One fine moment I wake up and I suddenly realize,

The veil clouding my life has been lifted off my eyes.

My heart has freed itself from the clutches of pain.

Then tell me, why do I feel so empty again?

The knots have been straightened into a perfect line.

My complicated life has turned simple, I should have been fine.

Instead, all I feel is emptiness.

I guess this must be some sort of post-traumatic stress?

The problems had been going on for so many ages!

And now my soul has been set free from all its cages.

Maybe I will take a while to get used to this.

Maybe I should close my eyes and make a wish.

I'm not used to simple; I don't know what to do.

Peace is an abstract concept for me, it feels entirely new.

Maybe I'll be alright.

Maybe I'll take some time to get used to this end of fight/

For me, simple is complicated.

Now that all the problems have faded,

It's another new beginning.

I don't want to count my chances of winning.

I just want this transition to be smooth and not sudden.

Please be slow and sweet when you lift off my burden.

I have been waiting to shake this off forever.

Right now it seems like it's now or never.

So I'm listening to my heart.

It scares me, but I'm going to let simple rest….