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"Where's Lex?" Jacob said leaning against the cold metal lockers in the hall of the main building. Jericho was getting into his locker, looking rather annoyed now. Jacob frowned. "Jer... I swear to God... If you did something stupid I'll kill you."

"He said he didn't want to come to class. Alright!" Jericho slammed his locker shut making a female to his right jump and eventually glare. The male trained his eyes on his friend, clenching his jaw. "What do I look like... His fucking keeper?"

"No... You just look like an abusive bastard." Jacob growled right back slamming his shoulder into Jericho as he started walking off. Jericho was yelling at him, not that he was paying much attention. Waving his hand with his middle finger raised high he smiled, "Go fuck yourself. I'm gonna go bring Lex to class."

Alex jerked away to the sound of someone banging and yowling like a wounded animal at his door. He just put a pillow over his head... It was aching horribly. He wanted no sound and no light. Finally with a sigh he slid his feet to the floor and wandered to the door, flicking the lock. A moment later he curled back up in his pile of blankets trying to force more sleep.

Jacob just blinked at the darkness for a moment before sliding the door shut behind him. "Killer hangover pretty baby? You really should open the blinds and turn the lights on... Lex... Lex? Hey... Lex?" Jacob sat down on the bed near the curled pile gently touching it only to jerk his hand back at the soft whimper. With a frown he pulled on the edge of the blanket. Finally he had to jerk it from Alexander's grip. "..."

"..." Alex just sat up, head bowed slightly as he stared down at the bed. Dragging his knees up to his chest, he finally looked at Jacob. He could see the firm line of the other males mouth in the darkness of his room. The faint glimmer of light peeking out from behind his shades had his heart stopping.

"You cool?" Jacob finally said. Both words were carefully restrained. He held back a flood of sudden anger towards Jericho. Fingers finding Alexander's chin, tilting the other males face to show off the bruises. "Alex... You know I'll kill him... Don't you?"

"I'm fine... I stopped taking stuff after... Jerich's mad... I didn't want to do it, but he kept asking. And when I let him touch me... I felt sick... I wanted Garret. I'm so mad at him and all I could think of was being in his arms. I said his name or something... Jerich... I..." Alex drew a shaking breath, gripping the other males wrist for a moment before burying his face against Jacob's chest, crying quietly. Each trembling sob quietly worked it's way out as he fought to keep control of himself. Jacob was trying his hardest to do so... It was only fair he did the same. "Don't hurt Jerich... It's my fault... I made him... I made him mad."

"I'm going to break his fucking neck Alex. He raped you. Work it through your fucking head!" Jacob snarled grabbing Alexander's wrist a little too hard. As he heard the other male whimper he let go, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. "Sorry... I shouldn't get mad at you like this. You're just trying to cope... Lex... What Jericho did is wrong on so many levels. If he loved you he wouldn't beat you... He wouldn't hurt you. He wouldn't make you cry. You're just hurting yourself..."

"... I don't... I don't want to be with Jericho. I was so mad... I couldn't believe Garret would do that to me. I didn't even ask him for his side of the story. I just flew off of the handle and I..." He gave a sob wiping at his eyes. "I fucked up bad Jake... I fucked up really bad."

"Then end it... End it before I kill Jericho myself." Jacob said quietly. He was clenching his jaw as he sat on the edge of the bed. His friendship with Alexander was limited to his relationship with him through Jericho. Jericho was like his brother... Brothers fought... And brothers could damn well kill each other. And at that moment he wanted nothing more. Anger management classes be damned... "Please Alex... For both of us just end this..."

"He'll... Jacob... He'll just hit me again." Alex swallowed hard as he curled into himself a bit more. He winced at the feeling of his bruised back pressing against the wall his bed was pushed up against. Offering Jacob a soft look he tried to smile. "I'm sorry... I should have thought about you when I said yes... You and Jerich are really close..."

"It's not about me any more Lex... You're going to get yourself killed playing with fire like this... I'm not going to do this a second time. I've spent too many days cleaning you up after he went fucking around behind your back... I'll be back. I want you to get dressed. Alright..." Jacob said in a no nonsense manner as he stood without another word. He waltzed out of the room as freely as he'd walked into it.

