Summary: Sophie isn't exactly happy to hear that a date is planned for her. She's convinced she'll hate this, but maybe he can prove her wrong.

Warnings/Spoilers: Cliché alert.

Dedication: To my IRL girl friends~ :3

A/N: A late V. Day one-shot. Heh. I hope you enjoy this, even though it seems unrealistic at some parts. Reviews are always welcome on what you think.

Written by silentsings

"I have a plan."

My best friend leaned in closer, her eyes sparking with a devious light. Ooh. I shiver. Her lips were full red, pressed into a smile and her light blond hair was curled around her shoulders. It was so easy for her to look pretty.

"I pity those poor souls that are home alone this special night." She ran a hand along the table, ignoring my glare. "And I wouldn't want you to be alone this night, so I set up a date for you." She grinned at me, as if expecting me to launch a mega bear hug on her and thank her over and over while saying that I've been waiting for this moment all along. Well, she's kinda wrong.

"I hate you," I declared, pushing my pasta aside and leaning back against my seat. "You just had to do it to some poor, poor guy."

"Ah, yes. That brings me to answer your eager question of who this lucky guy may be." She rested one of her elbow on the table and I saw the flicker of deviousness again. "Any guesses?"

"No." My eyes wandered around the bustling cafeteria, wondering again who this guy may be. I was still irritated that Reese actually did this to me of all people, but according to her, it was how she showed affection to me. "I don't want to know anyway." I leaned back. "I can live without a guy. I don't need the dating nonsense."

"Oh, we'll see." Reese smirked. "It was nice talking with you. We should catch up later after school at my house? I'm off." She stood up and sauntered away, bumping into a group of cheerleaders and starting to talk with them.

I exhaled and stood up, pushing my tray away. Maybe some reading will clear my mind. I was a huge nerd. I pushed the door open and entered the quiet hallways, which was littered with Valentine's Day crap. There were cards stuck on almost everyone's locker and on the bulletin boards. I could see a couple in the shadows, in a heavy make-out session. Ew.

I banged my locker open and reached for my books, deciding that the library would be a nice place to spend my study hall at.

Did I mention I was a nerd? So of course, the library was my sanctuary. It was full of mounds of books and made my eyes go all dreamy and googly when I see them. The sharp smell of wood filled my nose as I shuffled towards a table and plopped down, sticking my nose in the book and starting to read.

For the past thirty minutes, I learned about the Renaissance art and music and how life was back then. It was starting to get boring, so I peeked up, only to meet a guy, staring straight at me. "What the freak?" I hissed, almost ready to fall out of my chair. "What're you doing?"

"Oh hey," he murmured, with a small smile. The boy pulled a chair close to mines and sat down. "Scared you, didn't I?"

I exhaled. "Why are you looking at me while I'm reading?"

"I happen to find you attractive."

What? I sat up straighter and I started to go red in the face. "What?" I spluttered. "What are you talking about, Creston?"

"The name's Blake." He pushed my fingers away that were trying - and failing - to use the book to cover my red face. Oh, God. "What, are you blushing?" He smirked.

Am I blushing? I highly doubt that, even if my face was red. "What's it to you?" I struggled to push him away, seeing as he was a male [damn him] and he was strong.

"It's nothing to me, really." He winked and let go. "I just want to know why you stuck this on my locker." He held up a card. A pink one - it's pink, for Pete's sake - with red hearts stuck decoratively on it. Small eyeballs were stuck on some of the half-folded hearts, making them look like fish. The words 'Blake' and 'Be Mine' was scrawled across the front. How in the world could this be me?

"What the heck? Why do you think this is me? You have lots of admirers and girls that swoon over you. It's not me." That was true, really. He was certainly gorgeous and most of the girls swooned over him, saying that when they caught his eye, he made them go weak in their knees. Problem was, unlike most guys, he didn't have a girlfriend, so most of them were trying hard to impress him. Might I mention that they were failing?

He rolled his eyes and leaned closer. "Sophie, it's your work. I can tell. And you probably spend your time locked up in your room and away from the world at least decorating something for a special someone. So I ask you again. Did you send me this card?" He held it up again, as if to prove that it was eye-catching.

"No," I replied irritably. "Now leave me alone."

"I'm not leaving you alone unless you admit it. Come on. You know you want to."

"Why can't you go ask some other girls about this?"

"Because." He shrugged. "Did you send it to me?"

"NO, for heaven's sake!"

