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Tanya slid into the sick wards large community room in her stockings. The patients looked up idly before crashing back down on their pillows, unimpressed with the hyper child. "Can you please try, to sit still for a minute?" One older boy called from down the aisle. Beaming unreserved, Tanya half ran, half slid down the row of beds before stopping herself in front of his bed. He was sitting up, which was rare for him to do lately.

Knocking her ankles as she quickly closed her feet together; Tanya clasped her hands behind her back and tried not to smile too hard at the guy. "Hello there, Samuel." She said trying to sound grave. "And how are you today."

Samuel leaned back on his pillow, looking the girl over with a frown. Tanya fidgeted a bit and tilted her head to look his angled head straight. His jaw jutted out as he looked her over but then his lip twitched at the corner and Tanya smiled despite herself. "I'm doing okay, Tawny. What are you doing in THIS part of the school; shouldn't you be in class?"

Tanya's mouth started to fall open in disappointment but she quickly caught herself. Twisting an arm behind her back, she grabbed her other arm and tapped a toe on the hardwood floor. "Usually," She said looking up at the ceiling. Samuel smiled at the girl, orange hair falling over his eyes before he tossed his head and laughed. "Well then! Shouldn't you be getting off?"

Tanya's nose scrunched up as she continued scrutinizing the ceiling and her toe started tapping harder on the floor. "Well, usually," She repeated a little more helplessly, "Usually, but today, I get all my classes off."

"Ohhh, do you now…." Samuel said back thoughtfully. He rubbed his scruffy chin and looked her over again. "That happens every once in a while, doesn't it…" He moved up, rubbing his forehead and furrowed his eyebrows at her. "Once in a great while, if I'm not mistaken."

Tanya nodded empathetically, eyes wide as he teased. "Oh! That's right, what's today again, remind me please?"

Her toe stopped tapping, but she rubbed her arm furiously as her cheeks went red. "It's my birthday, remember?" She reminded in a small voice, this time staring at the floor.

Samuel waited until she finally brought herself to look at him before his smile widened, "Thaat's right. And you know what," He said sitting up straight and tilting his head as if he had a great secret.

"What?" Tanya asked breathlessly, eager to hear his answer.

"I found out some more about your parents yesterday." He said falling back on his pillow, satisfied. "Some new wonderful things, a bird flew in my window this morning and whispered them in my ear before the instructor came."

Tanya looked him over suspiciously, "Wasn't it a fairy last year?" She asked pointing a finger at him accusingly, "You told me it was a fairy. And the year before, it was a water nymph in your cup."

"Well you don't believe in those anymore, do you??" He exclaimed, "The fairy's I mean. Water nymphs just aren't little enough to fit in cups."

Tanya narrowed her eyes at him while she thought, "No, I don't believe in that." Samuel nodded empathetically, green eyes the picture of innocence, "Right, but this year, I promise it's true. He told me that since- How old are you this year?"

"Seven!" Tanya shouted, making him laugh, "Right! Seven, since you were seven this year, you deserve the truth." Tanya started to believe him, he could see it in her eyes, but still held the suspicious set of her mouth.

"If you're not telling me the truth this year…" She trailed off, knowing that's what everyone did and thought that's where a threat naturally ended. Samuel waved defensively, "I promise, Lydia saw it." He said pointing across the aisle at the girl hooked up on multiple IV's and staring at the far wall blankly.

Tanya looked over to Lydia then quickly back at Samuel, "You told me yourself, she's crazy." Tanya whispered loudly, an incredulous look on her face. "I know she is, I can tell too."

Samuel let out a surprised laugh that made Tanya wiggle her toes and smile, glad to make him happy. "So," She said looking back at the floor, feeling her cheeks tingle.

"Come on up here, Tawny, I know what you're waiting for." Samuel motioned her over in a large quick gesture, and Tanya smiled wide, clambering up into his lap and pulling his blankets half off the bed in the process.

Wrapping his arms around her tiny waist, he settled back on his pillows, sighing thankfully that he didn't need to support himself any longer. "Okay." He said smiling down at her. Tanya pulled her feet up and wrapped her arms around her knees. Samuel adjusted, wrapping his arms around her knees as well, and she rested her head on his shoulder and looked up at him, perfectly content and excited to hear what was new with her parents.

"Alright, let's see…"

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