changing. Within its depths are secrets, to be held forever. Within it whispers our final breaths.

It watches us, stares at us, willing us to notice. Willing us to it. We are drawn to it. We are afraid of it. It holds all that we will never know, waiting, waiting. It holds our hearts, crushes them, and yet we cannot pull away. We do not want to follow it, but it calls us nonetheless. It sings to us, ensnaring us, pulling us ever, ever closer.

It is everywhere. Behind our eyelids. Under our beds. Between the walls. It comes at night, stealing into our homes. It comes with sleep, stealing into our minds. It follows us, waiting. Waiting for us to join it. Waiting for us to become one with it. Waiting for the end.

When it comes, it gathers our breath, stealing it away, caressing our consciousness, clutching at our thoughts. It creeps in, further than before, seeping into our hearts, seeping into our minds. It takes all that we are, and leaves. We become it, melding into its depths, sinking into its touch. Answering its call. Answering the darkness.

To our end.