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Love and Roommates


It was a little after six o'clock when Yasmine returned home with several bags in here hand. She had a great day shopping with the girls and actually found a couple of nice things without spending too much. She realized it had been a while since she had purchased something for herself.

"Joel" she called out as she entered the house. The house was quiet and none of the lights were on.

"He must have stepped out" she thought to herself as she quickly turned on the lights in the kitchen/living room area before heading into her room. After putting away her new purchases and taking a nice relaxing shower Yasmine quickly changed and returned to the kitchen to fix something to eat. While debating on what she wanted Yasmine's thought returned to her earlier encounter with Joel that day. Had she been imagining things or did check her out a couple of times? Also when he made that comment about enjoying the company of a fine woman, why did he look down at her? Yasmine shook her head and returned to the task at hand, fixing herself something to eat. She had just opened the refrigerator when she heard the garage door open. Yasmine quickly looked down at herself realizing she probably didn't have the most modest attire on and tried to make some quick adjustments to her clothes. Her hot pink shorts clung tightly to her butt and stopped pretty much right below it. The matching pink camisole wasn't much better, which dipped a little low and showed ample amount of cleavage. She thanked her lucky starts that the camisole had a built in bra or she would be really putting on a show. After tugging on her shorts in a desperate attempt to make them appear longer she head the door opening and looked up just as Joel stepped into the house carrying a small brown grocery bag.

"Hi there" Joel said with a big smile as he made his way over to the kitchen placing the bag on the counter and he begun to pull items out of it.

"Listen my sister in-law forced me to bring you some dinner. She really wanted to meet you tonight but I told her another time. Anyway she made pot roast, which was really good. She's a pretty good cook. It is here in this bag, along with mashed potatoes, steamed mixed vegetables, and some homemade apple pie. If you're hungry we could heat this….."

Joel was so busy talking to Yasmine he hadn't stopped talking enough to take a good look at her. It wasn't until he came around the island corner that stopped him cold in mid-sentence. Taking a good look was EXACTLY what he was doing. Yasmine watched Joel reactions play out on his face once he stopped talking and his eyes slowly moved over her body. Yasmine couldn't move she was frozen in place as she stood there motionless watching his eyes trace her body. She could feel the heat rising up from her chest to her neck as her nipples harden against her top just when his eyes seem to rest on her breasts.

Joel noticed her nipples tightening against the soft cotton of her camisole and a wave of tension rip through his hard body as his clenched fist remained close to his body.

The muscles in his jaw seem to tighten as his eyes continued to move over her. Yasmine couldn't tell if the expression he was wearing was one of interest or anger. Yasmine was blushing furiously at this point over her appearance and Joel reaction. She decided to end this humiliation and spoke first. She knew her appearance had made him uncomfortable. She could see it in his eyes. Joel's eyes appeared darker and stormier than before almost as if he was in turmoil.

"I'm so sorry Joel. I guess old habits die hard, excuse me for a moment as I go and put something more appropriate on. I apologize if I offended you or made this awkward. It won't happen again. And that dinner sounds really good if it wouldn't be much trouble I would love to have some once I come back."

Yasmine turned around to make a quick exit especially after seeing his reaction. She inwardly cringed at the thought of what he must be thinking especially now seeing the back view. She was nearly to her door when she felt a hand upon her wrist suddenly stopping her movement. Yasmine couldn't help but to let out a soft gasp when she felt his skin on hers. A slight charge ran through her body leaving her feeling a tingling sensation all over. She turned around to see Joel towering over her. This time the look on his face was different from the one a few moments before. His face seemed softer and he had a look of reassurance.

"No Yasmine, it is okay. Please… I'm sorry. It's just been awhile since I lived with a woman other than my sister in-law. You don't have to change unless you want too. I apologize if I made you uncomfortable." Joel rushed out before running his hand over his mouth. They both stood there for a moment just staring at one another. When Yasmine glanced down she noticed his hand was still enclosed around her wrist. Joel looked down and noticed it too, quickly removing his hand he mutter a quick "Sorry", before returning it back to his side.

"That's ok Joel, soooooo the pot roast is good huh?" Yasmine asked as she returned back to the counter. She watched as a slow smile broke out over Joel's face as he slowly walked over to join her.

"Yeah it's good. I hope you're hungry. Leese baked enough to last us a week." Joel said jokingly while continuing to pull the containers out of the bag.

"Leese huh, is that her name?" Yasmine replied as she pulled two plates out of the cabinet.

"Well technically it is Alicia, but Leese is what I call her. She is a great girl. It is AMAZING that she tamed the beast, which is also known as James."

"Yeah your brother is a little intimidating at first but then you gets to know him, he's this incredibly nice guy."

"Yeah, overall he is harmless to those who know him well. Just don't let him know you've got him figured out too quickly" Joel said dishing out the leftovers on to the plate on the counter.

"Here you go" he held up the plate to Yasmine.

