Just A Little Closer

by, Cassandra

You take my breath away.
Take my breath away.
My breath away.
Breath away.

You make me want to sing.
Make me want to sing.
Me want to sing.
Want to sing.
To sing.

Hold me a little closer.
Me a little closer.
A little closer.
Little closer.

Don't ever let me go.
Ever let me go.
Let me go.
Me go.

Funny how removing one, two, three words can change the meaning completely.

How can I explain this adequately? You leave me breathless, cause I'm choking on your bittersweet words. You make me want to sing about how you make me feel so worthless. Hold me a little closer to you, so I can get my knife behind your back. Don't ever let me go.

I'm the one letting go.

Goodbye, my lovely lullaby.

(A/N: yet another WIP that I messed around with. not great, but something at least.)