Landon felt somebody grab his arm and pull him back. "I- idiot! What are you doing?!"

"Trying to commit suicide. Let go," Landon growled, pulling his arm away.

The hand grabbed back onto him. "Cut that out! You emo!"

"I'm not emo!" Landon snapped. "I'm just sick of life! It's pointless! Nobody needs me here!"

"It's not pointless," the young, female voice growled. "What's wrong with you?!"

"I'm blind, my parents don't want me, my grandparents can barely take care of me, I have no friends, and the girl I'm in love with both doesn't know I exist and likes another guy!" Landon cried out. "There is no point to my existence, other than to be a jerk!"

"That's not true!" the girl snorted. "Idiot! You don't realize what you've got, do you?"

"Huh?" Landon asked blankly.

"You have a family who loves you if they're willing to take care of you, you probably have more people admiring you than you know, and at least your true love is actually alive," the girl growled. "Dickweed, realize what you've got!"

Landon blinked in surprise. "... what?"

"Realize. What. You. Have," the girl said flatly. "See, look at me in comparison! The only thing I've got is slipping out of my hands!"

"What do you mean by that?" Landon asked.

"The person I love the most... more than anything and anyone..." she laughed weakly. "I may not be able to see that person ever again unless I... I find away to live in this town."

Landon hesitantly managed out, "What... what about your family? Your friends?"

"I ran away from home, I don't have any."

Landon felt instantly bad for both himself and this girl. More guilty towards himself, though. He was whining about how much life sucked when, really, it could be a lot worse. Besides, he... he hadn't put forth too much effort with Katsu. He could do better.

"You know that you just saved my life from me being stupid?" Landon questioned.

"It's no biggie," she said.

"Is too," he insisted. "I almost did something incredibly dumb just now! You... you saved me! I don't even know your name."

"Kelly-Jo," she said. "And you?"

"Landon," he replied.



"That's my nickname for you. It's that or Sunglasses Man."

"Wh- wha?!"


"S- so, y- you're just gonna c- call me that?"


"... then I getta give you a nickname."

"Go ahead. Let's see what you've got."

"... shit, I can't think of anything..."

"You fail."

"Shut it! I'm gonna go walk my blind ass into the road!"

"Go ahead. I'll laugh. Loudly. Because it will prove your idiocy."

"... bitch."




"That'll be my nickname for you."

"Meh, good enough."

"Thank you, O Queen of Nicknames..."

"No problem, O Blind and Somewhat Sexy Dork!"

"S- sexy??"

"Yup. If I wasn't lez, I'd totally go for you."

Landon blinked in surprise. "... lez?"

"Lesbian," she said, grinning. "I love girls. Especially cute ones who are all adorable and shy! Like my girlfriend... god, she is the most adorable little princess you ever did see!"

Landon stared to where he thought she was standing.

And stared.

And stared.

"F- fuck, what?" Landon asked numbly. "You dig chicks?"

"Yup!" Kelly-Jo beamed. "I love girls! They're so hot!"

Landon was so lost. He just got randomly saved by a lesbian who ran away from home and had a girlfriend and gave out weird nicknames. What the hell was up with this girl?? So random!

"So... the special one is... ?" Landon struggled out.

"Her name is Lulu," Kelly-Jo said. "Er, that's the nickname I gave her. I lived with her until her mom found us making out on Lulu's bed. And I swear to God that it was the first time we did! First time we even kissed! Stupid old lady, kicking me out!"

Landon stared blankly some more. "So... so... you got kicked out of your girlfriend's house... ?"

"Yup! Now I have to find a new place to live or I won't be able to see Lulu anymore! Really tragic," she sighed.

Landon stroked his chin. "... well, you did save my life..."

"Why're you bringing that up?" she asked stupidly. "That is totally irrelevant!"

"You could live with me!" Landon said brightly. "For me to show my appreciation to you! I need more friends and more socialization outside of my grandparents! And they've always wanted a granddaughter! As far as I know, as well, they aren't against gays or anything, so they probably wouldn't mind."

