"I'm sorry Charli, but I don't think we should be friends anymore."

My jaw fell open as I regarded the blond in disbelief. She wasn't serious was she?

My thoughts blurted from my lips.

"Y-you, but-we…. you're not serious are you?" My voice came out high-pitched and scratchy, heart thudding in my ears as I struggled to digest the news.

Did I truly just hear what I thought I heard?

Because it sounded an awful lot like my best friend (aka, the previously mentioned blond) was giving me the boot.

Beans dribbled sloppily out of my burrito, but I was too stunned to notice, my entire world screeching to a startling halt at the words just vocalized.

Whitney's grey eyes held sympathy as she placed a perfectly manicured hand on my shoulder. It was meant to be comforting I knew, yet it felt like the touch added a thousand pounds to my body.

"I'm afraid so." she confirmed solemnly, then pulled me into a tight embrace. I didn't return the hug, too baffled as to why my best friend of nine years suddenly decided she didn't want anything to do with me.

"But, why?" I whispered desperately. And desperate I was. Whitney was the only friend I had, and losing her meant being….alone.

"I have ambitions," she explained, releasing me. She began swiping frantically at her sheer blouse, almost as if touching me had sullied it somehow. When she was done she pinned me with a stern look. "And they can't be pursued with you always tagging along all the time."

I could feel my face contorting.

So that's what I've been doing since the beginning of our friendship, just tagging along?

"What sort of ambitions?" I inquired hoarsely. I still couldn't quite grasp the fact that this was actually happening.

She didn't bother looking at me, instead studying her Florescent pink nails as she replied, "Richard Williams."

My stomach knotted.

Richard Williams? He's why she couldn't be my friend anymore? Because she wanted to become one of his little followers?

Whitney bid me farewell, but I didn't answer. I was too busy plotting my revenge against the prick that stole my best friend.

"Charli?" a deep voice murmured.

My head snapped up to gaze into the clearest, most piercing blue eyes I'd ever seen. They really were something, rivaling the icy depths of the attics in intensity. I wanted to swim in them, as weird as that sounded.

So pretty.

I didn't have time to swoon however, because I had suddenly realizedexactly just who was attached to those dazzling baby blues.

My pulse skipped as the eyes drew back, and I recognized the handsome face of Richard Williams hovering over me. He was frowning, dark brows drawn together as I gazed up at him in puzzlement.

What in the world?

"Charli?" Richard repeated, his words laced with uncertainty.

The entire cafeteria had hushed to a deafening silence, undivided attention given to the school's star athlete and the loner girl whose empty table he was shadowing. Suddenly remembering myself, I scowled up at his tall form, and his eyes widened a fraction. He had obviously not been expecting that response.

He probably assumed I was one of his countless simpering bimbos.

"What?" I snapped, irritated. Why did he keep calling me for? Memories of Whitney's dismissal were still fresh in my mind, and I could feel my frown becoming more pronounced as the reason for it loomed over me.

He winced at my harsh tone, but continued nonetheless.

"Charli," he began tentatively, and if I wasn't in such a foul mood, I mighthave found it humorous how he seemed to shrink away from me. "Do you want… to go out with me?"

My eyes widened.

Say what?

Was he being serious? Did I look like a simpleton? We've been attending the same schools since elementary and he'd never once spoken a single word to me. Yet now he expected me to believe he wanted to date me? Never in a million years would I fall for such an obvious trick!

Sure, I wasn't hideously deformed or anything, but around here Richard Williams was considered a god. And I was just a normal girl.

My eyes darted suspiciously around the cafeteria. Did someone put him up to this? Was it a bet of some sort?
Just the mere thought had me trembling in anger.

First Whitney, now this?

I was almost certain he was just toying with me. He didn't even look like he wanted to be here, as shifty and fidgety as he was. The boy was clearly scheming and couldn't keep his shit straight.

I scoffed.

Well, I would show the asshole.

"You're such a miserable ass!" I shouted vehemently, and expressed my feelings just like my mom always suggested: I flipped him the bird in front of the entire cafeteria and sauntered out, head held high.

Williams wanted to play games now did he? Well two can play this game.

And I intended to win.

A/N: Lol, I edited this to make it more clear as to why Charli didn't like Richard. Hopefully it seems less random now.