Special Agent Frederic Braun hated two things. Politics and superiors. Most of the time both were lying narcissists who didn't know what they were talking about, had no field experience but liked to pretend that they did. However, that wasn't the main reason that he hated them. What pissed him off was that they only served to make his life even more unbearable to what it was.

"Let me get this straight," his superior, Derek Splicer said pacing in front of him, "You knew that there was a possibility for attack by superhumans last night, and not only did they get in, but they were able to reprogram one of our clones, stole said clone, and convinced one of our most prestigious doctors to join them. Did I mention that two of the superhumans were your kids? One of which, being your daughter, should've been brought in two weeks ago when we sent you to get her?"

"It's not my fault that my son used his teleportation powers to get her first."

"Perhaps it was a mistake to bring you in to handle this mission."

He scoffed, "Well, perhaps the mistake was yours."

"What did you say?"

"I advised against letting all those people in here to see our research and look what happened. There's only so much security I can have against a man that can control computers, a man that can jump from one place to another, a time traveler, a firestarter and a mind reader, but we did learn a few things that can fit to our advantage."

"Oh really?"

He nodded, "We can now enforce better security protocols in both the facility and the clone programing. And we can identify each member of this little team and we know what abilities they have and how they work; which can also benefit us when designing protocols meant to contain them."

"You got to catch them first."

"Already in progress, sir." he threw a file on the desk, "This is clone 1-03424, his primary ability is to hunt and find other clones like him. If his created sister is anywhere near here, he'll find her."