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The story of Carissa Fray

Once upon at time there was a young girl named Clarissa Fray who was living in Chicago, she was 16 years of age, she had blue eyes and red hair with a fair skin complexion and she was a very thin girl.

Her mothers name was Ursula, she was of middle age and she had long blond hair to the middle of her back, she had blue eyes with fair skin and her face was weathered and aged far beyond her age of 36 years and Ursula's face showed from the lines and wrinkles that she had, had a hard and difficult life.

Carissa had been told that her father had died before she was born from a heart attack on the way to hospital in the Ambulance and she believed he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Since her fathers death Carissa had a close and loving relationship with her mother Ursula and since that fateful day their relationship was closer than it had ever been before.

One day Carissa came home from school to find that the house had been trashed as if someone had turned it upside down searching for something and she also found a note from her mother upon her bed and the note read "Dear Clarissa I have had to go away un-expectantly But for now I would like you to go to a friend of mines place at 6/36 First Ave New York my friends name is Bianca Goodrich and she will take care of you until I can return.

Before you go can you go into my bedroom and under my mattress you will find something that I want you to have. It will protect you and keep you save it is a knife call cungey. When you have cungey go to Bianca's house and she will explain everything.

Love forever and after

Your mum xxx"

Clarissa did as she was told she went to collect cungey and got some money out of her mother's draw beside her bed and started to go to Bianca's place.

When Clarissa got their Bianca was waiting at the door.

Bianca was a very tall woman with black hair, hazel eyes and she said

"Hello I am Bianca I am your mother's best friend." Bianca went on to say "Would you like anything to eat or drink" as Bianca was saying this she lead Clarissa into the lounge room and sat her down.

Clarissa said "could I please have a drink of water?"

"Of Corse but would you rather some fizzy or cordial?" asked Bianca

"No thank you just some water and also could I ask you some thing?" said Clarissa

" yes please go right ahead but do you mind if you follow me or would you just be able to wait on that question?" said Bianca

"I will wait thank you very much for your help" said Clarissa

So Bianca went into the kitchen and got Clarissa her drink but also came out with some sandwiches.

"Now Clarissa what is that question you would like to ask" said Bianca as she was sitting down next to her.

"I would like to ask what happened to my mother do you know?" as Clarissa was saying the she was starting to cry.

Bianca hugged Clarissa and said "I do know what happened to your mother she has been taken by a man called Jace he is a shadow hunter just like you and your mother and he is after something your mother has well I guess she had it..."

"I don't understand what a shadow hunter is I am not one and I have never in my life time ever herd mum talk about them" said Clarissa.

"Well a shadow hunter are people that kill demons there are everything you thought was a meth is real there are werewolves, vampires and shape shifters-" Bianca was saying.

"Wait what are shape shifters?" asked Clarissa.

"Shape shifters are people who can turn into anything that they have seen in their life time" said Bianca

"Oh ok I know what your saying now I have read about them but as you were saying my mother has something that this Jace person wants off my mum what does he want?" said Clarissa.

"He wants these" as Bianca was saying this she pulled out a sliver cup and a gold knife.

Clarissa face dropped.

"Why have they got my mother when you have what they want?" Clarissa was pissed off and was starting to yell.

"Well your mother new what was coming so she came over here today and left them in my persuasion"

"Why didn't she stay here with you? Why couldn't you look after her and keep her from doing the most stub in thing I have ever seen her do in my life!!!" yelled Clarissa.

"I told her she could to stay here with me as long as she had to but she said if they didn't get her they were coming after you Clarissa she was only protecting you."

"I don't care if they came after me I want my mother back I have already lost one parent I don't want to lose another" said Clarissa

"Trust me darling you have not lost your father you have just never met him and you never want to" said Bianca

"What do you mean I have not lost my father he was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital wasn't he?" asked Clarissa

"No he was not this Jace person as you call him is your father and he wishes that he could met his little girl but your not so little now and he does not know what you look like" said Bianca

"I don't care if he wants to see me and that it might help to get my mother back I will do it" said clarissa

"NO! You can not do that" said Bianca

"Why not?" ask Clarissa

"Because he will kill you" yelled Bianca

"NO he won't kill me I'm his daughter" yelled back Clarissa

"well you do what you want its just my head will be bitten of by your mother" said Bianca

"I don't care I want her home now!" yelled Clarissa as she was walking out the door.

Clarissa was walking down the street when a guy came up to her and asked if she was Clarissa.

This man had tattoos up his arm and his taught pieced.

He had very short black hair and green eyes he was very tall but looked 18.

Clarissa said "Yes I am clarissa why do you want to know"

The man said "follow me I need to talk to you about your mother I am one of your mothers good friends we weren't as close as her and Bianca"

So Clarissa followed this man to his house.

His house was down pit street, New York.

It was a very, very, very large house a 36 bed rooms, 5 lounge rooms, 2 kitchens and 10 bathrooms.

The man sat down in a chair.

Clarissa didn't know if this was a lounge room or just a sitting area.

The man said to clarissa "please sit I am ilya. I was a good friend of your mothers and I do know were she is"

"you do can you please take me their I need to get my mum back and I want to met my father" said clarissa

"so you know Jace is your father but do you know what he is after?" said ilya

"Yes the sliver cup and a gold knife" said Clarissa

"Yes that is what he is after but we will not let him get it I will help you get your mother back" said ilya

Ilya and Clarissa left the house and went back to Bianca's house.

Bianca said that she would join them but it would be good to take the knife and cup.

So ilya took them to Jace hide away and traded the knife and cup for Clarissa mum.

Jace did the swap but also said "I want clarissa too"

Clarissa said "NO I am not coming to you, you left mum and me so I don't want anything to do with you"

Jace said "I did not leave, your mother told me to leave so I did as she asked and left"

"I don't care! you have not been their for me for the last 16 years and I'm over seeing mum so depressed so I don't want anything to do with you get the hell out of our life's"

As Clarissa said that Jace got the knife and cut Bianca's throat.


Jace said "but Ursula I still love you, you can not do this to me"

"Oh yes I can you just killed my best friend"

Clarissa had disappeared at this point in time.

Ilya whispered to Ursula "keep him talking someone will be here in a minute"

As ilya was saying this Clarissa jumped out of no where and stabbed Jace with cungey several times to kill him.

Jace was dead and so was Bianca but Clarissa had her mother and she had ilya to thank for that.

When they got back to Bianca's place (which was now owned by Ursula because Bianca had given it to her in her will) they all got cleaned up and when Ursula came back into the room ilya asked her to married him.

Ursula said "yes"

And they rented out Bianca's place and moved into ilya's house

They all live happy ever after with the knife and cup and ruled the shadow hunter world.