Just a bit on this story... yes it is the same as the one on my fanfiction but i can not get on that anymore so i am now using this (:

I was actually in love with a guy named Blake (yes he is real and so is the band his actually in to) so this whole story was based on me and him and what I wish would happen! I was in love with him since I was 7 till I was 14 that's 7 years! I have only just recently gotten over him and now am in love with someone else... but let me know if there are things you dont like and I'll change them or let me know some ideas and I'll add them (: thanks for your time to read my story guys (:


"Donnalee, Donnalee baby come on wake up" I heard my mother say to me while she was shaking my arm. I was guessing that we were at our new house. I started to open my eyes to see my mother walking away from the car and into a house that looked like a mansion. I stepped out of the car and looked down the street omg look at all the LITTLE kids there is NO ONE here my age!I thought to myself. Omg did I wish to be back in NEW ZELAND! And not here in LA!I also thought to myself. I was thinking about my friends that were back at home. When I got pulled out of my thought when something started vibrating in my pocket. I pulled my phone out of pocket and answered it "Hello?" "Hey baby cakes how was the drive and flight?" Danni said I knew it was her as soon as I heard 'Hey baby cakes' she was the only person that I know that say's it. "Heyyy, Omg how I miss you already! Yeah the drive and flight was okay but well...." I hesitated for a second "Well let's not talk about it aye? But anyway how is it their? Everyone missing me?" I said with a bit of a giggle she laughed along with me. "It's boring here without you! Yes we do miss you we won't you back here!" I could hear people in the background I looked down to my watch, it was 12:30pm over there she must be at lunch. "Babe you know I would love to come back but mum's new husband lives here, Oi today is the last day of the year right or is that next week? I'm confused haven't been to school in 3 weeks..." I have a plan. "Yeah it's today why's that?" I started jumping up and down "How would you like to come here for the summer? I'm sure mum wouldn't care" there was no hesitation from her just screams right away "OMG YES! I will ask dad tonight and will ring you later love you kisses"... "Iloveyou2 kisses back bye!" I hung up and ran inside "mum, mum, mum!" I screamed running through the front door.

Mum came running out of the lounge room "yes darling are you okay? What's wrong?" mum was a very worried person she always worried about me ever since the night I came home drunk with Zane. "Yeah mum I'm fine but I just got a call from Danni today is the last day of school over there for the year and tomorrow they start their summer holidays can Danni come here for the summer please!?" I said with puppy eyes mum just laughed and said "yes of coarse as long as it is okay with Lee and Paul?" I looked away real fast. "Ummm we haven't gotten to that bit yet she is going to ask her mum and dad tonight she will be calling me back later" mum nodded and walked off. I ran up stairs and walked into my room omg it was beautiful I fell in love with it as the kids say "love at first sight". My bed and everything was set up. I had a walk-in-wardrobe with all well famous designer labels on each piece of clothing. I loved my mum's new husband he brought me anything and everything I wanted he would hand out money to me whenever I wanted. The easiest thing to say was I am a spoiled little brat that got everything I wanted and I knew it.

I started to bring in all of my posters and stuff from the car that I packed from home and started to hang them up and started to set up my room. I had to make my bed with 'MY' bed sheets which were play boy. I loved my play boy and music they were my main hobbies. After four and half hours of setting up my room I was finally finished. I grabbed my laptop of my desk and sat down on my bed and signed into facebook. I had 16 new notifications mainly I miss you messages. I felt so loved. I took a deep breath in mmmm something smelt GREAT I slapped the laptop closed and ran down stairs "oh who's cooking and what is it? It smells GREAT!" I yelled as I was walking down the stairs. Mum came walking out of the kitchen "mum your cooking?" I said with shock she laughed "No it's not me cooking its Hayden cooking you know I can't cook and plus Hayden is a great cook that's a reason I love him so much" I nodded and looked down at my watch it was 11am so it was about 7pm over there. Wow didn't time go fast I thought. I was wondering why Danni hadn't called me back when all of a sudden I heard my phone.

I ran upstairs to answer it. "Hello?" I said down the phone "hey babe, I'm allowed to come I'm just putting my swimmers in and then heading to air port so I will be there about 11pm my time about 4 your time will your mum be able to come get me from the air port?"... "MUM CAN YOU PICK DANNI FROM THE AIR PORT AT 11 TONIGHT?" I screamed down the stairs all I heard was 'Yes that's fine' "yeah mum said that's fine so I will see you later yay!" I said all happy and cheery "okay babe cya kisses" she said and hung up. I ran down stairs and ran up to mum "thank you mum I'm not so angry at you about moving here now so far I'm loving it apart from their are no kids my age here" we both laughed and then Hayden came into the room "umm Donnalee there are kids your age.... There just out they all go out due in the day.. Blake our next door-" I jumped and looked at him "THE BLAKE JACK! AS IN BLAKE JACK, ROBBIE JETSON, OWEN NUSM AND ANDY WILSON!!!!????" he just looked at me stunned "um yeah how do you know him and his friends?" I started jumping up and down clapping my hands the stop and just smiled "THE Blake lives next door to me!!!! Omg! How do I know him? It's more how DONT I know him! His in a band called Sayd and omg I love them! I have posters everywhere in my room since I just found them omg I thank you thank you thank you mummy omg, omg, omg" I ran up stairs into my room and jumped on my bed grabbing my phone forgetting about my lunch.


* Within seconds I had a text back saying*

Danni: Who, who, who lives next to you!?!?!?!'

I replied 'BLAKE!!!

I dropped my phone on my bed and grabbed my laptop. I had to check my facebook. I signed in and went straight to Blake's profile his status said 'OMG I have a kid MY AGE moving into my street and she is going to be moving in next door so cannot wait to meet you Donnalee!' He knew about me? And I'm so glad he added my friend request! I jumped at the noise of my phone going off.

Danni: OMG you are so lucky! And we will get to hang with him in the summer! Omg! Okay just got to the air port got to turn my phone off and load up. will see you at 11! Kisses! Loveyou!

I jumped off my bed and grabbed Sayd's CD and put it on and started jumping around and dancing until I heard a knock at my door I turned off my music. "Um Donnalee lunch is ready" said Hayden nervously I nodded and followed him down the stairs and sat at the table lunch was already severed and on the table I sat down and looked at it "yummy Hayden this looks great" mum and I both said but of course mum didn't call him Hayden she called him Hun. We were eating in silent's till Hayden started talking to me "Um Donnalee after lunch I was going to text Blake and let him know your here do you want me to do that?" I nodded "yes please I would love that I would love to meet him" I said as soon as I was finished my mouth full after that we sat in silent's until we were all done. After lunch Hayden texted Blake.

Hayden: Hey Blake its Hayden just texting you to let you know Donnalee is here we just had lunch so if you would like to come over your more than welcome she is really excited to meet you hope to see you soon, Hayden.

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