"Oh, yes, you did." He put the card back down and smiled a triumphant smile, as if that was all he needed to hear from me.

"No! I didn't. Okay? Why would I send it to you?"

"Babe, you know you love me. Why else?"

"...oh no, you did not just call me that."


I swear he was the cockiest guy that I know. "The word 'babe', means that you're in a relationship with them and technically, I am most certainly not in a relationship with you," I turned up my nose at those words, "and you therefore cannot call me that, because you just can't."

Blake looked bored and amused at the same time. "Always going off at some philosophical reason," he drawled. "That's what I like about you." He straightened up. "Didn't Reese tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

He looked at me, as if he was trying not to laugh. "I'm the one who's taking you out tonight."


I knocked on Reese's door, still seething. How dare she? Blake as my ... I flinched at the thought. He was good-looking and all, but really, he would be my last choice. I mean, look at how arrogant he was with me in the library! That was enough to ensure that I and he will never fit together. Ever.

The door opened and her mother greeted me. I managed a small smile and scrambled up the stairs towards the door that was plastered with a poster that said 'Rock On' and a rock-star stringing his electric guitar. I pushed the door open, not caring about my manners towards her. "Reese!" I bellowed.

She looked up from her iPod and smiled at me. "Why, hello there, dearest Sophie. Come on in."

I stormed towards her and stopped in front of her bed. "Reese, dear, why did you let him -" I practically choked those words out, "-be my ... my date for tonight?"

She got up and pulled me onto her bed, sticking an ear-bud into my right ear and the blast of music drowned my words out. "I see you figured out that he was taking you out." She grinned. "And, because, honey, he likes you."

"No, he doesn't." Oh, God, I felt like banging my head repeatedly on the bricks. "So he chooses me over all of the other prettier and popular girls in the school?"

"You can say that." She bobbed her head. "Why are you so surprised by this? I thought you'd like it."

"I don't like it! That's the problem." I groaned and lay back down on the bed, staring at the white ceiling. "I don't want to be with him. Besides, I'm crushing on another guy."

Reese snorted and pulled her legs up from the floor. "The nerd? Really, Soph? That's the lamest excuse I've heard of to avoid saying that you like Blake."

I sat back up and groaned slightly. "He's cute. He's not a nerd." I paused. "Well, if he is, what does it matter? I am, too, after all."

"You really need to learn the basics in life, sometimes." Reese took out her ear-bud and tossed it at me. She stood up and studied me with her hands on her hips. "I need to dress you up."

"No need. I'm not going." I buried my face in the pillow and groaned again.

"Yes, you are." Her eyes glimmered with annoyance and excitement. "Wouldn't want to disappoint him."

"In case you haven't noticed, I don't care if disappoint him."

"Sophie. Tell me. Why do you hate him so much?"

"Because!" I threw my hands up, snatching nothing. "He - he's just so snobby and arrogant and he thinks he's the best and everything and ... - he thinks he can get anything. Anything. And - and ... yeah."

She rolled her eyes. "Do you know that maybe disliking or hating someone is a result of you liking them?"

"I don't like him. End of the story."

"We'll see after tonight, girl. We'll see. Now get up!"

"I'm not going."

"Oh, you should, if you don't want to get grounded."


"I told your parents."

There was silence for a while, before I screeched, "I HATE YOU, REESA MAE!"

"Sad." She bit back a grin. "Coming?"

"Only this time," I muttered and sighed. "You suck as a friend.

"Ah. Or so you think." She winked and skipped - yes, skipped to show how happy she was - towards her wardrobe and started pulling who-knows-what out.


A few hours later, I was dressed in a skirt [gag] and a white blouse. My hair was curled expertly and hung to my shoulders. My lips were tinted with faint lip gloss and I was saved from any more make-up. I didn't feel like me at all, but I had to admit that Reese did a good job in dressing me up. She looked pleased and her parents and my parents [I didn't even know they were here!] complimented us a few times and some our mothers even went teary and kept saying how much we've grown and blagh. Seriously. Adults.

"We'll catch you later, guys." Reese smiled brightly and tugged at my hand.

I repeated the same thing with an animated smile and proceeded to run after her and tried not to trip myself in the process. We turned and continued walking towards the city, where the guys would meet us and then we'd be off on our separate dates. Already, I could see couples walking alongside each other and holding each other's hands. Aw. That was really cute, but I couldn't really think of that happening to me and Blake.