Yasmine stomach started to growl once she saw the plate. She was so hungry and was ready to eat the scrumptious looking meal in front of her. She reached into one of the side drawers and pulled out some flatware when she noticed Joel turning to leave the room.

"Hey where are you going? Do you do not want any?" Yasmine asked Joel.

"No, I'm still stuff from earlier. This was all for you. Listen I am going to head into the shower and then call it a night. I'm a little wiped from the move and all, but I will see you in the morning okay roomy?"

"Sure and thanks again Joel. Please thank Alicia for me too" Yasmine said while signally down to her plate.

Joel looked at Yasmine and she swore she saw a small mischevious glint in his eye as he gave her one of his knee wobbling smiles.

"You got it shorty" he said before turning a walking away.

Yasmine smiled and shook her head recognizing the nickname he had said to her that first night they had met in the parking lot. She pulled out a barstool and dug in slowly putting in the back of her mind the small tension filled encounter that just occurred moments earlier.

Yasmine awoke the next day early. She noticed it was still dark outside. She tried to go back to sleep but she couldn't. Deciding not to waste anymore time she jumped out of bed and changed into her running gear. A little run could do her some good and it could help her clear her head. She entered through the house quietly trying her best not to wake up Joel. After doing a few stretches and setting her playlist on her IPod, she headed out on her five mile run. Yasmine was doing everything in her power to concentrate on her breathing but her thoughts would often return back to Joel. He was confusing her in so many ways. Yasmine knew deep down she was attracted to Joel, how could she not be? He was beautiful in every sense of the word and so far she could tell he was a really nice guy too. However for all the good, doubt was constantly nagging her. Did Joel have any interest in her? Was everything she seeing real or was she imagining it? Was she truly ready for another relationship? Also her main concern was if something was to happen between them and it didn't work, what would happen then? She could possibly lose her roommate and in that end would affect her finances. In that moment Yasmine decided the best way to protect her wallet and her heart is to keep her and Joel's relationship platonic. She was surprised that when she came out of her reverie she was nearly done her run. She was content with her decision as she made her way back to the house and headed inside.

She was looking forward to a nice long shower or maybe a bath she thought before she was stopped dead in her tracks. Standing partially in the living with a bowl of cereal was Joel. His back was away from her as he was watching some sports channel displaying yesterday's highlights on the television. Yasmine mouth suddenly felt dry and it was not from her as her eyes scanned Joel's body. His hair was still a little wet and looked darker than normal. She watched as a small droplet of water fell from a strand of hair onto his shirtless back which was broad and full muscle. His tanned and naturally sun-kissed skin glistened with moisture as she continued to watch that same droplet fall into the deep space of his back and trail all the down to his black basketball short covered tight butt. A large black tattoo of his last name written in Old English font covered the span of his back. Yasmine did not know how long she stood glued in that same spot watching Joel movements, but she figured she needed to make her presence known so he didn't turn around and catch her salivating over him.

"Hey Joel" she said as she turned into the kitchen and went to the cabinet to grab a glass so she could have a drink of water and cool off.

"Hey back to you, early riser; so where did you go?" Joel asked her.

Reaching into the refrigerator to pull out her Brita pitcher and pour herself a drink Yasmine answered. "I went for a run. I got up early and couldn't fall back asleep so I figured I would do something productive, you know. Plus running is pretty much a form of relaxation for me. So did you sleep ok?'

"Yeah I slept great" deep voice answered resonating behind her.

Yasmine knew Joel was now standing right behind her. She took a quick drink of water wishing it was something a little stronger before turning around. She thought for a moment she was going to drop the glass. Joel was standing right there in front of her, towering over her. If she had thought the back view of him was impressive, the front was even better. Yasmine eyes scanned over Joel tanned chiseled chest. His pectoral muscles seem to flex involuntary with rise and fall of his chest. He had small flat nipples and a light dusting of golden brown hair that started on his chest and trailed down to his six-pack abs. She could see the band of his Calvin Klein boxers sticking out from the top. When she finally returned her eyes to his she noticed a knowing smirk on his face as she saw his lips moving. Yasmine blushed deeply knowing she was just caught checking him out as she asked Joel to repeat what he just said.

"I asked you what are doing today" Joel responded looking down at Yasmine.

"Ummm I don't know. I don't have any plans" she responded.

"Well what do you think about us hanging out? You know get to know one another better" Joel asked as he walked over to the sink and rinsed out his bowel before placing it into the dishwasher.

"Especially since we are living together" he continued as he turned around looking at her awaiting her response.

Yasmine knew it was probably against her better judgment to say yes. It went against everything she had just thought about on her run and the decision she came to at the end of it. However the answer was out of her mouth before she could stop it.

"Sure that would be fun. So what do you have in mind?" she asked with a genuine smile.

"Nope, not saying, just get dressed" he said returning the smile before turning away heading back to his room. Yasmine couldn't help but giggle. She felt the worry and doubt slowly start to creep back in her head. "This is NOT a date" she told herself as she walked into her room unsure what the day had in store.