Although Landon couldn't see it, Kelly-Jo's face was in kind of an \(OoO)/ type of thing. She was extremely shocked and flattered that he would offer that, and she broke out into a grin.

"That's so sweet! You aren't gonna rape me, right?"

"O- of course not!" Landon snapped. "Why would I rape a lesbian?? That's sick! I'm doing it to be nice, not to share a house with a girl!"

"Ohh, but I'm pretty hot," she purred. "Real nice body..."

"Are you trying to get me to rape you?" Landon asked, sounding totally lost.

Kelly-Jo laughed. "N'awww, I'm just teasing you, Laddy-boy! You're straight, right?"

Landon shrugged. "Heck if I know. I know I like girls, but I have no clue about dudes. Never thought about it."

"You should. You could have more options, that way," Kelly-Jo stated.

"If you say so..."

"Landon!" The blond teen turned his head and felt an elderly woman hug/tackle him. "There you are! We were at Starbucks, and we turned, and you were suddenly gone! Don't scare us like that!"

"Dumbass kid," Landon's grandfather snarled, punching his arm. "I almost lost my teeth, I was so scared for you!"

Landon blinked a couple of times. "S... sorry... I... was gonna commit suicide..."

"Wh- what?!" Landon's grandmother cried.

"Sorry," he repeated. "KJ here talked me out of it, though. Saved my life."

Kelly-Jo beamed. "Hiya! I'm amazing!"

After some talking and explaining in the Starbucks, Landon's grandparent's agreed to think about letting Kelly-Jo live with them. She came out to them very quickly, and they said that they didn't mind as long as she wasn't an extremely boyish lesbian. They wanted a granddaughter.

After an hour or so more of talking, getting to know each other, so on and so forth... Landon felt kinda weird. Something about Kelly-Jo's laugh, the way she excitedly spoke, her occasional and perverted jokes... it was weird... as he already stated.

Finally, Landon's grandfather declared that, although she was weird, Kelly-Jo was adorable and he needed her as a granddaughter. His grandmother agreed. Kelly-Jo thanked them a thousand times on their way to his house. N- no, their house.

Landon was given the task of moving stuff from their spare room, which was generally used as a storage room. Kelly-Jo helped him out, excitedly blabbing the entire time. Landon was content to listen to her giggle about some of the odds and ends that were in there.

For the first two nights, she slept on the couch before the room was clean. Landon's grandparents couldn't afford a bed at the moment, but she waved it off, just being happy to have a home. She slept in a sleeping bag on the ground, the room bare except for a dresser that was in the basement and her backpack.

She was an... interesting addition. The house was no longer quiet. Whether she be stealing his iPod and blaring his music, watching the TV at much louder than what was necessary, or just randomly bursting out in song, she was never quiet. At one point, he walked down into the living room to find her just spinning around in circles.

Either way, she was fun. Landon had no idea how to react to fun people. She could make a game out of anything, and always did. Whether it be passing food at the dinner table or brushing her teeth, nothing was not fun with her.

Landon felt a bit awkward around her for some reason he couldn't quite get. She seemed to... to almost fill up the hole that Katsu left when he couldn't be around her. Almost.

His grandparents adored her and signed her up for school. Landon couldn't help but wonder where they had gotten her "papers"... it was hard to believe that they had forged them, but there was no way that KJ had them...

Kelly-Jo, at one point, proclaimed that she needed her Lucida, and went out to get her. Landon couldn't help but wonder what her Lucida was like... although he kinda sorta a little bit knew.

"This is my Princess Lulu!" Kelly-Jo exclaimed. "And this is Laddy! He looks like a surfer dude, but he's actually just a dorkwad!"

"Nice to meet you," Landon said.

"... s- same," a tiny and soft voice responded.

"Oh my god, so cute and shy!" Kelly-Jo squealed. "I love her so muuuucccchhhh!"

"L- love?!" Lucida stuttered out. "B- b- b- but th- that, u- uh, K- Kelly-J- Jo!"

"Mm, gimme a kiss... you're too adorable!!"

"K- Kelly-Jo! C- cut that o- out! N- not in front of L- Laddy!"

"Not like he can see us anyway... and keep stuttering for me... hee hee..."

