Shelly didn't notice him at first when she walked into the library to find a quiet place to study for her midterms. Before heading up the stairs, she stopped at the coffee vending machine and plopped some change in it to purchase her first caramel latte of the night.

Then she glanced over and saw him standing behind the counter processing some books that had just been returned and he caught her looking at him and smiled.

He didn't look like any librarian she had ever seen, his build muscular beneath his shirt and his face offered a contrast in maturity to the mostly college undergrads who manned the library shelving department.

His name was Jack and his sudden appearance at the library had inspired some talk that he was an ex-con who had just been released from prison and had been hired by the university as part of some rehabilitation exercise. That he had served in the military overseas in Afghanistan, Iraq or some war zone and after receiving the Purple Heart for bravery he had returned to take a more peaceful job in a library. He was an ex-jock who had gone into hiding after some scandalous affair he had been involved with the chancellor's wife and had been hiding out in the library.

Shelly didn't believe any of those stories. His hair was about an inch grown out from being military style and though she had heard he was tatted, she didn't see any from her vantage point. He wore some jeans and a tee-shirt with some image on it and his body certainly looked hard enough for him to have been a jock or a soldier. And yeah, he looked hot enough to have been in the middle of a high profile sex scandal that was apparently still secret enough that the campus rag hadn't published anything on it.

She'd left her roommate Nona back at the apartment they shared two blocks away from campus and braved the wet weather to get to the library to put in some study time. She glanced back over at him and saw that he was sorting books so she headed up the stairs to the top floor with her bag and coffee.

To her favorite study spot…where she could hide away from the noise and bustle of the lower floors. Few people ventured up because most of the time the antiquated elevator was out leaving only the stairs. On the lower floors students cracked gum, joked and laughed, ignoring the sighs posted everywhere telling them they were in a quiet zone.

She picked a pleated skirt and a blouse to wear that day plus her thick coat to protect her from the chill of the winter storm that had blew into town and then overstayed its welcome. She picked her desk which was in back of the stacks and next to the window where she could look down at the campus, now pretty quiet as most people had taken shelter inside from the inclement weather.

After setting up her computer and booting it up, she sipped from her latte while watching the rain streak through the window. When her computer fell quiet again, she decided to log into her email and check her messages on her campus account. Mostly to check if her history professor had finished editing her draft and had emailed it back to her to work on for the final version.

But nothing like that appeared so she checked her instant messaging and nothing there on her history paper either. Just a few messages including one from someone named "Watching you".

She frowned not recognizing the identity and then saw what had been written:

"Hi…I'm out of the rain just like you and sitting not too far away…how are things going?"

Oh wait, she knew who this was, it had to be Chad, her partner in her media relations course. So she typed back.

"Fine…just finishing up my English paper…have you finished your work?"

That should be useful to know if Chad had finished his portion of their class presentation…maybe then he could help her with hers.

"No…still working…slow day though…might take a break soon.

Yeah, well she had just started working on her paper so no break soon for her…if she took one…she'd never get back to work. But she had kept looking at her work product on the screen and she just couldn't get into it.

"Lucky…I just got here so I've got a lot of work to do first…"

It didn't take long to get a response to work.

"All work, no play makes life very dull Shelly…come play with me."

That startled her when she saw the words appear on her screen…this didn't sound that much like Chad…was it someone else instead?

"Who are you?"

Because she really was curious who was sending these messages to her if it wasn't Chad.

"The one watching you…thinking what it's going to be alone with you…come on and play with me."

She looked around her then but she didn't see anyone around her and it sounded so damn quiet like it usually did. Who could be watching her now and from where?

"Where are you?"

She looked around before looking down at her computer.


Her pulse heightened because she really believed she was alone…no one lurked in the stacks and the desks around her were empty.

"Who are you?"

She wondered if the person would answer back and what he would write for her to read. Because after all, he could be anyone if all she had to go were his instant messages.

"The one who saw what you did last week…here…"

That grabbed her attention quickly enough because she had been doing…did he know? No he couldn't, she had been alone…after all she had looked around before…

"What did you see?"

Again the answer came quickly enough.

"You know…"

And then she knew that someone had seen her when she thought she had been sitting here alone in this chair at this carousal desk fingering herself beneath her skirt. She expected to feel embarrassment and even shame but though she awaited those sensations…instead she felt excitement well in side of her.