Blake. I thought back to him, with his smirk and his dark hair that came to his eyes. His brown eyes were like swirling chocolates; and they intimidated me and left me melting and feeling annoyed at the same time. He had that effect on me. That was scary. I wondered what we would do when we met, how much awkward silences there would be, how he was going to look like. Gorgeous, no doubt, though.

I found myself smiling and looking forward - for once [okay, maybe more than once] - to seeing him tonight. I finally snapped out of my daze as we set foot on the busy Main Street. Reese glanced over at me, probably snapping out of her daze too and smirked at my expression. "Missing him?"

"You wish."

"I do. And I know you do." Grinning, she took my hand and we walked down the street. It was crowded with people and the city lights were starting to blink on. The store lights showed off their discount prizes and their extravagant beauty. I caught sight of the sun and grinned. It was pretty. It looked like an orange mixed red orb that was beating down over the city.

We stopped at one of those fancy cafés and sat down, waiting for the guys to arrive. A gentle breeze whistled past and my eyes kept wandering around, hoping to settle on a dark-haired guy. I mentally slapped myself at thinking that. That was bad. I couldn't think that about him. We'll always stay friends - or try to be friends in the condition that we were in.

"Hey there, handsome." I looked up to see Reese smiling at a guy. Her boyfriend, Ryan.

"Hey babe," he murmured and pulled her into a hug. I couldn't help grinning - it was just too cute! Like, really. I might be a nerd, but that didn't mean that I didn't like to read or watch romance things. I could hardly contain my excitement for them.

After their small reunion, Reese smiled and hugged me before leaving me alone there to wait for Blake. "You'll be blown away," she'd whispered, trying to stifle a giggle.

I rolled my eyes behind her back, but returned her hug. "Have fun."

"You too." And with those words, they strolled away.

I sat back down, my eyes wandering along the thin glass covering the table and seeing the faint reflection of the buildings and the people. Someone sat next to me and startled - I lifted my head, only to see that the person wasn't Blake. He wasn't as good-looking, but he smiled at me in a way that made me think he was perverted. "Why, hello there. What's someone like you doing here and sitting alone on this night?"

I wasn't sure how to reply, but it turned out that I didn't need to. "Why, hello there," a husky voice spoke back. "What are you doing, flirting with my date?"

I didn't think I was ever that happy to hear Blake's voice. He was standing there, with a white button down shirt on, with his close-to-black jeans. His hair was ruffled, as if he didn't care if it looked that way and he was staring daggers at the guy. I heard the stranger mutter a 'damn' before getting up with a quick apology and scrambling away.

Blake slid next to the seat with me and smiled, flashing his teeth. "Thank me?"

"From what?"

"From preventing you from getting hit on by that guy."

I lowered my head and smiled at his words. He sounded too sincere, it was almost wrong. "Okay. Thanks."

"Really?" He smirked.


"Good ..."

We both drifted off to our own fantasies. I'd always thought that Blake was a confident guy, always making conversations and flirting with girls when he was on dates, but apparently not so around me. I caught his eye a few times, observing me. His intense gaze made me go red in the face, which I still refused that it wasn't blushing.

"You look nice," he finally gave in.

You look nice. Who knew those words made me feel so happy? Ah, damn. "You too ..." I hated it, but the truth was at the tip of my tongue and was already out of my mouth. I wanted to crawl into a hole and hide, but apparently, he didn't care. He seemed fine with it.

...well, duh. He has experience with these kinds of things.

Blake stood up and held out his hand. I just stared at it, before getting to my feet slowly and taking his hand. "So. Where would you like to go first?"

I shrugged. "Anywhere, really." I raised my eyebrow at him. "You didn't plan this?"

"What, the date? Nah. You just go with the flow in a relationship." He glanced at me. "Always."

There was another silence. Awkwardddd, I wanted to sing. I felt a sudden panic flock me - what if he didn't like this date? What if he didn't like me? That freaked me out, before I settled with the solution that I didn't care about him. I wonder if those words were actually true.


I blinked and slowly wandered out of my own mind and stared up at him. He had his eyebrow raised, staring at me, and waiting for an answer. We were at the dock and I caught the last few glimpses of the sun. He sure knew where to take a girl out. Only then, did I realize we both still had our hands entwined together, hanging by our sides.

I pulled from his grip, flushing slightly. "Yeah. Yeah, sure."

