Well... this all started when I moved away from Kina. We weren't dating. Actually, we weren't friends, or even talking for that matter. We'd come across each other in the halls of our old school, but nothing really ever happened. I was almost certain it was onesided, but I don't like leaving things unfinished.

Anyway, I'd just moved away from her and quite frankly I was pissed. My parents gave me all of 2 days warning before the move across the frickin' country and I had to spend those 2 days packing. Oyaji* had to move for work, and he tells me 2 days before we move! Apparently, that's the down side to having chill parents. As long as I keep my grades up and don't outright lie to them, they pretty much let me do as I please.

So, it was the first day of school and I still wasn't particularly happy with my new situation. I'd go to this damned preppy school and be stared at by preppy people and go to preppy pep rallies because they're mandatory and go to preppy malls and-you get the idea. It was going to be a long year.

I checked my schedule and the cute little map on the back of it. I love maps, by the way, if you get a good one you can get anywhere...I'm getting off topic. Anyway, this map wasn't the best, but I could follow it. I committed the map to memory, then walked into the school. I immediately got hit by a mob of Hollister and American eagle. There were Justin Bieber t-shirts and silly bands and Uggs as far as the eye could see. I heard an audible gasp in the lobby, and all eyes were on me. I had to make an conscious effort not to roll my eyes. I wasn't that startling, geez. I mean, sure, my hair has blue streaks in it, but it wasn't even spiked. Yeah, I was wearing an Avenged Sevenfold hoodie, but it was just a hoodie. Yeah, I had several facial piercings... okay, fine, they might not be okay with that one.

I walked in the direction the little map had told me was toward Mme. Pamplemousse's class while listening to Oyaji* over the intercom. He was telling the seniors what homeroom to go to or something.

I turned the last corner and, out of the blue, there she was. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at was approaching the classroom from the opposite direction, her small, quick steps fascinating me.

Her hair was in microbraids. She didn't have anything, like ribbons or other girly crap in her hair pushing the braids out of her face like normal. Her eyes were downcast, but she looked nice.

Then, I noticed something was off. She was limping a little. It probably wasn't noticeable to anyone who wasn't really watching. She also looked a little agitated, like something was wrong. She was clutching the strap to her purse with both hands as though she would've died if she let go. She turned into the classroom. I stood there trying to figure out if something else was odd and then it hit me. Why was she even here? Because of me? 'No. No, she probably doesn't even remember me. I was a face among thousands. I was a face that stared, though. No, if anything she'd think I was creepy.' I thought.

Then, a very exotic, slightly weird looking girl passed me while staring before I realized I was standing there like an idiot. I looked at the map to double check and make sure I really was going to the right class. I walked down to the room the little map told me was the French 6/AP room and went in. Kina was sitting right by the door. She had her head down. She couldn't see me. I stared at her for a split second before walking to a seat a few rows behind her.

The bell rang. The teacher came in. I facepalmed. She was one of those old teachers that doesn't accept late work and doesn't understand how students learn in the 21st century. She introduced herself as Mme Pamplemousse. Several people snickered. Being in French for about 5 years, you probably know your foods. Translated, her name meant Mrs. Grapefruit. What was even worse, was that she decided to wear an orange shirt on the first day of school and she was rather grapefruit shaped. She glared at the snickerers and began calling roll. I knew Kina'd be first.

'Amani-' she said.

'Ha, I totally called that.' I immediately thought.

'Amani… Kyné?' she finished.

"H-here…" At that point, I knew something was off. Her voice was different. It was hers, but not the same as when we'd spoken.


"M-my name's Kina, ma'am."

"Yes, of course, Kyné."

"B-but ma'am…"


"Here," I said with bite. "However, I think you owe, Kina an apology, that was kinda rude." I glared at her.

"And I think you need to remember your place Mr… Hi… Hikay… Mr. Baxter. It's her parent's fault for giving her such a… interesting… name." That sentence from Mrs. Grapefruit is what probably enraged me the most.

"How can you even imply anyone has a stupid name. I mean you of all people, your name is 'Mrs. Grapefruit'! And besides, It's an insult to their heritage."