It had started innocently enough last Saturday when she had been sitting in the library supposedly studying for a philosophy exam and she really had been because she wanted to keep her grades high. But the words had started to blur on the pages of her book and she had gotten such a sugar rush from drinking latte and eating a package of red vine licorice. Pent up energy and nothing to do with it, and some serious stress because she had this test so what did she do?

She looked around carefully and saw how quiet it was around her and then she lifted her skirt and thrust her fingers into her panties and started rubbing gently at first and then when the pleasurable buildup in her groin began, she intensified her stroking. Her head lolled back, her body relaxed and her breathing became heavier and uneven. She didn't even think about any particular guy, not her ex boyfriend, not the football jock that she had tutored last quarter…not even the guy who poured drinks at the bar just off campus.

She just concentrated on making herself feel good. Her fingers moved expertly because after all she knew what made her feel good better than anyone else did and she began trying to keep from crying out as she switched to a more centralized pressure on her clit.

Oh god…it had hit her suddenly that she hadn't been able to suppress a cry as the waves completed their build up and then splashed all over her….almost catching her up in an undertow. After the intensity of her climax became too much to bear, she started panting and then just sat there sprawled in her seat.

Completely alone with her pleasure or so she had thought….until now…but maybe it was someone who was just bluffing is way through names on the campus message list until he found someone who took his bait.

Maybe he hadn't seen her getting herself on the third floor of the campus library last week.

"What did you see?"

The response didn't take as long as she thought it might.

"A sight so damn sexy I almost came in my pants…will you be giving a repeat performance tonight?"

Her cheeks flushed, damn someone had been watching her…but then instead of reproaching herself, she found herself trying to contain the delicious sensation which zinged through her.

"Why do you ask?"

Not the words she had planned to write back actually but they had slipped out and she had pushed "send" before her sense could keep up.

"Because I want to watch…."

Wow, she had a live one online or maybe…no it had to be someone who had been at the library last week when she had been…engaging in stress release. Because she hadn't really been thinking about anything sexual when she did it…she had just wanted to feel good and not focus on her upcoming test.

"And then I want to make you cum…"

Whoa…that's taking it a couple steps ahead. She didn't even think about whether or not this person would want to…

"I don't even know you…how do I know you're not a perv?"

There, that was putting it out there bluntly. Wonder how he'd respond and what he'd look like.

"But I know you…I saw you just a while ago…in your little pleated skirt and blouse…"

She didn't need to remember what she was wearing…so was it someone inside the library and if so who?

"Did I see you?"

She tried to remember everyone she had seen since arriving but the population hadn't thinned out until she reached the third floor. It could be anyone of dozens of men…assuming it was a man.

"Yes…and you'll be seeing me soon…up in the crow's nest…"

Oh wow, she knew what that meant…there was a small tower on top of the third floor and only one entrance up that had been sealed off from the public. She figured it had been used for some purpose years ago back when the library was first built.

"It's closed…and tell me why I should see you there."

The guy was crazy if he thought he was going up into that closed off part of the library to do some self-pleasuring in front of him. Not that she was a prude or anything close to it, but she didn't just run off and meet some stranger to titillate him.

Not without going to coffee first anyway.

"The door will be open, just walk up the stairs and I'll be waiting…"

Wasn't he even listening to her, she had just told him…but then again, she looked out into the leaden gray sky that had started to darken and the rain spilling down the window. In front of her was her damn paper which wasn't getting written and she felt bored at the thought of studying for hours…and she wondered about what was waiting in the crow's nest.

So she sighed and stood up, and picked up her computer and her items to stash them some place while…while she checked out the crow's nest. After doing that, she walked towards where the entrance to the crow's nest and when she reached it, she reached out to try the door knob, expecting it to be locked. Maybe someone had just been playing with her and no one was up there waiting at all.

But it turned loosely in her hand and the door opened, with a slight groan and she saw a flight of stairs ahead of her and up above, some lighting from the nest itself. So she grabbed the banister and walked slowly up the stairs.

Carefully with each step because they appeared quite old…the smell of aged wood and paint permeated the air and she felt a little woozy as she reached the top. She looked around the spacious nest and she found some candles lit and what looked like a large mattress with some bedding on the ground and a desk with a stack of old books and papers on it in the corner.