"W- wahhh! Wh- what are you doing?!"

Landon sat there, listening to Lucida's cries of no and Kelly-Jo's cries of yes. He felt something weird that was in both his stomach and his chest. It felt like jealousy... which was completely odd. Why should he be jealous?

... oh, shit, he d- didn't like her like that, did he?

Landon felt panic grab him. Th- there was no way! No way! I- I mean, he did feel his heart flutter at her slightest touch... her laugh made him dizzy... her perverted jokes turned him on a bit... but...

H- he was betraying Katsu.

Well, that's what it felt like, anyway. She had never spoken with him, so it's not like he really was. He was just... he was barely in existence to her. So it's not like he was. It just... felt like that since he had gotten a crush on a different girl.

As Landon thought about it that night, he sighed.

Soooo, he was in love with the mean girl that would probably never knew he existed, and he had a crush on a lesbian.

He had great taste in girls, yeah?

As school started, Kelly-Jo, as he thought, was instantaneously popular. She became well-known as the coolest girl in ninth grade. Landon, as usual, was the least cool eleventh grader in the world. But, whatever.

To Landon's utter surprise, Bug Boy had moved away during the summer. He could tell, at lunch, that Katsu pretended not to care, but she was actually deeply hurt. She had liked him, and they were friends, after all. He felt bad for her, but not enough to wish that Timmy was back.

Landon was happy to find out that he had gym class with the most wonderful girl on earth, Katsu. He could hear her wonderful voice, her refusal to wear the ugly school gym clothes, her complaints... ahh, life was good!

... up until lunch a couple weeks into the school year...

"Laddy, why don't you go ask Katsu if you can be her weekly boyfriend?" Kelly-Jo asked around a mouthful of food.

"E- excuse me?!" Landon asked, choking on his food.

"You totally should ask her out," Kelly-Jo said, grinning. "I know you gots the hots for her!"

Landon's face burned. "K- KJ! Wh- what the hell, I- I do- do not!"

"Yeah, sure, whatever," she grinned. "You wanna fuck her brains out, am I right?"

Landon felt his face burn even more. "Kelly! Shut it!"

Kelly-Jo laughed. "You're totally freaking out! And yet you're the one who stalks her!"

"I- I do not!" Landon snapped.

"Do too," she purred. "Silly boy~!"

Landon felt his face burning more and more. Nobody had ever talked to him about the people he liked... errr... loved before. He was extremely unused to this. Had he been obvious about his feelings without realizing it?

"A- am I obvious?" Landon mumbled.

"I can hear you fapping from my room," Kelly-Jo snorted.

Landon felt his face heat up more. "Th- the hell?!"

"My room is right next to yours, and if you moan out her name too loud..." Kelly-Jo grinned. "But the same goes for me and my room... should I have too much fun with Lulu..."

Landon tried to ignore the jealousy that welled up inside of him at the mention of Lucida.

"Soooo, are you gonna try or what?" Kelly-Jo asked. "You're cute, even if you're antisocial and blind."

Landon blushed a bit, trying to remember that she was a lesbian and totally uninterested in him. It was getting harder each day, though, to ignore these sorts of things... and to ignore how soft her hair was... and her cute giggles... and her gentle touch...

Katsu! Focus on her!

"U- uh, I..." He bit his bottom lip. "I can't... I- I've never spoken to her before..."

"So! Lemme do the talking! If nothing else, I'm good at that!"

"But... K- KJ..."


"... I don't wanna be one of her weekly boyfriends..."

Kelly-Jo blinked and frowned in surprise. "What? Why not? I thought you liked her."

"... I..." Landon felt his face flaming and his voice choking up. "I... I... she's not just... it's not just like, KJ..."

"Wh- what do you mean?" Kelly-Jo asked.

"Katsu Keneko..." Landon closed his eyes. "She... she's... such a... a complex person... I don't want to tell you what's up with her exactly, but... she's actually a very lonely person. I... I fell in love with her before I knew that, but... I... I want her... just to be happy. I don't know if I can give that to her. I... my feelings aren't just like. She is the first person I've ever loved."