"Okay." He caught my hand again, obviously not backing off. His eyes had that laughing look at me and his mouth was slightly quirked up to show that he was amused. You don't escape me that easily, his eyes seem to say."So?"


Blake chuckled. "Vanilla sucks. Anyone ever taught you that?"

"No it does not! Your taste buds probably came from, oh, I don't know, a dog's to think that!"

"Sophie." He smirked. "A dog's taste buds are good. So that means your taste buds are bad."

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes and let out a small sigh. "What's yours?"

"Cookies n Cream for sure."

The vendor handed us the cones and he led me towards the dock, before sitting down. His legs hung from above the water and he started with his ice-cream. I watched him carefully, before settling on licking my cone. The sharp, sweet taste of vanilla hit my mouth, but it didn't taste as pleasant as it did before. Oh, I wonder what happened …

"Don't like it?"

I glared at the dark-haired boy in front of me. "Yes, I like it. What's your problem? Do you like picking on people for your satisfaction?"

He smiled. "You can say that. So. Given up yet?"


"Given up yet? You sure you don't want to try this?" He waved his cone in front of my nose.

I sighed yet again, but I could feel the corners of my mouth tug into a smile. "You just never give up, do you?" I snatched the ice-cream from him and hesitated for a while before taking a small bite out of it. Whoo. Looks like I found myself a new favorite ice-cream flavor.

"You like it don't you?"


"Yeah, you like it." He grinned, as if he accomplished something incredibly important.

I hesitated before handing it back to him. "Here."

"You can keep it."

I wrinkled my nose. "You licked it."

He winked. "Since when?"

Oh. I felt my cheeks go hot, but I felt indignant at the same time. He wanted me to have the ice-cream? Why? I stared at him. He was watching the setting sun against the horizon and he didn't seem to notice me. Hm. Good.

There was a silence that I thought I'd drown in, before he stood up and held out his hand, like a gentleman [not that he is]. "Coming?"

"Where are we going?" I got up and pulled my hand out of his, which seemed cruel and I quickly regretted it, but his eyes showed no feelings.

"Somewhere." Blake paused. "You like nature?"

"I like nature." I nodded. So, I think he's going to take me to the … zoo? Fishing? Fishing in the dark seemed a bit unrealistic but he was surprising, so why not? Not that I particularly looked forward to that.

"Good." He turned and started away from the dock. "Come on; hurry, I'm not sure how long it'll last."

I didn't bother to ask what lasted and followed after him. I noticed my empty hand hanging along my side and felt a wave of loneliness wash over me, only to stop and made me think that it was probably something else.


It was growing darker and the sky was turning a dark blue. I panted slightly as I followed Blake up on a hill. This was his surprise? To spend the time in the dark? Amazing. I lifted my skirt carefully from the thorns and continued up. Now that I look at it, the surroundings were rather pretty. The soft green grass was up to my ankles and the solitary tree that stood on top of the hill gave it a lonely, serene, yet romantic feeling.

I shivered at that thought. Romantic? Since when? "How much longer?"

"We're here." He stopped abruptly. We were standing a few feet away from the oak tree. Below us was the lake. The moon light was reflected off the still surface. We stood there for a while, listening to our quiet breathing and the chirps of the cricket.

I tipped my head up and admired the stars. I can see why he brought me here.


I blinked. "What?"

"Here." Blake motioned for me to come near him. Half of his face was shadowed. He looked mysterious and intriguing at the same time. "There's something that makes this place special."

I took a few steps towards him and stood by his side awkwardly. "What?"

"Fireflies." He lifted his arm to point at the small drifting lights in the air.

"Fireflies," I repeated, entranced. They made everything look more magical. Pretty soon, we were surrounded by them. I couldn't help my smile. I lifted my eyes to meet his. "So this is why you brought me here?"

He shrugged lazily. "I guess. We can always leave, you know."

"Hm." The silence hung between us for a while, before I finally broke it. "So ... how did you find this place?"

"I found this place as a kid. I guess I fell in love with it."



...silence. I just had an actual conversation with him. Ha. Amazing, right? Right.

"There's also a shortcut into the city," he remarked suddenly.

" mean where we came from?"

He waved it off. "No. There's a shortcut that leads to a dining place." Blake looked thoughtful. "Come on."

"Where are we going now?"

"You ask a lot of questions."

"I'm a very inquisitive person."

"Good to know." He smirked. "Coming, or do I have to carry you bridal-style there?"

"Um. I'll go."

