Barnyard Boogie

By J. Sabo

Today was the day; the day of the annual Barnyard Boogie, a dance with country music, wonderful refreshments, and time to be with you partner. This dance is something Slash looked to every year. It was the one time that he and his girlfriend, Saber, could spend time together. And tonight Slash wanted this night to be special for Saber.

Slash showered his fur, making sure it shinned. He polished his black shoes. And made sure he smelled like Saber's favorite scent, roses. "I don't care if I do smell like a girl," Slash said, spraying the rose-smelling perfume on his fur. "As long as Saber likes it."

With fur nice and shinny, body scent favorable to Saber, and polished shoes, Slash walked out of his house and to the garage for his ride to Saber's house. He lifted the garage door and revealed a bike that he's going to ride to Saber's house. The white ferret mounted the bike and pedaled away.

All along the dirty road filled with rocks, Slash smiled at the thought of Saber's excitement to be going to her first Barnyard Boogie. He could hardly contain his happiness. When Slash reached Saber's house, he parked his bike and went to Saber's front door. Saber, dressed in her black shirt, white vest, pink skirt, blue pants, and pink shoes, answered the doors.

"Hello, Slash," Saber smiled. She sniffed the air. "Did you bring roses?"

"No, but I brought myself." Slash said trying to act cute. Saber laughed. "So, I'm ready. Where's your ride?"

Slash pointed to the bike just across the street. Saber's joyful expression diminished. "Umm…" she was speechless. "We're driving that to the Barnyard?"

Slash nodded with a smile. "Yep, I didn't have a car to drive so, the bike was the only thing available." he grabbed Saber's hand and led her to the bike. Saber didn't know what to say, or what to think. She was expecting more.

Slash seated himself. "You can sit on the handlebars." he said, patting the handlebars in front of him. Saber frowned, but quickly returned her smile, as to not upset Slash. She climbed atop the bike and sat between the handlebars. Slash peddled away with his date.

Saber had her chin resting in her hand. Her back was slouching. Slash knew that things weren't good. He felt as if showing up on a bike disgruntled Saber's mood. "Saber…" Slash asked in an childish way. Saber stiffened her back and turned her head towards Slash. "Yes," she said.

"Are you mad at me because we're riding a bike to the Barnyard?" Slash asked for a serious answer. Slash was a sensitive guy; though little ever pushed his buttons, it was what Saber thought about Slash that Slash cared about the most. Saber, in a jocular tone, replied, "I'm not mad, Slash. I'm just a little shocked that you brought a bike."

Slash quickly replied, "I'm sorry. It won't happen next time. Promise."

Saber thought it was cute when Slash apologizes. She turned her torso and kissed Slash on the forehead. Slash's face turned bright red, he could feel his heart bumping out of his chest. "Enough talk, Slash," Saber said, turning back to the road. "Get us to the Barnyard."

Slash peddled the bike faster. "Yes, ma'am!"

A big red barn settled itself before a golden sea of wheat. Folk music poured out of the doors and windows of the barn. At the door, a black horse wearing a straw hat, with a wheat plant sticking out of his mouth, stood by and welcomed the eager guests. A raccoon couple passed the horse, which the horse said to them, "Welcome to Barnyard Boogie!"

A muscular cow came around the corner and walked up to the horse. "How we doin', Henry?" the cow smacked the Henry's back. Henry cleared his throat and replied, "Just one more and we'll do better than last year, Beefy." Beefy Cow nodded as he heard Henry Horse's news. Then the two farm animals spotted Slash and Saber riding up the hill and to the barn.

Slash parked the bike right next to the field of wheat. Saber departed the handlebars and walked with Slash up the barn doors. Upon approaching the doors, Henry and Beefy stepped aside and let the two ferrets in. "Welcome back, Slash," Henry said. "Glad to see you brought a date this time."

"Don't know how Carrot's gonna react to it." Beefy said.

Slash laughed, "I wouldn't worry about Carrot. I only danced with her because I didn't have a date." Saber wondered who this Carrot was. Beefy opened the doors, "Enjoy yourselves, you crazy kids."

