Is like love

It can hurt you

And it can caress you

It can make you forget things

It can make you remember

Alcohol is an addiction

A menace, an affliction

Like love, so brutal in its hold

So warm, but yet so cold

You do things you wouldn't

When you're under the influence of alcohol

And when you're out of your mind on love

You don't act like you usually would


Is worse than love


Is worse than alcohol

They're both one in the same

Some people feel better when they're drunk

Some feel more alive when they're in love

Love can lead to alcohol

And vice versa

Because I've never seen a drunk

Who isn't hungover from love

Like I've never seen a preacher

Who doesn't thank the heavens above

Because there's something everyone knows

And that is


Is like love

A definite stray away from my usual structure - this just kind of came out on the page one day. Hope you enjoyed it anyway, thanks for reading and please review!

X =D