Landon blushed a little as Kelly-Jo put her hand on top of his. "... Laddy. You... you got such a look on your face... you really do love her, don't you? You don't just want a week with her... you want a lifetime."

Landon slowly nodded. "I... I can't have that, probably... but... I... K- KJ, I still... I can't talk to her. Not yet."

"... okay," Kelly-Jo said. "I'll talk to her a bit, okay?"

Landon blinked in surprise. "H- huh?"

"I'm gonna be friends with her so that I can introduce you two," Kelly-Jo replied. "Besides, she seems like she needs a real friend... somebody who'll party with her and hold out their arms to her. Nobody here likes her, but... I'm willing to try my best for both you and for her."

Landon gave a very slow nod, a small grin spreading onto his face. "You're an awesome friend."

"I know," she said in a singsong voice.

"And so humble."

"I know."

"And adorable."

"I- oh, hell no. I'm sexy, not adorable."

"I think you're adorable."

"Then I'll just have to show you how sexy I am, hm~?"


"Ohhh, Laddy, don't touch there!"

"Sh- shut the hell up, we're at school!"

"Mm... but that's so naughty... ah!"

"Kelly-Jo! Cut that out!"

"Am I turning you on~?"

"C- can we talk about Katsu some more?!"

"That means I did! You horny little boy..."

"I- I'm not horny!"

"Then why are you fapping to the thought of doing Katsu at night?"

"... shut it..."

Landon liked Kelly-Jo a lot. He really did. She made him happy. She was so willing to help, so willing to talk to him... she was... she was just a great girl.

If only she wasn't a lesbian.

Later that night, they were having a conversation on Landon's bed, as they did almost every night. They just... talked and enjoyed each other's company. It was really nice.

"You should go bi," Kelly-Jo stated. "Give yourself more options."

Landon stared. "Um... is that really my decision to make?"

"Some people do," Kelly-Jo said. "I mean, I didn't chose to be lesbian, trust me, but I've met a few girl who have chosen to be bi because I'm such a sexy beast."

"Uh-huh..." Landon said. "Yeah, I don't really know my sexuality, anyway, but..."

"Okay, then, let me help you figure it out!" she exclaimed. "You can picture having sex with a girl, right?"

"Uhm... picture is bad wording, but yes."

"Mmkay... do you know how guys do it?"

"No. Why would I know something like that?"

"Heck if I know. Just wondering."


"All right... you're with a cute, shota boy..."

"Shota? The fuck does that mean?"

"Oh, yeah, that's a hentai term."


"Japanese animated sex. I look at it sometimes, mainly because of the tentacle porn."

"T- tentacle porn?! How does that work?!"

"You're more innocent than I thought..."

"Sh- shut up! Just tell me what shota means."

"A cute, little boy type."


"Soo, you're with a shota. And then you get on top of him and start kissing him slowly... pushing your tongue into his mouth... he whimpers and moans for you, begging for you to touch him..."

The rest kind of hurt Landon's brain... but in a good way. It took a lot of effort to keep his pants in control, the way Kelly-Jo described it. He kind of... liked the idea. Not as much as being with a girl, but he didn't think it would really be a bad thing to be with a guy. Might be fun.

"Ha ha, you're bi! Your pants are up!" Kelly-Jo laughed at the end.

"Shut up!" Landon whined a bit, covering himself.

"Seriously, though," she said in a more serious tone. "Can you... do you think you could do that to a guy?"

Landon drew in a deep breath before saying, "Yeah. I... I don't think there's anything wrong with liking guys. I don't think it would be a bad thing if I ended up liking some boy. Although I do like girls more, I think."

"And I have helped so many closet bisexual people out by this point!" Kelly-Jo grinned. "People who don't know!"

"I don't think about those things, so of course I don't know," he grunted. "All I know is that I love Katsu..." And like you...

"God, you are so adorable!" Kelly-Jo squealed, hugging him. "Stop being so lovey dovey about her!"

Landon couldn't really breath, but he didn't mind too much since his face was squished between her breasts. They were soft.

That night, Landon had a sexual dream about Kelly-Jo. It was the first one he'd ever had about her. Being able to touch her, make her moan, make her gasp that she loved him...

