Deep in thought, I lie within the arms of my mind.
Rain patters on my face...feeling cold yet somehow soothing.
A soft, quiet melody plays as my eyes close.
Words are added as the melody continues to stream in the air waves, caressing my ears.
"Like a comet blazing 'cross the evening sky....gone too soon....
Like a rainbow fading in the twinkling of an eye....gone too soon..."
These words fade into the back round for a few moments as the music plays its solo once more.
The rain then carries a salty taste, the mixture being from the tears that fall steadily from underneath my closed lids...
For reasons that I cannot seem to explain, these escaped drops create the birth of a river.
As the tears fall so do my defenses, leaving me vulnerable to anything, showing the weakness that I try and hide so the world does not see.
Why do I hide? Why do I keep this part hidden away?
So no one can use it against me...take advantage of such weakness...
But, as this thought flutters by, I seem to just sink further in the ocean of sorrow for I know it's silly to think such things...
Lowering my head, the rain running through the tresses of my dark hair like fingers, I let everything out...I let all the toxic waste filter through...let the taint disappear.
Soon, I begin to realize the weight of this lifting from my shoulders, a feather light feeling replacing the heavy burden that was.
Suddenly, I am able to breathe the freshness of the air, my lungs working like they haven't before.
The rain stops, the clouds clear and the tears of pain become tears of joy as laughter floats up from between my lips.
Now...I know I shall be okay...I know I shall be alright.
It seems...that all I needed...was a breath of fresh air...