I wanna leave but

I just dont want to go

Being here hurts me

but being away would hurt

hurt more. This is the hardest

choice I cant even make

There are no options

for me anymore I made

the mistake so Im here

till the end of this rollercoaster

Up and down and

down and up

More downs than ups these days

It started out simple but now

there are no simple answers

Where there was the two of us now

theres the two of you but

because I made the choice

to stay they hate me and

you are stuck even though

thats not what I wanted for you

I cant think with all this noise

in my head and outside

They dont know what goes on

when they arent there.
They dont know how it feels to have "friends"
lie straight to my face

and having my life messed

with cuz its my life,

not theirs but they make me

just want to leave but i dont want to go