It was such an impossible dream.

He sighed slightly at school the next day. His feelings for Kelly-Jo were just starting to match up with his feelings for Katsu. He was starting to fall in love with her, even though he had known her for about two months is all.

Even in that short amount of time, though... his feelings... they were so strong. He felt so warm and happy around her. She could make him laugh and grin. She was so utterly soft and cute, even if she refused to believe it. Her touches were always warm and gentle.

Landon blushed a bit as he thought about her. She was a really special girl. Lucida was lucky.

A couple days later, Landon came down with a bad fever. He stayed home and listened to his music all day, messing with some clay. He tried to ignore any thoughts of the two girls he cared so much about, but it wasn't working out so well.

Kelly-Jo slammed the door open and shouted loud enough to break through the screamo that Landon was listening to, "I MADE A NEW FRIEND TODAYYYYYY!"

"That's nice," Landon said in a whispered voice, wincing a bit and pulling out one of his ear buds.

"Yup!" she exclaimed, plopping down on his feet on the couch. "Guess who, guess who?!"

"I 'unno..." Landon grumbled, sniffling a bit. "Ge'off my feet..."

"Katsu Keneko!" Kelly-Jo said proudly. "She's my new buddy!"

It took a while to register.

"Wh- what?!" Landon cried, blushing a bit. "Y- you're... you talked to her?!"

"Yup!" she said. "She seems like a lotta fun! I can get into a helluva lot more parties now that I know her, that's for sure! In fact, she invited me to one this weekend! Wanna come?"

"Uhhhh..." Landon managed. "Think I'm too sick..."

"Or too scared," Kelly-Jo snorted.

"Both," Landon mumbled.

Kelly-Jo snorted again before sighing and saying, "I'll let her meet you when you're ready... mmkay?"

Time went by, and Landon wasn't ready. He had no idea when he would be ready, but he wasn't ready now. He was way too scared of the idea of talking to Katsu... way scared.

Although he did hear about her a bunch more. A lot of fun with KJ. Kelly-Jo talked about their fun a lot. They had quickly become partners in crime... literally. They went out and broke the law together a lot, just because it was fun.

Landon just sighed and shrugged. Those two could have fun, he supposed, as long as they didn't do anything too incredibly stupid...

One day, Kelly-Jo dragged Landon out of the house and to the mall, telling him that she needed some help picking out a Christmas gift for Katsu (the holidays were already almost here...) and that she needed his help.

"I don't know what she likes, besides expensive crap..." Landon whined.

"Yeah, I don't care," Kelly-Jo said. "That's not why I really dragged you here, anyway."

"Huh?" Landon managed.

"When do I go to the mall?" she questioned.

Landon paled. "Please no."

She cackled wickedly. "Oh yes!"

"I can't!" Landon panicked. "I can't meet her! Not yet! I'm not ready!"

"But she was wondering who the blind boy was that I sit with at lunch every day," Kelly-Jo purred. "She thinks you're cute..."

Landon felt his entire face flame up. "M- m- m- m- m- m- m- m- m- m- m- m- me?!"

"Yup! I was talking to her, and she said that you looked like you'd be fun in bed! Then I told her that your junk was nice and big, and-"

"How do you know if it's big or not?!"

"Why should I tell? Ohhh, look, there's Katsu! Hiiiiiii!"

Landon nearly fainted.

"Oh, hey, Kelly," Katsu's said in that perfectly beautiful voice that made Landon feel faint.

"Told you I'd bring the blond hunk," Kelly-Jo announced, pulling him by his wrist.

"I wouldn't say hunk..." Katsu said in a bored tone.

"Mehhh, whatever!" she laughed. "You two have been dying to meet each other, and I've been dying to introduce you guys! Soooo, Katsu, this is Landon. Landon, this is Katsu!"

"Nice to meet ya," Katsu said.

Landon's jaw worked, trying to accept what was going on. Katsu? Katsu Keneko? She was talking to him? Accepting his existence?

"Is he a fanboy?" Katsu asked.

"Sorta," Kelly-Jo replied.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she questioned.

