my heart beats like a drum

each moment hits me hard

I refuse to look you in the eye

didn't you think that maybe

I was too fragile

to know how broken the world is?

every memory I have is a fucking lie, and you just stand there and watch me collapse because I am

nothing to you

so let me ask

was I just a thing to you? was I just something to hide behind?

I was a girl by the side of the road who needed a friend

and you saw me there

you picked me up and brushed me off

and then you used me

here I am

shattered like glass on the floor

and from the depths of hell I ask you

what was the fucking point?

you stupid bastard I don't want an apology I want you to erase time and take back every lie you told me and make it all better

here I'm going to lie to you right now just to get even


did you believe me?