She sighed, wistfully staring at the brute,
it was round, and red, and was good to shoot.
It was shiny, and attractive, and a good piece of art,
but thinking about other stuff, not a good start.
It circled her mind, over and over;
she wanted it more than a four leafed clover.
But could she let it happen to herself?
Would she go get this object that removed pride in one's self?

She tossed the brute aside, grasping her purse,
getting the object would be better than this curse.
Sliding on her coat, and her tall black boots,
the woman opened the door and went on foot.
She strolled down the street, thinking more and more,
not getting this item shouldn't be a chore.
It's a one off occasion, it shouldn't be an ordeal,
it's not like she's being naughty, she's not going to steal.

Just one visit, one trip is all,
maybe it's not a problem, it's no brawl.
One little sneak, this item was so tempting,
it's lusciously beautiful, and it should be exempting.
But this is probably illegal, in the woman's mind,
maybe she should be arrested, or maybe just fined.
...One little trip, it's all it is,
one little trip, no show biz.

She turned the corner, not long left to go,
a few more blocks, and then, hey presto!
She'll be there, and oh so quickly,
especially with the allure that drifted so mistily.
This was terrible, horrific! How can she be doing this?
She had been doing so well, now there's nothing to reminisce.
Still, it's just one little trip, that is all,
no reason to think that she's going to fall.

She found herself outside the source of temptation,
The torturing temptation that swept the nation.
She entered through, already feeling defeat,
no turning back now, she was beat.
She lugged up to the blockade that separated both,
the torturer and the victim, she'd broken her oath.
She was face to face, with the woman in uniform,
smiling away making anyone feel warm.
It was all a trap, and it was obvious too,
and it happens to both me, and you.
The woman stood there faking a smile,
as everyone does for a little while.

The woman cringed at her words, which meant real disorder,
"Welcome to McDonalds, may I take your order?"

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