"I-I-it's okay! I d-don't n-n-need for her to say my n-name correctly!" Kina turned around to face me while saying that. She looked so scared. She of all people would've been the one to back me up on something like this. What happened?

"No, Kina, it's not…" I softened momentarily before looking back at the irritated Mrs. Grapefruit.

"You know what? Both of you two troublemakers, go to the principal's office."

Kina, then, grabbed her purse and fled the room. I didn't think she'd kick Kina out, too… I felt bad about it then, but it was probably for the best.

I was still angry, but I could control myself. So, I stormed up to the front of the room, faked like I was gonna hit her, smirked when she flinched, then walked out of the room… but not before I turned over a desk. I don't think it was too over the top.

When I got outside, I looked down the hall to see Kina sitting on the floor curled into a ball. I kind of assumed she was crying. I'd felt bad about what happened, but her crying made it worse. I shouldn't have escalated the situation like I did. However, I knew that there was something wrong because she would've called out the teacher herself before. She probably would have done a better job! Looking at her sitting there, I tried desperately to figure out what was going on.

I took in a breath, pressed my hands against my face, pushed them up into my hair, and threaded my fingers into it. Then reversed the actions, pulling my fingers out of my hair, then down my face, before letting the breath out. I cautiously walked over to Kina. I knelt down to try to get her to stop crying, but what could I possibly say to get her to calm down? As much as I liked her, I really didn't know her.

"Kina? Wha-"

She curled tighter into her ball. "W-w-what d-do you want?" Kina started, "If it's c-cash g-go ahead. J-j-just don't take the p-purse" Totally lost, I stared at her trying to decipher what exactly she said.

I replied slowly, "That's… not what I want…"

"Whateveryouwantjust… pleasedon'thurtme"

"Kina…" I put my hand on her forearm and she jerked away from me.

"Kina. I'm not going to hurt you."

"Why should I believe you?"

"You have the most beautiful purple eyes I have ever seen." Kina jerked up, looking at me shocked. I immediately noticed something big. Her eyes weren't purple. They were brown. A very, very plain brown.

"Why do you know my eyes a…" Kina began, but then she stopped and started staring at me, her expression almost mortified.

"You went to my school… back home…" Kina said, still mortified.

My mind flipped. Random half-thoughts flew through my mind. 'She remembers…possibly like me… what if she's afraid of me… thought I look weird… disgusted by my parents… how long?... But one thought slowly bubbled to the top of the soupy mix of uncertainty. Why does she remember me? Apparently I asked a question, but I quite honestly DO NOT remember it.

"Yeah, when you helped me with the books."

Books? I was thought about it for a moment, then remembered. It was a while ago, even back then. 6th grade. Kina was running errands for the library during her free period one day. It was right after Oyaji (A/N Dad in Japanese) got remarried. Some bastards walked up to her and started being jerks. The situation intensified and one of them knocked over the cart of books. Kina got mad and started yelling at them. The boys looked at each other, then turned on her. The taller boy, an 8th grader, was just about to hit her as I decided to get involved. I certainly hurt him with the way he yelled, but I didn't get to hear the satisfying crunch of his arm breaking. I watched the two boys run off before turning to look at a slightly ticked Kina.

"I could have dealt with them myself" the girl said indignantly as she knelt to turn the cart right side up.

"Really? Maybe I should let him punch that smart mouth off your face" I said, not about to take that from some wench I'd just saved.

"If you'd noticed I was in a position where I could hip throw him."

I looked at her dumbfounded.


"Aren't you that child prodigy martial artist's older brother? Your sister's amazing, you should know something. I mean come on, that was basic judo." the girl said.

I looked at this tiny girl: she was short, proportionately small and had brilliant purple eyes. She had really long intricately braided black hair. That encounter was probably when I first became obsessed with her.

I popped out of my flashback.

"You remember that? That was one time, forever ago..."

"Well, I saw you around and all…" She looked away.

"Well, if I remember correctly, I never introduced myself. I'm Hikaru Baxter." I paused, "I know what you're thinking! 'Hikaru Baxter?' Yeah. I have NO idea how that happened. As far as Oyaji knows, we're straight Japanese. Weird, right?"

She looked at me like I was crazy. "Yeah, I guess…Oyaji?"