But she didn't see anyone else but her.

She stepped forward and that's when she felt movement behind her and someone grabbed her from behind.


"Shhh….quiet now…"

The voice sounded somewhat familiar, the cologne like sandalwood and musk. She felt the hands on her shoulders tighten and a man's form pressed against her back.

Definitely a man, she decided.


Lips caressed the side of her neck and the smell of him intensified. She felt apprehension fill her but then the hands began to rub her shoulder muscles and she started to relax but still remained on edge.

Then his hands moved down and around until they rested on top of her breasts which peaked in response below her blouse straining against the bra which encased them and he continued kissing her neck. She whimpered when his teeth grabbed hold of the skin on her neck teasing it without biting down and his fingers cupped her breasts more intimately.

"Don't move…"

So she didn't…but her eyes moved around the room trying to get a look at the man who had grabbed her from behind.

"What did your parents tell you about meeting with a stranger," he said softly.

She swallowed noisily.

"I could be anyone…and I could do anything to you up here and no one would know."

Damn, he had a point there but he also held her fast from behind and she couldn't move. They stayed like that for a moment.

"What do you…want?"

He breathed softly, warmly into her hear.

"You… and I got you to come up here didn't I?"

He finally released her and she turned around to look at him and her eyes widened.


The librarian that had been sorting books when she had first arrived but then even behind the counter he hadn't looked all that harmless…but now he looked dangerous in the lighting but in a way that quickened her pulse.

"So now that you have me up here what's going to happen next?"

He smiled at her.

"Let's go over to the window seat for a while…"


"To get to know each other better…"

He put his hand against the small of her back and led her to the window seat, adjacent to a window that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a while. She sat down there and so did he and then he started unbuttoning her blouse, one button at a time and tugged on her blouse to open it up to expose her skin.

His lips met hers as his fingers worked through her blouse and at first she didn't react when he brushed his mouth against hers.

"Come on…relax a little…"

"I don't know you…"

"Oh yes….you do…."

He had worked his way halfway down her blouse and smoothed it over her shoulders and she sat there, in her bra. The kisses came harder on her mouth and she felt his hands work on her bra, which he also slid off her arms to follow her blouse. Her breasts were creamy colored tipped in the perfect shade of rosy pink.

Like rose buds and he traced his fingers over the aureoles as they became erect for him. She sucked in her breath…too shocked to move and becoming more aroused. This didn't seem real at all…like a dream but the sensations of his fingers on her nipples felt visceral and triggered sensations that traveled to places away from her breasts.

Still she looked at the door, and he reached and put some fingers under her chin and looked at her directly.

"You're here with me now…"

He left the bench and knelt in front of her kissing her on the mouth while taking his hands on her knees and nudging them apart as far as her skirt would allow, so he started using those hands to brush her skirt up her legs, stroking her inner thighs as she did so causing her to sigh suddenly. She leaned back slightly against the glass as he caressed her inner thighs.

She gave a start as she felt his fingers brush her panties beneath her skirt, and he slipped one casually inside after teasing the rims of the lace. He stroke the labia with his fingers, gently working them as they became more engorged.


"Stop talking…and just relax…you're not leaving until I'm through with you…"

She almost retorted back at him and then she realized she didn't really want to go not when she started feeling her body respond to his ministrations. This just felt so…because she didn't know anything about him nor he about her but maybe that's what filled her with excitement.

Then he tugged at her panties and drew them down her quivering thighs with one motion. Before she knew it, they were resting on top of her feet. He began to stroke her clit while slowly, deliciously she thought, sinking one of his fingers in her pussy.

The first penetration…

She felt his movement as he stroked he inside while still playing with her clit on the outside. The buildup inside of her felt familiar and she bit her lip to hold it inside her because she didn't want to lose herself in her pleasure in front of this stranger. But he pulled his fingers out too soon and she felt a rush of disappointment fill her.

"And what do you taste like I wonder?"

Before she knew it, he had replaced his fingers with his mouth on the most sensitive, most private part of her body. She gasped and spread her legs wider when she first felt the sensation of his lips on her…brushing her labia so softly…she clenched her hands.

She didn't think he'd noticed.

And when he tongued her in between those lips and then lapped at her clit before sucking on it oh so gently…she started to breathe harder, her heart racing. And then her hands reached out to grab onto whatever part of him she could to just hold on because the cascading waves rushing through her right now might knock her off of her feet.

