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I ran up beside Grace. "I've caught up now haven't I?" and took off running as fast as I could. I got to the corner first and dropped to the ground to catch my breath.

"Yeah, yeah okay you bet me! BUT HOW?" she said as she was walking up to me and put her hand out to help me up. "Thanks" I mumbled.

We walked together down the rest of the roads in silents. "You can't tell anyone until were ready to tell people please?" I asked lightly pushing her to the side.

"Yeah, yeah I know I won't tell a soul" she smirked then retaliated my action.


We walked into my room and sat down on my bed.

"Wanna watch a movie?" grace asked. I nodded "Sure". We finally choose a movie called 'love and other disasters'. I laid down on my bed and pulled my covers over me and cuddled up to Grace. Lights were turned off and just enjoyed the company and enjoyed a great movie with a great friend.


We got an hour into the movie before my phone started going off.

"Grace could you past me that?" I asked as she was in the way and I wasn't going to lean over her to reach it. She passed it over to me and I opened up the text

Matty: Hey beautiful, what's happening? xo

Me: Hey babe, nothing much just laying in bed watching 'love and other disasters' (: just having a girly time xo

I exited the text after sending it and checked the time it was 7:23pm wow it was getting kind of late for dinner not to be ready. I jumped out of bed "I'll be back soon" I said to Grace as I walked out the door. I was halfway down the hall when an "okay" followed me. I walked out into the kitchen to find my brother just placing plates on the table.

"I was just about to call out to you, You guys were pretty into that movie you didn't even hear me go out and get dinner" jarred said looking up at me with a smirk then turning to put the KFC box's onto the table.

"GRACE, DINNER! AND COULD YOU ALSO BRING MY PHONE?" I yelled over my shoulder.

Within seconds she was by my side pulling her chair out ready to sit and eat dinner. I looked over at her and she passed me my phone.

"Thanks" I said.

"Why do you need your phone at dinner?" jarred asked grabbing the potato and gravy.

"I just do" I said looking over at Grace again shaking my head.

"Okay then, how was your afternoon with Matty?" I felt my face flush and I was just hoping that it hasn't gone bright red. When all of a sudden a burst came from beside me.

"THERE GOING OUT" Grace then closed her eyes as if I was going to hit her. I just shook my head.

"So much for not telling anyone G-r-a-c-e!" I dragged her name out while she laughed at me.

"I knew it would happen one day. I knew that you've had feelings for him since before you two were always spending all your time with each other and going skating and everything. And trust me I knew he liked you to. His very easy to read" I looked up at jarred.

"AND YOU NEVER TOLD ME HOW YOU KNEW HOW HE FELT TOWARDS ME!!" I said standing up from the dinner table looking down on him now.

"I'm sorry jazz I didn't tell you cause you to needed to figure it out yourself!" I could see that he was getting upset now. Jarred and I don't fight much. Actually scratch that we NEVER fight.

I shook my head and picked up my plate full of food.

"If you want me I'll be in my room" I said walking down the hallway shaking my head.

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