-Mr. Invisible-

Dear Mr. Invisible, I hope you're doing well,

Because for me these past months have been a living hell.

I just want to say thanks for leading me on,

Thanks for just playing with my mind for so long.

Congratulations, you made me crumble, you made me fall,

Cheers to you, as you leave me without anything at all.

You get to move on without the reminder of the notes,

All the lies you told me as you anonymously wrote.

Aren't you proud? Aren't you happy?

Mr. Invisible, you broke me.

You made me believe someone ideal could exist,

You broke down all my walls and I couldn't resist.

Mister, you moved on before you even tried.

Do you know how much time I've wasted and cried?

It's not fair that you got to hide and leave,

I didn't tell any lies you believed.

Aren't you smug? Aren't you happy?

Mr. Invisible, you broke me.

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