I'm such a pessimist, might as well organize it all. Inspiration comes from the strangest places.

February 19th, 2011

A Look at Us, Darkly

It's the music that's the excuse,
We jump and scream and sing,
Until there's nothing else left to do,
But keep going.

The pathetic hopes and dreams,
Littered all over the dance floor,
They think to themselves,
"make it happen"
And it won't.

Because we're all just scared little liars and thieves
And manipulative monsters.
We twist and turn, likes drowning snakes,
Trying, trying oh so hard,
But how pathetic.

The words are unspoken, but everywhere,
Look at me, look at me.
They say, in desperation,
"love me, look at me,"
But no one looks, no one feels.

It's just bodies crashing hard,
To the bass and the beat and the blood
Boiling in our veins full of hopefully, hopeless dreams.
You're still young, why take it all away now?

In fact, why take anything,
when it's all just arms and elbows and nails,
And the cold sweat on someone's back.
The dirty dancing and the things that don't make sense.

The sitting staring eyes,
"who are you trying to impress?"
The way they desperately try to cling to each other,
"don't forget about me"
What do they want from me?
Why am I here, anyways?

It's just animals, mammals,
With a little more mind,
A lot more stupidity,
You pin your happiness on alcohol and weed,
and what is it,
But mind altering narcs?
You're still who you were before.

I don't get your desperation,
The gleam of selfish hopes in your eyes,
You come with high hopes,
Find nothing but the same old
Grasping at a thing to hold,
Grasping at each other,
Invisibly through the air.

This is not love,
So why did you try to find it?

This is not real,
but why do you insist?

It's just me, in a sea of blaring minds,
As if trying to send a signal,
Through the pounding sound waves,
To get what you want.
It's just me, tearing my heart out,
Because all I've seen,
Makes me wish I knew no one,
That I wasn't human, but anything else.

What I've seen, makes me sad,
Because I've lost all good thoughts
About the animals we are.

It's one night to try to be inhuman,
But in the end,
You're even more so.

I wonder why I bother,
Why I catch his eye,
When I know it means nothing.
Why I still try,
Because it makes me one of them,
And so, I'm hideous.

I wonder sadly, why he can't just cease to see me,
Make things a little easier,
Make it so nothing matters about me.
I hope to be insignificant,
Because then it's almost like
I'm not one of them.