"Oh my fucking god, I'm gonna die," Landon finally managed out.

"Great first impression," Kelly-Jo said with a thumb's up.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Katsu asked, sounding weirded out.

Landon grabbed Kelly-Jo and pulled her to the side, hissing at her, "I cannot talk to her! I'm gonna die!"

"Stop being so melodramatic," she snorted. "Be your regular, annoying self."

"I don't know how!" Landon choked out. "Not with her around!"

"You have until the end of the night to confess your love or I'm gonna do it for you."

"Th- the hell?! I can't even talk to her, let alone confess my love!"

"I'm so sure."

"Kelly-Jo! I can't!"

"Oh, Katsuuuu~!"


"... do I even want to know what's going on?"

"You'll find out soon enough... hee hee hee..."

"Kelly-Jo Bria Jerodson! Shut the hell up!"

"What are you, my mom?"

"No, I-"

"I'm bored."

"Oooops, sorry, Katsu!" Kelly-Jo giggled. "Laddy's wigging out a bit..."

Landon grunted, blushing hard. "Sh- shut it..."

"So, like, what, do you want me or something?" Katsu asked, obviously smirking.

Landon felt his face burn redder. "I... I... uhhh..."

Kelly-Jo laughed. "Laddyyyyy, you're blushing!"

"I swear to god, if you don't shut up..." he growled.

"You couldn't do anything if you tried," Kelly-Jo snorted.

"I repeat, I'm bored," Katsu said. "I thought you said we were gonna go Christmas shopping and find some sexy lingerie."

"L- l- l- l- l- lingerie?!" Landon stuttered out.

"You're good at teasing," Kelly-Jo said.

"He's an easy target," Katsu replied.

"I am not!" Landon protested.

Landon felt his heart almost stop as a hand placed itself on his chest and two legs press up against him. "Oh really? I think you might be..."

"Uhh..." Landon said intelligently.

He felt the body leave him, a tinkling laugh coming from her lips. "Wow, he's way easy to tease!"

"At least I'm not a slut like you," Landon growled without thinking.

"... excuse me?" Katsu asked coolly.

"Ohh, yes, Laddy! Best first impression ever!" Kelly-Jo laughed.

"You heard me," Landon growled, a little pissed by this point. "You're a slut. Different boyfriend every week, having sex with all of them... surprised you don't have a billion STD's and ten kids."

"Oh please!" Katsu laughed. "You'd get in bed with me the first instant you could, fanboy!"

"Now that you've said that, it makes not want to get in bed with you, just to show you that a teenage boy has more restraint than you," Landon said. "Lemme guess? Short skirt, tiny tank top?"

"Five points to Landon!" Kelly-Jo proclaimed.

Not that either of them were listening to her.

"I bet you I can get you in bed by the end of the night," Katsu snapped.

Landon laughed. "Oh, please. I'm not interested in sex like you are. I'm interested in loosing my virginity while making love, not during a senseless fuckfest."

"What's wrong with that?!" Katsu demanded.

"What's wrong with that?!" Landon repeated, grabbing Katsu's shoulders. "What's wrong with that is that I'm in love with you and I'm not gonna have sex with you until I'm your boyfriend and oh my god, what am I saying?!"

Katsu seemed a little stunned as well. "... huh?"

"Good job, Laddy! Let her tease you, fight with her, then tell her you're in love with her! You're great at confessing!" Kelly-Jo exclaimed.

Landon, shaking, decided that he might as well just tell her everything. "I've been in love with you since ninth grade. I fell in love with you when you sang in the talent show. I... I... I can't see you. So I fell in love with you through your voice and your personality, which is really weird, considering what your personality is like. You're mean and a total bitch. And... and yet..." He leaned in and whispered in her ear. "I listened to you in the supply closet. I... I know about that."

Katsu's breath hitched a bit, obviously surprised and shocked. She then weakly whispered out, "I... I don't know you... how... how do you... how on earth do you know me... ?"

Landon pulled away, feeling awkward. "Because. I'm good at blending in."

"But... but... you..." Katsu managed. "I... you... y- you're not serious, right? There's no way you could! We've never even spoken before!"