"Will do, Beefy." Slash said. Slash looped his arm around Saber's and they walked in.

Inside, the barn was bustling with activity. Many animals danced. Slash espoused the music and the good time in the air. "This is what I call a good time." he said to Saber. Saber could agree. Music was everywhere, everyone was dancing, even the little animals had a good time playing in a section of the barn called Baby Barn. It seemed so perfect in Saber's eyes.

Slash wrapped his arm around Saber and pointed to the stage. "Look," he said. Saber saw a group playing instruments. A fat pig playing the banjo, a dark gray donkey playing a guitar, a little chicken playing the triangle, and a black female sheep choreographing the band. "Those are Porkin Pig, Don Donkey, Cluckly Chicken, and Bo Black Sheep."

"Cool," Saber simply said.

"So…" Slash shuffled his feet. "you wanna dance?" Saber was slow on her response. Her fingers were restless and sweat came from Saber's head. "Y- yeah, I'll dance." With her response, Slash grabbed Saber's hand and dragged her out on the dance floor. It was mid song, and Slash found his groove. "C'mon Saber," he said. "Dance like no ones watching." Slash moved his feet in an inane way.

Saber looked around and saw that everyone was watching her and Slash. All the attention on her made Saber's body shake with fright. To make matters worse, Slash grabbed Saber and took her into his silly dance. People began to laugh as Slash's moves tickled their funny bones. Saber sweated vigorously and her fright turned to terror, then anger. She yanked her hands away from Slash.

Slash was confused as he saw Saber walk through the crowd of laughing people. Slash followed her. He caught Saber and asked her, "What's the matter?"

"You made me look like a fool out there!" Saber shouted. "How could you do that to me?"

Slash was confused. "I didn't know you didn't like to dance." Saber had her nose in the air. "You said you did want to dance."

"Now I don't feel like it." Saber said.

"Fine, I'll dance by myself." Slash said, bristled by Saber's sudden outrage.

"Why don't you get this Carrot to dance with you!" Saber said.

"Maybe I will!" Slash said. The ferret turn each other's back and walked away.

An hour passed and Slash and Saber were still at the Boogie. Though both were seated on opposite sides of the barn, Slash wanted to mend the bridge he burnt with Saber and forget about this. He wasn't sure if Saber would say the same. A bright yellow rabbit came up to Slash. Slash looked up and smiled a little, "Carrot Cottontail."

"Good to see you back, Slash," the rabbit Carrot said. She sat down next to Slash. "I saw you fight with your girl earlier."

"Yeah, but I don't want to fight with her, I wanna dance with her." Slash replied, almost heartbroken.

Carrot thought for a second. "You wanna make her jealous?"

Saber sat on the other side of the barn. Her nose was still high in the air and her arms folded. She was still angry at Slash for making her look like a fool. However, when the music shifted to a slow, more gentle tone, Saber's anger allayed. "This is perfect music to dance with Sl-" Saber looked into the small crowd and saw Slash, holding onto a rabbit which she assumes is Carrot.

Saber rolled up her sleeves and walked towards Slash and Carrot.

"Do you think it's working, Carrot?" Slash asked, hands on Carrot's hips.

"I honestly think it is," she lifted her long ears. "I can hear her coming."

Saber tapped on Carrot's shoulder. Carrot turned around, "Sorry for dancing with him, I'll go now." With a flash of dust, Carrot was gone. Saber nodded and took Carrot's place. She placed her hands on Slash's shoulders. "Slash…" she said.

"Yes, Saber?" Slash put his hands on Saber's hips.

"I'm sorry I acted like a fool back there. I'm just not used to being laughed at like you are." Saber explained.

"Hey don't worry about it," Slash said. "If people laugh at you, laugh with them. It's OK. I laugh at myself all the time." Saber smiled. "If I didn't laugh at myself, I probably wouldn't end up with a gal as great as you."

Saber smiled happily and wrapped herself around Slash, kissing him endlessly.

The End