Chemical Reaction

by, Cassandra

You say it's just a chemical reaction,
but I know there's really no question.
It's so much more than mere attraction.
It's a deeper, sweeter kind of affection,
hurting like a painfully satisfying infection.
But, baby, at least it's your attention.
And I think I need some kind of intervention;
it's starting to feel too much like an addiction,
but it's a nearly impossible extraction,
and you're always too much of a distraction.
You keep cutting off my communication
with your amazingly late realizations
like you're just now figuring out my intentions.

(But, I'm getting tired of rhyming,
and you're not with the time and effort,
so I'm calling this the ending, and
if you don't like it…
well, I don't really care anymore.

Done. Gone. Washed my hands clean.
Forget you ever knew me.)

(A/N: Okay, the first part is a really, really old WIP that I dig out of hiding. It's cliche and stupid, and probably shouldn't be taken seriously. The part in parentheses is new. I basically just wrote whatever was in my head as I was reading through the older part, and... yeah. This is what happened.)