Chapter 1

I throw most of my stuff onto the ground of my room looking for my lucky charm. When all of a sudden it came over my head and in front of my face and around my neck then clipped up I turned around to see who put it on for me when I saw my brother Jared I looked at him surprised "You found it thank you thank you!" I screamed as I wrapped him up into my arms. "Oh Jared you don't know how thankful I am" I whispered into his chest. He looked down at me and grinned then looked at the clock "umm Jazzy do you want me to drive you or are you going to skate to the park?" I followed his glaze to where he was looking. It was 11:45 I told the girls that I would be there by 12 I had 15 minutes to get there. I let go of Jared and grabbed my board and ran out of the house. "I will be home when I come home and I have my phone if you need me," I yelled over my shoulder as I dropped my board and skated down the driveway.

I was just around the conner of the park when all of a sudden Matt was beside me. "Aye Jazzy were you going?" he asked as he came closer beside me on his board I nodded the direction to the park. "You have fun at the park I'm going down to the beach if you wanna come down with the girls you can. I will hopefully see you soon," he said pushing off , crossing in front of me and taking off down another street I smiled to myself and pushed harder I had 5 mins to get there I knew I was going to make it I was just exited to tell the girls that we had just be invited to go to the beach with Matt and the boys. Four more pushes and I had the girls in site "Oi, Oi!" I scream down towards the girls they all turned around "Hey Jazzy, what's up?" Grace yelled back with her long blonde hair twirling around her beautiful oval shaped face that looked a little bit red but you could still see her beautiful tan. I slowed down a bit and jumped the gutter and up onto the foot path then slowed to a stop next to Jade. They circled around a bit, "Do you want to hang here at the park or do you wanna go hang at the beach with Matty and the boys?" I looked around at them all. Most of them smiled and they all said yes. "Are we gonna be swimming?" Donna piped up. Eden laughed, "Ummm dummy that's why we go to the beach." I hit Eden lightly and pulled a face at her and then with that we were off and on our way to the beach. Two of us had to head home to put some swimmers on but the rest didn't leave the house without a pair of swimmers on because we always seemed to find our way down there. When we got to the Jetty we all showed off. As we were going down the pier we were pulling manuals and chucking ollis here and there and even some of us were jumping on the wood bits on the sides and grinding along them. We pulled up to where the boys were to see them staring at us in horror... James, Toby and Matt were gasping for air, none of the boys could believe what they'd just seen. I laughed and so did the others. I sat my skateboard on the chair with the boys and pulled off my top and shorts got up onto the bar and jumped to the deep blue water below. I came up to see all the girls running down the stairs and jumping off the platform. I noticed that Eden, Esther and Renae weren't in the group, where were they? I looked up to see Eden up on the lamp post, Esther on the bottom bar and Renae on the top bar. I watched the girls swim out to me and then we floated a bit watching Eden, Esther and Renae talk to each other till I screamed out, "OH MY GOSH JUST JUMP ALREADY!"

I saw them mouth to each other 1 2 3 and then jumped. All the boys ran to the bars to look down at us. Esther hit the water first then Renae second then Eden third. All three of them came up laughing then we all joined in apart from the boys... for some reason they didn't find it funny. I looked up to see the boys up on the poles I knew what they were all planning, "SWIM!" I screamed as I saw Matty and Jayden jump. The girls started to swim away from the pier and I watched the rest of the boys come down onto the platform and then Krissy and Donna come running down the pier stairs; Krissy pushed Jonas, Toby and Blake in while Donna pushed Hayden, Kyle and Christian in then they laughed and didn't realize they missed Ben and Brodie they came running out from under the pier and pushed Donna and Krissy in we all started to laugh. Ben and Brodie dropped to the planks on the platform laughing. I swam under the pier and hit the planks with my hand I hear them both scream then a splash I looked out from under the pier to see that they'd jumped in. I swam out and dove under the water grabbing Matt and Blake's legs. I heard the screams from them and came back up laughing my head off. I saw Ben, Brodie, Blake and Matt swimming towards me. I dove under and swam for the ladder. I came up at the ladder and climbed up as fast as I possibly could. By the time I got to the top of the ladder Matt had reached the bottom. I jumped up and ran up the stairs to the top of the pier. I looked up and down the pier to see where I could next run to. I heard feet splattering up the stairs and looked back, they were running and Matt began yelling, "HERE WE COME!" he called. I laughed and grabbed my skateboard. Skating as fast as I could down the pier I made sure that I didn't look back. Once I got to the end of the pier I could hear the skateboards coming up from behind me, I finally turned around to see the boys flying towards me. I jumped of my skateboard and into the bushes so they couldn't see me. They arrived at the end of the pier and jumped off their boards. "Where did she go?" they all repeated as their heads continued turning in search of me. I sat in silence staring at Matty. Oh my gosh I couldn't believe how hot he was. Shoulder cut brown hair with light green eyes, tall and skinny but with muscle. He was my best guy friend but I had also fallen in love with him but it's just he didn't know it. I hid it pretty well over the past 2 years, I wanted to tell him but I just didn't know how he would react, I watched Blake skate forward and then Brodie turn right and Ben went onto the beach and Matty came my way I heard him moving all the branches and whispering "Jazzy, I know you're here I watched you jump in here wait till I catch you, you will regret it." I laughed, I couldn't hold it in. I had him jump on me as soon as he heard my voice. He started tickling me and I yelled for him to stop. I was laughing a lot and struggled to push him off me but then I had his lips over mine. My head started to spin I couldn't focus and I fainted.