"Er... dad. I forget people don't know what that means, sorry."

"Cool, we have weird words like that at my house, too... oh, and, though you already know this, my name is Kina Amani."

"Nice to officially meet you." I held my hand out to shake. She giggled as she stuck her hand out to shake. "Ha! No more tears!" I declared. Almost as though she didn't believe me, she touched her eyes, lo and behold, there weren't any. I smiled and watched as she focused on different parts of my face. I didn't mind being critiqued close up like this, especially if it gave me a chance to stare at her while she wouldn't notice. About that time, my brain kinda turned to mush. Kina was sitting right here. I thought she was gone, but she was right here and now we were closer than before. I was just working up the courage to say something or something when she said, "Sh-should we go to the office now? I'm not crying anymore…"

I hadn't realized I wasn't breathing until she said that and startled me. I gasped and said something along the lines of "Yeah, sure, you're right," or something in under a second. But of course, being an idiot and all, I didn't move. I just knelt there staring at her.

"Um… I can't, y'know, move… You're kinda in the way…"she said while laughing awkwardly. I looked at where I was and noticed, we really were in close proximity.

"uh, sorry…" I backed up and stood up.

Then, sticking out a hand to pull her up asked, "Milady, would like a hand up?"

Kina snorted, "Yes, kind sir." I pulled her up and pulled her into a quick hug. She blushed, quickly pulled away and started walking back toward Ms. Pamplemousse's class.

"um milady?"

"Yes, kind sir?"

"you're going the wrong way." Kina made a flawless about face and didn't break tempo.

As she walked past me again, she said, "I was just testing you."

I laughed and followed her. She stopped when we got to where to hallways crossed each other. She pointed forward, looking over at me with a question mark on her face. I simply nodded and we kept walking… and walking… and walking… We talked about lots of things… how ridiculous it was that they didn't know what a Giant Eagle or a SavALot was, how ridiculous principal what's-his-face sounds with his Japanese accent, how the sky is a different shade of blue here… and whatnot

"Are you sure we're going the right way?" she asked me after a while of walking in silence

"I'm sure I know where we are."

"That didn't answer my question."

"It was phrased to do that. Make this next left." Kina did as I said and we were hit with color, very different from the rest of the school. Murals covered the walls. Bright colors swirled down the hallway, almost asking you to come with them. Random music notes were thrown in and indicated the music rooms.

"This definitely isn't the main office."

"No, it's not. But do you really want to go back to Ms. Grapefruit's room?"

Kina only looked at me. "And being in the Music hall is going to do what?"

"The music teacher's cool, he'll let us hang here. I got a chance to meet him before school started. You're in show choir, aren't you? "

"…I'm not sure if I want to do it anymore…" That tipped me off. Something was definitely wrong. She loved show choir.

"...are you okay?" I asked tentatively.

"I'm fine," was Kina's response.

"...are you sure?"

"I'm fine." Kina wasn't letting me in.

"Fine." I said.

"Let's go to Mr. Aigus' room." Kina said.

"Okay." Our conversation had totally harshed my mellow.

His room was really close now. We got up the hall to it to discover that Mr. Aigus wasn't in his room. The room had a large arc of chairs. A piano sat directly in the middle. Over in the far corner stood a desk.

I looked at Kina, who looked ready to go, but I told her to wait. I walked over to the piano and sat down. I, I'm sure you weren't expecting this, am a traditionally trained pianist. I started off with simple songs like "Mary Had a Little Lamb", and "Row Row Row your Boat" then started playing Canon in B flat, because I'm weird. I glanced over at Kina. Her mouth was a perfect O. I started laughing at her, but started messing up and the chords sounded wrong. Kina recovered herself and came over to sit down next to me. She sat down and started playing what sounded like an accompaniment to the song "Billionaire" By Travie McCoy. She didn't sing, she looked over at me.

"No. I don't sing. On rare occasion you MAY get me to rap, but that's it. No singing for Hikaru." I stated firmly.

"Fine. The chords are this one… C sharp minor… this one... and E major. The chorus is, y'know the 'oh every time I close my eyes' part?, that's D major… E major again… and… this one. Oh, and then there's this weird part at the end of the cho-," she was cut off.

