Ponderous Parasol


A human held me to the sky

to shield him from the rain.

After a while a walking by,

I started to complain;


"I'm getting waterlogged," I said,

"I'm soaked right to the pole."

If only I held him instead,

life wouldn't be so droll.


I said to him, "Why don't we switch?"

and looked him in the eye.

He said to me, "I guess I'll pitch

myself to keep you dry."


I held my human to the sky

to shield me from the rain.

The people stared as we passed by

and mumbled in disdain


at me who ever valiantly

sauntered along the street.

How could they stare so tactlessly

at one who has no feet?


It won't be soon before too long;

at last the rain did stop.

My human, soaked, burst into song

about the water drop.


He sings and sings of things and things

as rainbows start to shine.

The colors form in perfect rings,

a gift from the divine.