"Oh my God…."

He lifted his head for a moment.

"I'm not God…but you're close."

His words reached her but she didn't now if he meant that she was a few strokes of his tongue from climaxing or whether the reference was to God but she didn't care. She gripped him harder, with her nails as she bit her cheek as the orgasm just ripped right through her and bared her in front of him.

Not that she could help that because her body had taken on a life of its own. She felt weak suddenly, her legs rubbery and she panted sharply as the first waves of pleasure rushed through her.

And when she began to come back down to earth, she felt his lips on her mouth again and she tasted herself on his mouth.

He just looked at her, his eyes hard and his own breath starting to come quickly.

"Let's take this someplace more comfortable than a ledge…"

She hesitated.

"I…I…this shouldn't have happened…I can't believe…"

He smiled at her then, like a devil and stroked her face.

"Then you'd better brace yourself for what's going to come next…"

He helped her on her feet, totally naked now…her breasts flushed, the nipples hardened, her rounded stomach and the hairy juncture between her thighs…she felt a little self conscious because he still wore his clothes.

"On the mattress…"

That sounded like an order and she put her hand up.


"Lie down…while I'm asking…"

Yeah, that sounded a bit bossy…but she found herself obeying and lying down on the damn mattress which supported her easily but felt soft with the blankets. He stood above her, lifting his shirt over his head exposing a muscular chest with dark hair sprinkled generously over it. She noticed a strange mark tattooed on his shoulder but couldn't make out its design. His chest tapered into firm abs and so did his line of hair.

Her chest rose up and down as she watched him undress. His eyes pierced into hers the entire time. Then he moved onto to unsnapping his jeans and worked them down over his legs, taking his briefs down with them and after kicking them off he stood before her, his penis erect and standing out of a cloud of dark hair. He stroked himself and she admired its length, its shape.

Her eyes widening at its size.

And something...about him…she began to rise up on her knees.

"Are you sure…."

He knelt down close to her and she explored his chest with her fingers, feeling its heat. The hair felt coarse and yet soft to her touch and his nipples peaked when she passed her fingers over them. His body felt so hardened almost like a statue but his skin, soft. He looked at her, his erection reaching out to brush against her.

Her skin felt electrified where it had touched her belly as he moved closer to her, grabbing her around the waist and kissing her on the lips, powerfully and this time thrusting a tongue inside of her mouth. Her lips offered no resistance as he prodded his way through them inside her mouth, tasting her.

It felt so intense…too intense….like his tongue had been on fire…she felt apprehensive at the intensity. What had she gotten herself into here?

She had met a stranger up in the crow's nest, stripped naked for him, had him go down on her and now she was about to fuck him.

Or was it the other way around because he had been in charge since she set foot in here?

"I'm not so sure…"

He stroked her face, his fingers sending tingles through her skin, spreading the fire.

"Shhh….I can't say I'm about to take you to heaven but…it will be someplace just as good…"

Then he bent to kiss her face, her neck, seizing some skin in between his teeth and biting, hard enough to cause her eyes to water.

She felt his erection pressing against her belly, insistent as he kissed her body, leaving her breathing heavily, and his heart thudding against her chest.

"I don't know…"

"Just relax…."

His voice sounded so silky, so sure and she knew he had her where he wanted her. And she knew that he knew as he pushed her against the mattress again and began moving his mouth over her body, savoring every taste of her. His mouth tasted her breasts and then suckled on her nipples…sending jolts of pleasure through her.

She squirmed beneath him, her skin hot, seeking the relief that only he could give her. She felt his fingers on her too, and when he touched her pussy, he whispered in delight.

"You're so wet…so ready…"

She just sighed as he stroked her there, rubbing her clit again which still throbbed from her prior orgasm and she lifted her pelvis up towards his touch.

Becoming very impatient with him even as she wondered what she had gotten herself into with him.

She started to sit up again and he slammed her back on the mattress and pushed her legs apart further so he could slide between them. He grabbed her wrists and pressed them over her head. She tried to free them but she couldn't…why wouldn't he let her touch was he trying to prevent her escape?

Chest to toe, they were now pressed together, skin to skin, slick with sweat that warmed them both. His engorged penis prodded the cleft between her legs, slick with her dew. Her eyes widened as she read what she saw in his own.