"What are you two doing in my classroom? I don't have a class until 3rd hour." A short, stout man who appeared to be older, maybe 50 or so was standing just in the doorway. He was wearing a suit that fit him well and a bright green tie. He also was wearing a black and green striped scarf. It tied the outfit together, but it was kind of peculiar on a guy. He was holding a steaming beverage that smelled good to most people, but I hate coffee of any kind, the smell was terrible to me. (I'm more of a tea, kinda guy, what can I say?)

"Hey, Mr. Aigus. It's me, Akihiro's son, Hikaru?" I walked over to him waving.

"I met you less than 2 hours ago, Hikaru, I didn't forget your name that quickly. And who's this young lady? You haven't corrupted her have you Hikaru?" Mr. Aigus said sternly, but with a teasing expression on his face.*

"This is Kina, Mr. Aigus, she's in your showchoir class, 3rd period. Kina, This is Mr. Aigus."

"Hello, Mr. Aigus." Kina said as she walked over to shake his hand. Then she looked back over to me. "…Why do you know I have showchoir 3rd period?"

I pulled the schedule out of my pocket. "Uh… Remember that hug, milady?"

"Ugh, Thief!" Kina marched over and took the schedule from my hand, all the while giving me a mockingly scathing look.

"All right, All right, I'm sorry, you caught me red handed." I said playing along.

"Ha! You are corrupting her! Keep pulling stunts like that and she'll be a pickpocket in no time! So, why are you two novice pianists I my room?"

"Uh… We kinda… sorta…" I started.

"Got kicked out of class," Kina finished for me, glaring at me.

"I take it this was your fault?" Mr. Aigus said, looking at me.

"Yeah…" I said, looking away.

"And you got caught between him and the teacher?" Mr. Aigus continued.

"Yep," Kina confirmed.

"Cool. I can get you guys a pass into your next class," he started, "Don't do this too often or my credibility'll go down."

"Thanks, Mr. Aigus." I said, having already anticipated his response, went back to playing Canon.

Kina, however, wasn't expecting that. "Really? You're just gonna let us go?"

Mr. Aigus paused… "Unless you want to get detention…"

"No, no, I'm fine without the detention."

"Even if you guys went to the office, I doubt you'd get detention." At that point, I kinda knew he'd tell her.


"Hikaru didn't tell you? His father is the principal."

"No," Kina looked at me pointedly, "He didn't, and I believe we were just on the subject..."

"It's okay, his accent is hilarious and he knows it. He's trying to get rid of it, it used to be worse." I said, clearly avoiding the fact that I didn't tell her that my dad's the new principal.

Kina smiled at me. I like when she smiles, by the way, her face was always so warm.

"So," Kina began, turning to Mr. Aigus, "How can we help you? We don't mind filing music or folders or anything."

"What do you mean we?" I asked her incredulously.

"I mean Hikaru and I."

"I get no say in this?"

"Absolutely none. So, anything we can do, Mr. Aigus?"

"Mmm... I want to hear you sing, actually."

Kina looked at him for a moment. "What do you want me to sing exactly?"

"How about that song you were teaching Hikaru? He'll accompany you."

"Do I really get no say in this?" I said incredulously.

"As Kina said, 'Absolutely none.'" he replied, ignoring the look I gave him.

"Can we do a different song, Kina?"

"Fences by Paramore?" Kina asks.

"What key is that in again…?" I wonder aloud.

I started playing the chords at the beginning and Kina jumped in before I repeated, but I just went with her. She rocked the song. Apparently Mr. Aigus thought so, too.

"That was really good… better than I thought… I need to figure out how you'll blend with…" he said more to himself than to either of us.

And then the bell rang.

Kina gave me a blank look. "I have no idea where my next class is. From French, maybe, just maybe I could, but from here, after not paying attention to where we were going, no."

"We actually have the same class next block, too."

"Ms… Bre?" Kina said uncertainly.

"Yep, It's not far from here, actually."

"Oh, well don't you just know this school like the back of your hand?"

I walked over to Mr. Aigus' desk , pulled the map stashed in my leather jacket's pocket out and taped it to my hand.