He chuckled and zipped past me, into the shadows. I followed, trying to keep from stumbling and kept my eyes trained on his back the whole time. He was going down a small trail leading down. There wasn't much light but he zigzagged past everything expertly. I'm guessing he came here a lot.

It was, oh, I don't know, maybe five to ten minutes, when we finally stopped. He straightened up and smiled. He wasn't even sweating from that. Um. Wow. I stretched slightly and looked around. The surroundings had more trees around them, a small gravel path leading the way and a few lampposts lighting the area up. To my right was a black iron fence and Orchard street, half-blinding me with the lights.

I had no clue how we got here so fast. "Where are you taking me?"

"Somewhere where you would enjoy. I have plans, you know."

"I thought you didn't."

"You thought wrong."

I rolled my eyes and I was ready to stomp my foot on his toe, but he just pulled me along before I got the chance to. Jerk. We walked past the benches and smooching couples and kids and their parents just hanging around. I dragged my feet along the path to make everything slower, but he just kept pulling me along. Woah. Super strength.

Blake kept walking and made a turn towards the street. I observed him again [no, it's not like I like observing him, I just have nothing to do at the moment]. His hair was flying around freely, not plastered to his forehead, like mines, and his dark eyes were bright. I didn't know if his eyes were always like that or just for tonight. Huh.

I was so focused on studying him [I know right, what was I doing? I can just look at the builidings], it made me jump slightly when I heard his voice.

"Checking me out?" He smirked, amused.

"Oh, gee, how did you knowww? No, I'm not," I replied back flatly.

"Yeah, so why are you scrutinizing my face so intensely?"

I sighed impatiently. "It's called getting lost in thought. Why would I want to stare at you, of all people?"

He shrugged and let go of my hand after we crossed the street. He kept the famous smirk plastered to his face. "Why, I don't know. Maybe because you can't resist me."

I gagged slightly. "What is it that you're saying?"

"I'm saying you're not admitting that yes, you are falling for me, and yes, that I do look good."

"Well let me tell you something: no, I'm not, you are getting your facts mixed up, and you only look good because God had mercy on you for being so stupid and arrogant that he made you attract the girls."

"Really." He grinned and pulled me into a night-market. Y'know, those ones with huge grounds and they sell souvenir, clothes, bags, and have these huge open-bars in the middle. They were very addictive, especially to a teenager, a tourist and a shopaholic.

"I'm flattered that you think I'm good-looking. It has to mean something."

I sighed; exasperated and wandered off among the stalls to look at a bunch of souvenirs; a small cute bag, souvenir T-shirts, those small mini snow globes with the famous landmarks, the scented candles, and many more. I picked up a small kitten that had the words 'You are purr-fect for me' sketched across its heart.

I could sense his presence near me and even if my back was turned, I knew he was smirking and waiting for an answer. "No, Blake. Just because I think you're hot doesn't mean that I like you."

"You think I'm hot?" I could hear his snickering in the background. "That's new. What a sweet compliment." He patted my shoulder. "Don't worry; I think the same thing about you too."

The tips of my ears turned slightly red. That certainly took me by surprise. I brushed his hand off and willed my face to go back to its usual color. Kinda worked. Kinda not. I put the stuffed animal down and started picking up more random things and ignoring him. I don't know what else to do. All I know is to never look at him again. It a childish thing, but really, he should stop those things about me.

"Are you going to buy anything?" He sounded slightly bored.

"We'll see."

"Well hurry up and see. There's something else waiting."

"I'll try," I replied and took fifteen more minutes just observing one snow globe. I could tell he was growing impatient and about to storm off and leave me alone, but he just stood there, silent. I never knew Blake was able to keep those things in. Ha.

"You're probably going to be there by midnight, just observing all of the snow globes."

"That's an idea."

He exhaled. "I'll drag you off in two seconds."

I grunted. Right, he was. And then I got yanked off.

"Omigosh, Creston, I didn't even finish buying something!"

"You're avoiding me, Soph." He swung his arm around me and smirked. "I'm not letting you off that easily."

I shivered under his touch. It felt warm and that at-home feeling strikes up, but it also felt ... weird and strange. Oh no.

He pulled me towards the bar and we sat down on the tree-stumps for chairs. There were small pink flowers knotted with stems and leaves along the sides of the wooden bar. "Chill." He had to lean down to whisper it, because of the blasting music. His arm fell of my shoulder and I felt grateful. "We'll just sit here and order drinks until you want to go somewhere else."

