Living with divorced parents brought me to think, love doesn't last. My parents had been married for twenty-five years, and all of a sudden they didn't love each other anymore. I know the truth though, mother cheated and left with a co-worker, haven't heard from her since.

Now here I stand in front of a two story house with luggage behind me. Why? You ask, well it all began with a conversation I had two weeks ago.

I was sitting at my desk in my dorm room doing some homework. I was attending Rose Academy For Young Women, also known as boarding school. I was sent there when I turned fourteen, mother said she didn't want my brain to go to waste, but really she just didn't want to deal with me. So as I was doing some work my cell phone begins to go off, the caller I.D read Daddy so I answered it.

"What's up dad?"

"Hey sweety how are you? How is school going?" he said.

"It's going good. The work has gotten pretty hectic but I deal. How you holding up?" it had been three months since the divorce was made final, dad had to wait a whole year.

"I'm ok , finally settled into the new house, everything is moved in and ready. Yet it does get pretty lonely." he sighed.

"I can only imagine. Have you gone to your new doctor? Do you have all your medication, shots?" I asked a little worried.

"Yes I have, and I have all my meds, nothing to worry about dear." he said.

How could I not worry? My dad suffered from diabetes, type 1 to be exact. If he didn't take care of himself he could have something amputated, go into a coma, or die.

"I can't help but worry dad, mom was suppose to take care of you, what happened to 'in sickness and in health'? you can't be alone it's not healthy." I said sadly.

"I know, but what can I do honey? Your mother decided to take care of someone else. I don't want to be alone, but there is no one I can depend on. Besides it's not that bad the neighbors here have been welcoming and friendly." he said, but I could still sense sadness in his tone.

So here I stand in front of my fathers new house. I decided to take a couple semesters off. I talked to the dean about it and he said it was alright but if I didn't go back i would be disenrolled. Which is good because that way I could transfer to a school here and whether my dad admitted it or not , he needed me, and family comes first and right now he is all I have. So let's hope this goes well.

Elijah a quiet young man of eighteen laid on his bed and stared up at his ceiling, listening to the melodies of Simon and Garfunkel on his ipod. The song "At The Zoo" could be heard to an outsider.

He was home schooled since the age of fifteen. To his mother he was big boned to others he was husky, but he knew the truth, he was in fact obese for someone of his age and height, though he was not always that way. It all started when he was fourteen, when his best friend since birth Bryan died of a heart attack. They were inseparable, did everything together but Bryan suffered from obesity while Elijah was healthy. They would hang out and constantly be eating till one day Bryan's heart could no longer take it.

To this day he could not forget his best friend, someone he lost four years ago. After Bryan's death he began to eat more and began to binge, to him food was the only comfort. He ate too the point were he weighed over three-hundred pounds.

He was far from healthy at this point, but for him this year would be different.

He was finally accepted to Camp Hillary, also known as fat camp. He had spent two years on the wait list, and received the letter of acceptance a week ago. Camp Hillary wasn't like any other fat camp, it was for obese teens and they worked and whipped you into shape taught you to eat right and more. He would be attending in five months for three month. This was his last resort.

Elijah wanted to start out new next year, and just enjoy his last year of being a teenager and maybe even have a girlfriend. He hoped the girl across the street would finally accept and invitation to go out with him. He had a semi big crush on her, but she would always turn him down. Her sister had told him it was because he was too fat and would probably crush her, as well that he was a loner and a freak who didn't go to normal school. But he was not someone who gave up so easily, he would win her over somehow.

He didn't attend regular school for two reasons, the first being he got fed up with the bullies and the name calling that occurred. Pretty ironic because he was pretty huge in both aspects he was taller then most guys his age and was scary looking. But he was not one to fight, as a matter of fact he hated violence. The second reason being he couldn't keep up, he was constantly getting tired and feeling short breathed and would pay often visits to the nurse. He spent his days doing a lot of work, listening to music, and playing video games with his older brother Sebastian, who was turning twenty-three and taking a 'break' from college.

Sebastian was exceptionally good looking he stood at six feet and four inches in height and had a very athletic muscular body. The muscles in his arms seemed to just bulge out, he stood tall back arched and toned pecks out, he had a very confident aura. Sebastian had forest green eyes , a long perfect nose, medium tan skin, a masculine square jaw and short black hair in a buzz cut. He was what many girls dreamed of.

Then there was his younger brother Elijah under all the excess fat was a very handsome guy waiting to be seen. He was tall not as Sebastian but enough, stood at six foot-two inches with shaggy brown hair, a light caramel creme complexion a straight nose, and full lips. But what would receive more attention are his eyes he was fortunate to inherit his mothers electric blue eyes. His eyes held such an intensity, you couldn't stare for too long without feeling like you were under a microscope. They were eyes that demanded attention nonetheless, and the only thing he and Sebastian shared were their smiles.

They were close to say the least, apart from the teasing and punking on Sebastians side ,Elijah loved and appreciated his brother but couldn't help but be a little jealous of him. He was his parents' golden boy, the typical jock who got a football scholarship to USC and was studying to be a psychologist as his back up. His parents always praised him more then Elijah. Sebastian was quite the ladies man, somehow girls loved his arrogance and cockiness. They were drawn to him like moths to a bright light. Elijah on the other hand was no ladies man in fact he didn't have much expirience, the only reason he had the 'confidence' to ask out the girl across the street was because he had known her for so long, in a way they grew up together, till the girl decided to go her own way.

He wanted to finally expirience what it is to love and be loved, no more one way streets.

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