Back at the Headquarters, Naomi stared out the window in contemplation while her brother looked over her leg.

"It looks like it went in and out, that's good. I can get you to a hospital, there's a doctor in Seattle that owes me a favor."


"I got his daughter back to him when she was taken into the Facility."

"Is it safe to go?"

"Well, we really don't have the medical capacity to take care of you here, and you know that. We'd need like an X-ray or something to see how badly your leg is damaged and we don't have a machine…that's like the only machine that we don't have. I'll put a splint on it until we can get you there."

"Is there something else you're concerned about?"

He sighed, "I don't trust Lisa Eisley. She was doc in the facility and so you'll excuse me if I'm a bit wary of her and her work."

"Where did you learn all this?" she asked when he helped her up, "How to fight? How to medically treat someone?"

"Naomi-"he said warningly.

She wiped a tear from her face, "You know what? I'm hurting and I'm tired. Just answer, me one thing honestly for once, did you learn how to do all this at the facility?"

He stood up and for a second she thought that he was going to leave, but instead, he sat next to her, "When I was taken to the Facility, it was dad that brought me in. And because of him and the information that he gave to those scientists; the experiments they ran and what they put me through..," he trailed off, "There aren't words for what I did. When I escaped, I didn't recognize myself. I don't want to talk about the things that went on there. Part of it is to protect you, but mostly it's because I don't really want to relive it. Please, I'm begging you don't ask me anything else about what happened there. Don't put him through that again."

She grabbed his hand, "Alright."

Jane gripped the edges of the chair and screamed in pain as Lisa used a scalpel and forceps to dig in her back and neck for the bullets.

Able held her hand, "You'll be okay."

"It hurts," she snapped.

"Well," Lisa muttered, plopping one of the bullets in the petri glass, "We have to remove the bullets so you can heal properly."

"I know that."

"Listen, focus on me," Able grabbed her face and turned her so that she looked at him and not the bullets that once were in her back.

"I think there might be a problem," Jane said, "I sensed the presence of the clone and I'm not supposed to have that ability

"It's the Hunter's extra ability. There's no way that you'd be able to have it as well without me noticing."

"But I sensed him."

"There may be a chance that you have empathic abilities on top of your default ones, I'll have to design some tests before I'm able to figure out what's going on."

"Yeah, those empathetic abilities worked out great today," Able muttered.

"We could've been better in that fight, couldn't we?" Jane said wryly

"Nah, we could've done worse," he smiled, "We just all need a bit of practice that's all."

"How did-," Jane stopped when Lisa moved to the last bullet, her grip on his wrist became tighter, "How did you know we were in trouble?"

"You're lucky that Joseph is really protective of his sister."

Jane blinked away tears and looked at him, "The clone's dead, isn't he?"

He gave an unsure look at Lisa before nodding, "We had to, they could've found us again."

Tears slipped down her face, "I know. It's just…we were programmed to think of each other like siblings. So, I just watched my brother die, and I couldn't…I couldn't connect to him mentally, or emotionally or...," she shook her head, "I watched my brother get murdered and I couldn't feel anything for him, I felt cut off, like I couldn't communicate." She started crying harder, "What did you do to me?"

Able wrapped his arms around her, "I am so sorry."

She jerked away, "Will that be my fate when I'm no longer useful?"

"That won't happen," he promised.

"Why? Because I'm more human than the others?"

"It's not a matter of your humanity, we're a team now. We would never use you like that…I mean, didn't today prove that?"

"I don't think I can do this," she whispered.

"Hey listen to me, yes you can. Once everything settles down, it'll all work out."

"Easy for you to say," she muttered.

David passed by both medical rooms to make sure everyone was occupied before he went up to the third floor of the warehouse. They were all so occupied and they wouldn't be bothered to ask questions about their new guests at least for a little while. He opened the door and walked through, "Well, well, Ms. Kyrie Trent."

She sat cross-legged on the bed and glared at him through the thick metal bars, "Let me out of here."

"Don't worry, I will."

She hesitated, "What are the conditions?"

"You'll be taken into the custody of the Guardian Alliance and they'll figure out what they're going to do with you."

She scoffed, "You can't do that."

"Yes, I can."

"I'm a normal person, I don't have any abilities to speak of, the Guardians won't care about me."

"That's what you think."

She paled, "What do you mean?"

"According to the Facility, you are a failed superhuman," he opened one of the files that he'd gotten from Lisa's desk and opened it so that she could see her own picture along with a designation number, "You were nearly turned into one of us, but it didn't take."

She stood up, "You're lying."

"I was assigned to be your Guardian. That wouldn't happen if you were normal. "You're going into the custody of them. You're too dangerous to be released back to the facility and I can't very well keep you here, you shot two of my charges, and that pissed the rest of my team off. The only reason that they're not ripping you apart right now is because they still have enough humanity left not to do so. But you won't have to worry for long. The Guardians are coming to get you tomorrow night."

"Don't do this," she whispered.

"Sleep well, Ms. Trent," he started walking out the door.

She shot out of the bed and gripped the bars, "I'll tell your team who you really are."

He smiled, "I hope, for your sake, that you'll reconsider. Have a good night, though I would advise that you sleep with one eye open considering what you did today."

The End