"Funny. Really. Come on, let's go, I don't wanna be late."

I simply smiled and walked toward the door.

Math went fairly painlessly. Not. The teacher, Ms. Bre, warned us that this class would likely kill our social lives. Most of us laughed, and then she broke out the notes. She taught us about i the very first day of class. Our lives were ruined. She told the ones who didn't understand to find a study buddy or a study group. Kina, smart bitch she is, understood before Ms. Bre was done talking.

"Really? You don't get it?" Kina said laughing incredulously.

"No, Kina, I don't. No one else does either."

"But it's eeeeeeaaaasy!" she said happily.

"Can you go off to Intelliland and let me do my work?"

"Hikaru. All you have to do is remember that…" she then prattled off some bullshit about the square root of i and i times two, or some shit like that. It didn't make sense then, and still doesn't now.

I gave her a blank stare and she laughed. "Do you want me to come over so I can teach you?" then she realized what she asked.

"Uh… If you want, that is, I mean…" she said stumbling to correct herself.

"I think I'll need the help," I said ignoring the fact that it would put us together.

"Cool…. But my parents aren't here yet."

"What? What does that even mean?" I asked confusedly.

"They're still selling the house; my mom wanted to meet the people buying the house. Thus, I am here alone."

"Wait. When did you get here, and why didn't you stay with them?"

"I wanted to be here on the first day and they wanted me to be at least a little used to the house before school started -if I had to go at all. So, I've been here about a week."

"Let's…" I said, absorbing what she told me, "work at the library." I said, returning to the problem at hand.


Soon after, the bell rang and Kina and I went back to the music hall. While she met the choir kids, I sat in beginning guitar extremely bored at points, while extremely amused at others. The teacher explained that he would be teaching beginning music theory in addition to guitar in this class. Then, he tried to explain where the notes were on the 1st string. I sat there cracking up at all the noobs. I was nearly rolling on the floor when this one prep asked what a fret was.

Just fyi, I don't play a lot of guitar, but I know basic stuff pretty well.

After class, I asked to be switched to the advanced music theory class; beginning guitar definitely wasn't for me, but there wasn't another music class at that time other than show choir. I don't sing, and I didn't want my schedule to change away from Kina's so I stayed with guitar. The bell rang right after we finished the schedule debaucle. I went to find Kina.

She was standing there waiting, looking curiously at the large murals that are known as the fine arts hallway walls.

"Hey, babe, let's go to lunch." I said as I walked up. Kina tensed at the sentence.

"Don't call me that." she said murderously without looking away from the mural.

I looked at her surprised, before deciding to mess with her.

"Fine, hun, I won't call you babe ever again." I said starting off toward class.

"Noooo, that's worse!" she said walking with me.

"Je suis désolée, mon chou." I said smiling.

"And I am certainly not, I repeat, not, anyone's pastry." she stated firmly.

"Sure, Kina." I laughed.

We sat with each other at lunch, which soon became a ritual.

Nothing else really descriptive happened that day. Kina and I had all but 2 of our classes together…. Actually… There was this one other thing…

She hid behind me when she saw this one kid. He had a linebacker frame, a blond Biebercut and he was wearing a letterman jacket. He was exactly the kind of guy I dislike. I didn't understand why Kina avoided him like that though… It was weird, it was like she knew him the moment she saw him in the hall. The boy kind of smirked and watched her walk past, when he noticed her.

"Who was that guy?" I asked after we passed him.

"I don't know." Kina said quickly, clearly lying.

"I don't like the way he looked at you…"

Kina got red but didn't respond. I let it drop, knowing she wouldn't tell me anything.

The rest of the week passed uneventfully, we studied at the library every other day. I learned what i was and how it worked, then, after the quiz, promptly forgot it. We had fun at the library; she got to make fun of me, I got to not fail math. I think it was a fair deal. Don't you?

A/N Well, this is actually a rewrite. I'm going to rewrite all the chapters. I wasn't happy when I wrote it, and that's why I didnt' finish it. I'm going to finish it this time! Though, it might take some time.

*Oyaji-Hikaru's dad (not just Hikaru's dad, but any dad. It means Dad or Old Man)