"Okay, then." I stood up and looked around, taking a few steps back to absorb everything in, until something caught my eye. I yanked Blake away from his drink, and he looked like he was choking on it. "There's a Ferris Wheel!"

He coughed and frowned. "So?"

"So? What do you mean 'so'? I haven't been on that for three years!"

"Hm." He glanced at the Ferris Wheel. "Good to know."

"Well? Aren't you going to take me there?"

"After I finish my drink."

I rolled my eyes and sat down, glaring at him. He was obviously taking his time with the drink and only ten minutes later, did he finish one glass of soda. Oh. My. Gosh.

At least he was done. I grabbed his arm, my eyes shining with an enthusiastic light. I think this is possibly the first time that I felt enthusiastic holding his arm and dragging him away.

"Hey, you do know it's eight already?"

"Oh. Time flies. COME ON!"

"I'm coming, dammit. Would you slow down? No - don't - not that - SOPHIE THAT'S ANOTHER SOUVENIR SHOP!"

I paused to look at him and cackled at how horrified he sounded just by seeing a souvenir shop. "Take a chill pill, Blake. We're just crossing over to the Ferris Wheel."

"Damn, can't you find another place to cross?"

"No, because I know how much you hate these places."

He scowled at me, which I thought was odd, since he never - or hardly did that. I just grinned back at him and we went through the shop, with Blake muttering things like, "Oh, dear God, help me," and a bunch of other things that made him sound like he wanted to cry.

We stopped at the Ferris Wheel. I couldn't help not keeping my excitement in, because just the mere sight of it made me feel so happy and like things were right again.

One of the carriages opened and we stepped on it, leaning back on the cushioned seats, as it started to move. I caught my breath as it lifted up; slowly and meaningfully, giving us a good view of everything below.

An arm dragged across my shoulders again and it could only be him. Really, who else would do that? "Why are you doing that? It's kinda for ... couples."

He stared at me. "We're on a date, Sophie. That means that you're my girlfriend." His voice dropped to a low murmur, buzzing in my ears. "At least ... for tonight."

I hesitated. For tonight. It was just for tonight and then we can pretend this will never happen. I also tried to avoid him too much, I guess, and that I'm getting tired of it. I leaned into him and soon enough, I was fully enveloped in his strong arms. I could smell a bit of his cologne and I felt drowsy, warm, and safe. I glanced down at the world. We were high up and it gave us such an astounding view of everything below us.

The city lights blinked and it reminded me vaguely of the fireflies that Blake showed me. They make everything seem more magical. Now, up here alone with him, I felt so serene and the silence between us was strangely comfortable and it also gave me an impression that something was going to happen.

"So, I can see why you still squeal over the Ferris Wheel." He nodded. "It is quite amazing."

"It's something worth squealing about, you know."

He paused. "I know."

We sat there in silence, just watching the view below us.



"You know something?"


"About me ..."

"What about you?"

He stared at me. "So, you really don't?"

"Not unless you tell me."

"Ah, well ..." his left thumb dragged slowly across my cheek and I shivered in delight. "I suppose this is a good time to tell you." He leaned back in the seat and groaned slightly. "No use keeping it from you anyway."

"Yeah?" I twisted my body around, staring at him expectantly.

He hesitated. "The thing is, I like you."


My mind was spinning. He likes me? What? Why? How? Since when? I felt dizzy by the sudden rush of questions, but I managed to steady myself. "For how long?"

He shrugged. "Since I met you, I guess. I just realized it when we started school." He looked at me cautiously. "Is that disturbing you?"

I shook my head absentmindedly. Why would that disturb me? The truth was, I kinda liked how he felt towards me. "There are a million of other girls to choose from. Why didn't you choose them?"

He rolled his eyes. "Because they're not you. Duh."

I blinked several times at him, unsure of what to do, until I giggled. "That was so cheesy."

"Hm." He smiled. "I'm glad it made your day." He winked, back to his old self. His left hand snaked around my waist and pulled me closer to him. My breath caught in my throat as I got closer. I stared intently at his face, which was ... gorgeous. Now I can really see why the other girls fell for him and his cocky personality.

"So," he started conversationally, "the question is, do you like me, babe?"

I felt myself flushing slightly at what he said, but I didn't protest at what he called me. "Take your guess."

"I'd say yes."


He smirked and smashed his cold, smooth lips onto mines. "I guess you're mine, now."