In the realm of dreams, hidden away, waiting for the moment to appear, lays a creature of dark nature. As the fantasy world thrives with the imagination and creativity of the sleeper's mind, this horrid entity only seems to feed, growing larger upon the happiness until...the playful scene changes, nothing bad happening just yet; the beginning of something that will only haunt the brain from that moment on.

...Music plays, the sound vibrating against many eardrums; these organs pumping with each note that slams into them. Bodies rub on each other, some drinks are passed around, and the levels of the party only getting higher. The smell of heat, the scent of sweat mingled with the many fragrances of the drinks, and the sounds of utter excitement mix together to form one hell of a cocktail. This detailed picture wouldn't suggest the makings of a dark oddity haunting or plaguing the mind...not yet, anyway.

Then, suddenly, it's as though someone turns on a crimson light, making the area glow. One would think of this being a techno effect or just adding flavor and style to the party. This is where the chaotic claws rip and dig in. As the red hue settles over everyone in the area, something occurs...that creature of dark design finally pulls into the driver's seat...taking complete control. The sounds of music die away; the essence of excitement becomes drowned in the feeling of dread, the happy atmosphere suddenly buried underneath the cover of death.

And, standing there in utter shock and fear is...her; the maker of this dream world, this fantasy escape. The entity of despair, The Nightmare, waves its hand and screams erupt within the crowd of people surrounding her, crying out with unbearable agony. As her vision clears, a river of blood is the first thing to be seen. Then, taking a frightened glance to locate the source, her eyes find those people...people she hold dear....covered in their life liquid. Each individual bleeds a different way; some bearing cuts, others holding bullets, and a few carrying the weight of broken limbs and bones.

She tries, with every ounce of strength, to move and go to her loved one, but find her feet glued into the solid ground beneath them. She wants to scream, cry out, but find that her voice is gone...her breath sucked from the lungs. She can only watch in horror as this scene plays out. She can do nothing but hear the dreadful screeches and cries as all the people before her die at her feet. The Nightmare laughs with pure satisfaction, taking its victims one by one. Then, she wakes up...only to see blood on her hands....their blood. Tears run down smooth cheeks, staining brown skin, feeling thick. She places her trembling hands to her face, pulling away to see even more blood. She rubs her eyes several times, scrubs her hands over and over, but the blood still stains her flesh. Just as this girl is about to scream, eyes squeezed tight, they open once more to find no traces or evidence of scarlet. Shaken, frightened, and finally out of The Nightmare's grip...she cries. She sits alone, holding herself from falling apart any further, and cries. my nightmare. not a story of gruesome imagining. what I see inside my blissful peace as it turns into a trap...into a hellish prison. And, the worst part about it is...well...each time The Nightmare comes back to visit, all those people...all my loved ones...die differently than they did before. They process happens all over again, the place sometimes changing, The Nightmare back in control. However, even with this being as terrifying as it is, what scares me the most is...what would I do...if what happened in that nightmare...became the most horrid and vivid reality? Scary, isn't it? This is what I fear most...this is the thing that makes me question everything...this is my nightmare...this is The Nightmare.