There was a crash, a boom, a scream, then pain. And then... nothing. No sound, no feeling, no pain. I couldn't decide if this was better or worse than what had happened. Of course it was hard to get a grip on anything. My thoughts or my surroundings. Slowly I became aware of things. I mean really slowly. First I gained feeling in my toes and fingers, then the rest of my body. I moved my fingers and felt cotton. I was wearing a dress, though i hadn't been in the crash.

It was dark. I put my hands over my eyes, which were closed. Well that explained it. I opened my eyes but there wasn't anything to see. It wasn't dark exactly, though it certainly wasn't light. It was just... nothing. It was grey but with no light or dark. Like permanent dusk. I was just a little confused. Where was I? Was this like Limbo? I'd heard about the place in church but I'd never thought I would get stuck there. I'd always thought about it being Heaven or Hell. One or the other. But here I was. Wasn't there supposed to be others there? I couldn't be the only one there. Before I tell you what happens next, I should probably tell you what happened before, that led me here.

My name was Grace. Grace Astley. I lived in a small town in New Hampshire so small no one's ever heard of it. So small you don't need to know the name. But just because it was small doesn't mean there was drama. Because there was. And I was stuck in the middle of some. And that's a huge part of the story, so remember it. REMEMBER! You remember it? Well? Ok good. Moving on. I was a senior, so close to getting out. I had just got accepted to a school for nursing and I was psyched. But the drama that I was stuck in still hadn't gone away.

My best guy friend, Will, was dating my ex best friend, Lacy. Originally, I had sent the two of them up. Lacy was scared I was going to steal Will because we had dated before. She knew I'd still liked him when they started dating, but I had told them both I was over Will. I wasn't really, but I wanted them to be happy. Lacy decided she didn't want to be friends with me anymore. She said things just kept adding up and that she couldn't be friends anymore. When I asked why she was willing to just let go of her best friend, she said that I had said we were best friends not her. So that was the end of that. Or so I thought.