Christian, Will You Take a Bullet For Jesus?

Recently, a gentleman and I were having a discussion about the politics in Washington. I roundly criticized the current administration, and the president. I stated the Constitution was not being honored, and the taxpayers were being duped. I further stated I saw the country becoming a socialist state, where 'Big-Brother' would control everything, unless the way things were done changed.

The gentleman told me I was being disrespectful.

I said: "I may not like the guy, but I would take a bullet for him!"

That shocked the other gentleman!

I went on to explain that I'm retired military. I get a retirement check every month for my past (20 + years) military service. That means I have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers. Maybe I'll never have to do a single thing for that check. But, if called on, or even if I'm not called, I would step up. Those means I would jump in front of an assassin, and take a bullet for my president.

Our Lord, Jesus, tells us three things.

"If you deny me before men, I'll deny you before my Father"

"You may be killed for my name sake."

"Vengeance is mine, I will repay."

Being Christian doesn't mean your life will be rosy. You're not immune from danger or illness. We read everyday about believers being arrested, or killed because they are Christian, and refuse to accept a false religion.

If someone said they were going to kill me unless I renounced Jesus and Christianity, my response would be: "Jesus is Lord!"

Jesus paid our price, earned our salvation with his blood sacrifice on the cross. Jesus paid up front for our 'retirement', if you will. Yes, there's a chance we may be called upon to step up, and take a bullet for our faith.

If it does come down to that, please remember this: The Holy Trinity, along with 2 angels will be there. Jesus will have his arms around you. Even before your lifeless body hit the floor, those 2 angels will already escorted your soul to heaven.

The person, or people who killed you will incur the righteous anger and sure punishment of God.