"W- well... not directly..." Landon rubbed the back of his head. "I did send you a rose on Valentine's Day..."

"Th- that was you?" she said.

"Yup. Took me forever to write those three words, too, because I couldn't find the freaking paper... I suck at writing, too," Landon said. "I hate English. Oh, did you know we had that class together last year? We have PE together this year..."

"I- I knew that last one..." Katsu said hesitantly. "Noticed last week... but... u- uh... Laddy, are... are you stalking me?"

"... uhhhhh..."


"Well, there was a couple times when I followed you..." Landon grumbled. "But it was on your more stressed days! I was just trying to make sure you were okay! I swear, I don't know where you live or anything!"

"Creepy," she said flatly.

"A- a little..." he admitted. "But I swear I was only doing it to make sure you were all right... how you walk and your breathing pattern changes when you get too stressed."

"You are a complete creep," Katsu said. "And I don't believe you about the whole sex thing."

"It's true!" Kelly-Jo finally said. "He's completely and utterly in love with you! I've listened to him talk about you, and the expression he gets... oh boy, lemme tell ya! He's way off somewhere else."

Katsu stared at him. "But... you... I..."

Landon sighed. "Don't... don't feel pressured into anything. But I'm not gonna be your boyfriend unless you like me like that. I refuse to have a one-week relationship."

Kelly-Jo grabbed his arm, squeezing it between two of her breasts, making him blush a little. "It's true! Laddy's a good boy! He wants to love you, not just have sex! He'd stay until morning, Katsu."

Katsu shook a bit. "... he... he would?"

Landon didn't know exactly what they were talking about, but it was obviously important to Katsu. Something that she wanted, that he could give her. Landon took in a deep breath.

"He would," Kelly-Jo insisted softly. "Katsu... Landon loves you. He told me he dreams of marrying you. He never thought it would happen, though, because he was too scared to talk to you. Just being able to speak with you... he loves it. So much. I know it does."

Landon blushed a little. "I- it's true..."

There was a small moment of silence before Katsu turned around and said, "I'm going home."

Landon decided to take that as rejection.

He sat at home the rest of the day, listening to random music the entire time. Not sure whether to be completely depressed or utterly joyous. He had finally spoken to her!... and she rejected him.

Kelly-Jo tried to keep in high spirits, which actually helped a ton. She cuddled up to him and he snaked his arm around her waist. She didn't seem to mind too much.

Landon felt his fingers running up and down her side, enjoying the feel of the tight tank top against her skin. This was as close as he'd ever get to love. Holding Kelly-Jo like this.

Much to his disappointment, she removed his arm for a moment. She then sat on his lap, catching him off guard. She cuddled up to him, both hands on his chest, the same place that Katsu had touched earlier that day.

Nobody was home but them.

She was so warm.

So soft.

He was so depressed.

He needed her.

He loved her.

Landon will never say what he did was okay. Slamming her down onto the couch and pulling off her clothes roughly while she was still in shock. Forcing his lips against her's as he unbuttoned his pants.

He was so sick of waiting, though. She sexually touched him and teased him all the time. She told him dirty jokes. She even stole his towel at one point to see how big he was.

"I love you..." he breathed into her ear. "I love you, KJ... I love you... I love you..."

Kelly-Jo cried the entire time. He had never seen her cry before. But he didn't care by this point. He needed her.

After he was finished, it finally occurred to him what he just did. It finally hit him that he just raped her. That he released inside of her. That he probably ruined the only real friendship he ever had.

"O- oh, fuck, K- Kel-" Landon stuttered out to begin with, but she interrupted him.

"Fuck me," she said, more tears falling down her face. "You already did that, didn't you?"

"I- I don't kno-" Landon began again.

"You don't know?!" she practically shrieked, pulling away from him entirely. "You know what you just did?! I'm bleeding! I... I'm a virgin inside... I... I've never put anything besides a finger in... god, I... Landon... I hate you!"

Landon was stunned by both the fact that she was a virgin down there and by the fact that she hated him. Not that he blamed her on the second part. After all... he just... what he just did...