Not even twenty minutes later Garret found himself pressed up against the wall of the bathroom door looking into soft gray eyes. He glared at the other male. Wasn't this guy one of Jericho's friends. "What the fuck do you want?"

"Get back with Lex..." Jacob said. It wasn't the brightest way to go about trying to get the pair back together... But it was the best he could do at the moment.

"Alex doesn't want me... I fucked up and he hates me now. Where in the hell do you get off telling me what to do with my relationsh- … Wait... Aren't you Jericho's friend? Why the fuck are you telling me to get back with Alex?" Garret's heart was suddenly pounding. He felt his lungs burning and after a moment realized that he'd been holding his breath. Watching the other male quietly he waited.

"Lex doesn't want to be with him... I love Jericho like a fucking brother... But the shit he does to Alex is beyond fucked up. And if you love him even the tiniest bit you'll fight for him... Because if you don't take him I will... I'm not going to let Jericho keep hurting Alex." Jacob said releasing Garret in a violent manner as he stepped back to watch the other male process this new information.

"Alex left me for him..." Garret finally said.

"Lex was pissed. You cheated on him... And he loved you. He still loves you. Jericho beat the living hell out of him last night because he would rather have been with you... If you still don't get it... Alex told Jericho no... because he still loves you. And Jer wasn't having that shit..." Jacob said in a harsh tone. He looked down at his watch. "Go back to your dorm... I'm going to send Lex to visit. Do whatever you want. Tell him to leave... Or try and take him back. Just don't leave him with nothing. I'm not asking for Lex... I'm asking for myself... I'm tired of watching him cry while Jericho laughs at him."

Garret sat on the edge of his bed, heart pounding hard as he worked his head around what was going on. Jericho had beaten Alex because of him... Not because of something he'd done... But because Alex loved him. He held his head in his hands taking a deep breath. The soft knock on his door had him standing. As he slowly pulled it open he looked at the small teen clad in an oversized hoodie with the hood pulled up and a pair of wrinkled pajamas. Alex was silent as he walked in and Garret could only shut the door behind him. "Your friend Jacob talked to me... He said..."

Alex flinched as Garret pulled back the hoodie. He could hear the other male sucking in a breath. The bruise was painful and horrible looking. Alex didn't have the energy to blush as Garret slipped the hoodie off of him. He looked up into pained cerulean eyes as the other male started unbuttoning his pajama top, closing his own eyes as the other frowned at the bruises. "... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry... I should have listened... I should have asked. But I was so mad when I found out. I thought you might... I thought you might have turned out like Jericho did and he seemed to have changed and he was so nice to me... I... Garret I'm sorry."

Garret just threaded his fingers through Alexander's hair as the other male continually apologized, burying his face against his chest as he cried. Closing his eyes, Garret thought about what Jacob had told him... If he loved Alex he would fight... He would take him away from Jericho. And right now... He didn't care how he did it. "It's okay... Alex... Shh... It's okay. I'm just as much at fault for what's happening. When she said you'd cheated... I lost it. I don't know why I did it... But I never meant for something like this... Please stop crying... Alex."

The smaller male's eyes went wide as he felt Garret's lips against his, the other male tilting his face up. His arms wrapped around Garret's neck as he suddenly kissed the other back. He'd never ever cheated in his entire life... Yet right now he didn't care. Maybe it was because he loved Garret... Fingers tugged at Garret's shirt. He smiled into the kiss as the other male fumbled with his shirt, helping him slide it off.

Garret was still struggling to catch his breath as Alexander played with his hair, laying naked beside him on the bed. He smiled rolling over to kiss the other male for a moment. "I love you... So much. Alex. I don't care about any of this... I want to be with you. And we'll figure something out. Jacob said he'd help me get you away from Jericho without getting you hurt... And if you trust him enough to come here like this... I figure I should trust him too..."

"Jacob's a good person... Very angry... And a little silly. But he'd never want anyone to get hurt." Alex curled into Garret a bit more. Everything was so crazy right now. He just wanted this little bit of peace until they could figure out what to do. Kissing Garret softly, he smiled into the kiss. "I've never ever cheated before..."

"Don't get used to it..." Garret smiled softly, kissing Alex again. Slowly leaning over the other male as he shifted their positions.

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