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Moving to LA Chapter 7-

Blake's (POV)

I heard the way they were speaking to Donna and Danni and I didn't like it so I sent him a text.

Me: Hay mate! Robbie and I are down the main street we'll be home soon just stay at mine aye. Theres pizza in the fridge. Enjoy and see you soon (:

I heard the door shut and I slowly moved to the door to see if the coast was clear. "Blake and Robbie you can come out now" I heard Donna say. I slowly walked out just to be double sure. Danni had gone back upstairs I looked over at Donna "Thank you... now where were we? I was talking about something while you were laughing at the other two" I said as I slowly pulled myself up onto the counter. I got up and was just about to put my phone back in my pocket as it went off.

Andy: hey mate. Just went over to Donna's looking for you. We thought we heard you over there and there was a lot of laughing for only two people :/ but yeah sure we know where you are now we can stop worrying. We'll see you soon. But Owen and I are ready to hit the sacks so we may not be awake when you come home. Talk to you later buddy and were sorry about the stuff we were saying about the girls!

I put my phone back in my pocket without answering and looked back up to Donnalee who had a dumbfounded look on her face "You okay?" I said as I slid off the counter and I took a step to close the gap between us "Yeah I'm fine, and before we got interrupted by me laughing and Andy and Owen you said you wanted to tell me something?" I nodded "I asked that. I can't remember" I was think trying so hard to remember "Ahhhh yes I remember now" I said as a grin spread across my face. "So what's up?" she asked "I know that I only meet you only a couple of hours ago. But with the more and more I find out about you the... the... the umm I'm sorry I dont usually do this so it's a bit hard for me to say" I said as I felt my face flush of colour. She nodded "I think I know what you're trying to say" awkward silence "Y-y-you do???" I was shocked that she could possibly know what I was meaning!

I watched as she came closer. "The more you get to know about me and hang out with me the more you're getting attracted to me?" she said with bright red cheeks and bright blue eyes staring at me. I slowly nodded "was it really that easy to notice?" I asked kinda ashamed of myself for it being so easy to tell. The boys knew within seconds and now she knows how could I be so silly and let it show so easily! I thought. "No it wasn't I just was just guessing and hoping that that's what you were trying to say. Because I have to admit, I was in love with you from the day I heard your bands music! And if you didn't notice most of the posters in my room are of you and your drums and Robbie? And then when I meet you today I feel in love like I have never been before! Even mum and Hayden could see that I had." I went to open my mouth when then I was over righted "would you two hurry up with that popcorn were over waiting!" Danni yelled, "Yeah were coming!" Donna yelled back. I went to open my mouth again "yes that is exactly right and I have fallen for you as well you've known me because of my band but I've only just met you so I need to know more about you if you can understand that?" she nodded and grabbed my hand "I'll wait as long as I have to" I nodded then turned and got the popcorn and the coke and started walking back to the room with Donna right on my tail.

Donnalee's (POV)

I did it! I told him how I felt and he feels the same way! I thought. We both walk back up stairs he was in front of me and I was just behind him. We walked back into the room to find Robbie and Danni lying on her bed next to mine. They were under the blankets and I could see that Robbie had no shirt on and Danni had he head resting on his chest deep in conversion. I did have to admit Robbie had some muscles. "Ahem" Blake cleared his throat. They looked up then Blake passed them there bottle of coke and then just sat the popcorn just in between the two beds. I had to love that Hayden was rich because he just went out and brought Danni a new bed so she had something to sleep on while she was staying for the summer holidays. Mum and Hayden had got into my room and rearranged it so they could fit Danni's bed into my room so now I have TWO double beds and the rest of the stuff he brought me. Blake layed down on my bed and put a pillow in his chest and patted it for me to lie down. I did as I was told and found out that I was rather comfy he put his arm around me.

(2 hours later)

The movie was just coming to an end I sat up and looked over at Danni who was white as a ghost I started laughing!

"Are....Are.." I started laughing even harder Danni , Robbie and Blake were all looking at me in horror "are you really scared from that movie" I finally got out then stopped when they all looked so serous. "YES" she shrieked at me and threw the empty container from the popcorn. I laughed even more and fell off the bed then Danni, Robbie and Blake started laugh. I stopped real quick and jumped up and said "I was meant to do that" which made them laugh even more.

"FINE if you're going to laugh at me I'm leaving!" I grumbled as I walked out the room and down to the guess room (that I only just found).. I heard my phone start going off I pulled it out and saw a random number "Hello?" I asked

"Hi is this Donna as in Donnalee?" a strange girls voice said

"Umm yes this is donna who's this?"


I went to open my mouth but as I did all I heard was a hang up tone.

"Blake" I screamed down the hallway I didn't care if the boys could hear me I just had some bloody Sysco call me!

He came running out of the room and down to me. He was still bright red from laughing.

"yes donna.."

He got no answer straight away I was so ferrous I knew that if I opened my mouth I would scream and yell at him.

"what happened? You look really pissed off. Who was on the phone?"

Oh so he knew I was on the phone I thought.

"I don't know! You tell me!" I spat in his face. I knew I shouldn't be talking to him but I was so angry and upset.

He looked at me in confusion and I saw that Danni and Robbie had now come out to find out what was going on. "I...I don't know if you would just calm down and talk to me!" his voice was now starting to rise.


"WHY NOT!?" he said moving towards me causing me to move back and hit the wall.

"BECAUSE I DONT EVEN KNOW!" I dropped to the ground and put my hands over my face. I felt him drop down next to me and put and arms around me and pulled me into him. I started sobbing.

No one saw that one coming at the end did they?

is this just some freak or is it his girlfriend that he hasnt told Donna about?

keep readding to find out!