Dear the Australian Government

I am writing to suggest a solution to problems both here, in Australia, and overseas. Parts of the United States of America are currently being terrorised by plagues of snow, not a joy to people whose daily lives are being disturbed. Although waking up to find your place covered in five feet of snow, might seem a novelty to tourists, it is not always so much of a triviality to those who experience it often. In Australia, as you may be well aware, there are parts experiencing extreme heat waves. These hot days are a continuing nuisance for the people experiencing them. Some people are able to remain cool by the use of air-conditioning at work, some schools, and other recreational places. But, what about the labourers, who spend their time carting bricks and building houses. The hot temperatures are no safe condition to do activities such as these in. There are also many schools which are suffering through this heat. Whilst many private schools have air-conditioning, there are many government schools which provide only fans to cool their students. This provides a restless environment for students and teachers to work in, making learning harder.

Whilst these problems are an issue, there is a solution. This solution is in the removal of snow from America and its transportation to Australia. This would solve the problem of excess snow in America and could be used to cool places in Australia.

Now, although you might think this idea to be considerably outrageous, just stop and think about it for a moment; sand is already transported around the world, so why can't snow? Places that have never had snow could have their first 'snow day.' And America would not have to suffer with all the snow, which is closing down schools, work, etc.

So, with these reasons, I think that Australia and the United States of America should seriously consider the exportation of snow from America to Australia.

Yours Sincerely