Landon heard her slam the front door and felt completely empty. She was gone. Probably went to Lucida's.

Landon fell down sideways, groaning. "What the hell is wrong with me? I just raped my lesbian best friend..."

She hated him.

She hated him.

She hated him.

God, what a terrible concept. He loved her a ton. He really did. Not as much as Katsu, but he still loved her. And she... she absolutely detested him now. She thought he was disgusting and disturbing. Sick and twisted.

Landon felt tears slowly falling down his face. That was two in one day. Two girls who he loved who he had also lost. Not that he ever really had Katsu to begin with, but...

Landon went into a state of numbness. His grandparents asked him where KJ went, and he gave the simple response of Lucida. That was the only thing that he said for five days straight.

She didn't come home.

She didn't go to school.

She never called.


Landon was so utterly depressed that even being in gym class and around Katsu didn't help. She didn't talk to him, either. He was completely and utterly alone.

Landon finally smiled, but it wasn't because anything truly happy had happened. It was because he had scratched his wrists raw. He bled a bit. There was flesh in his fingernails.

The pain felt so good. It distracted him from his aching heart.

He wore long-sleeved shirts to make sure nobody would notice. Notice the huge and bloody wounds that were going up and down his arms. He made sure to wear shirts that could be used as undershirts as well for gym. Nobody would have to know.

Landon was slowly scratching at his throat, that emotionless smile on his face. He teasingly dug his fingernails into his neck before drawing them back out, leaving tiny, crescent shaped marks.

"Fuck life..." he whispered, about to dig his fingernails into his neck hard enough to pierce the skin when the phone rang. He was tempted to not answer, but it was part of the fun. Teasing himself.


"Talk to me after school tomorrow, in the supply closet."

The person hung up, but he knew who it was. Katsu. Katsu Keneko.

He slowly sat on his bed, feeling nervous. He wouldn't be scratching out his neck tonight. Possibly tomorrow night, but not right now.

Katsu wanted to see him.

The next day passed both too quickly and too slowly. Anticipation and worry was overtaking him. He needed to know why Katsu wanted to talk to him, and in the supply closet of all places.

He hesitantly entered it after school. He could feel Katsu already being there.

"K... Katsu..." he said softly.

"Landon," she acknowledged. "I wanna know a few things."

"... like what?"

"You have to swear to answer honestly."

"I can't lie to you."

"So you say."

"It's the truth."

"Whatever. I need you to answer sincerely, okay?"


"Do you love me?"


"Do you want me to be your girlfriend?"


"Do you like Kelly-Jo?"

"Yes and no. I love her, but not as much as I love you."

"... oh. I see."

"Yeah. Next question?"

"If we had sex, would you stay with me all night? Even in the morning?"

"Yeah, unless you kicked me out."

"Where's Kelly-Jo?"

"I'm guessing her girlfriend's. I'm not completely certain, though."


"Why what?"

"Why aren't you certain?"

"Because. She didn't tell me."

"Do you think she's okay?"

"I hope so."

"... do you know why she's there?"

"Yes, but I'm not telling you."


"Because. It's extremely personal. Maybe I'll tell you someday."



"Tell me now."


"Tell me!"

"I'm not. No matter how much you whine or snap or whatever, this is... something... something I can't tell you."

"... fine."

"Is that it?"


"Can I leave, or is there anything you want to say?"

"Well... there is one thing..."

Landon felt surprise grab him as he felt lips touch his for all of an instant. It was a quick and simple kiss that caught him totally off guard. He almost fell back into the door, but managed to keep his composure. As her lips left his, he touched his lips, totally shocked.

"You get one date," Katsu said, opening the door. "This Friday. Good luck."

Landon felt a slow and real grin cross his face.

Well, not everything sucked.

A/N- HA. HA. DONE. If you wanna know what happens for the rest of it... well, you'll have to read A Young Cannibal... and wait for it to catch up... OTL Also, should I move this up to M? There's a lot of swearing and sex references...

Lastly... for those of you who know Kelly-Jo... she was saving it for her princess. She was gonna give it to her soul mate. But that obviously did not happen.