Oh my god…who was he…really…and what was he about to do to her?

"Now lie real still and just let it happen…"

His voice sounded like a purr or was it a growl and his face looked strained, but his eyes penetrated deep inside of her while outside her pussy, his erection waited. He stared into her eyes for a moment…and she really saw him for the first time.

Only now it was too late.

But something about his eyes, caused her tension to ease, her adrenalin levels to drop…lulling her into his stare and her breathing slowed.

And then when she had been about to relax, he flexed his hips and thrust inside of her, before being encased in the snug warmth of her pussy.

Pain had filled her as his penis had stretched her to what she felt might be her limit but before it intensified, he stopped.

"I can't…" she cried.

His eyes never left her.

"Yes…you can…you feel so perfect…"

And then he bucked his hips again and this time he didn't pause in between his thrusts, his penis driven deeper inside of her breaching whatever resistance had been left. She thrust her head back, clenched her hands and then tried to break them free while he thrust into her pressing her against the mattress again and again. He grabbed her thighs and wrapped them around his own, her legs slick like his. Always thrusting up and inside her, heat filling her pussy and permeating through her body, tinged with elations, exhilaration and the tartest taste of pleasure which spiked through her, increasing with every thrust of his hips.

She knew he wasn't what she had thought but right now she didn't care…she just wanted him to keep moving, the thickness of his erection allowed for it to rub deliciously against her clit with every thrust and her climax began to build. His body began to stiffen and his purr turned into a growl as he reached down with his mouth and seized her mouth again.

The tempo of his thrusts continued her waves of pleasure spiked higher and higher and she felt her body began to quiver as she felt an amazing orgasm building, building and just when she thought she would die…it cascaded through her.

She screamed like a feral animal when her orgasm hit her as he continued to slide out of her and then thrust back in, feeling hotter and hotter…until she felt the pulsations inside her of his semen shoot through her, leaving a trail of sweet burn. She looked up at him but he had arched his back and had been looking up as he came inside of her.

A moment later, he collapsed on top of her and finally released her wrists which felt bruised from the pressure but then a few other parts of her did now. He rolled off of her and onto his back, his penis releasing her and beginning to soften. She felt the slickness between her legs she hadn't thought to use a condom.

Which meant…oh shit?

They lay together for a long moment without talking. She didn't really know what to say at this point considering what had just happened…it hadn't just been sex…

Finally she found her voice again.

"Who are you…anyway?"

He smiled at her.

"The librarian who sorts books…"

She propped herself up on her elbow and looked at him.

"No who really…I guess you've heard the rumors…"

He smiled wider.

"All wrong of course…truth is as they say stranger than fiction."

Hmmm, she wondered what he meant by that.

"All you need to know is that I'm your lover…and that we're going to be spending a lot of time together."

Now she felt taken aback by that sudden pronouncement.

"Now hold on here,"

But he had rolled over on top of her again and braced his body with his arms pinning her to the mattress.

"Maybe you better listen to me…because in a few hours, you're going to be crawling the walls and only I'm going to be able to fix it."

She looked up at him, his face so close, his breath soothed her flushed skin on her cheeks.

"When I ejaculated into you a moment ago, I shot you with a huge dose of a chemical that will ensure that you become aroused every few hours…and only I have the antidote."

She shook her head at him, incredulously.

"You're kidding…"

He kissed her softly on the mouth and then shook his head.

"For the next 30 days until it wears off, you will be very aroused and I will be spending a lot of time easing that arousal…like we just did…and by the end of that month period…"


"You won't be feeling it anymore because you'll be pregnant with my baby."

She looked freaked out…he supposed he couldn't blame her.

"Yes…you see I was looking for the woman to mate with…who would come up here with me for me to do what was necessary and that was you…"

"Why me…?"

He kissed her again, softly in a way almost tender.

"When I watched you…pleasure yourself last week…I knew by your scent that I had to have you…and so I waited…"

"Oh my god…."

"No…I'm not god…but I'm going to give you a lot of pleasure for the next 30 days…now you might want to think about resting up a bit before we…mate again…."

She just lay there while he took her in his arms and she sat there contemplating her immediate future while he did what most males did after arduous sex which was fall asleep.

And so her 30 day sentence began…and more pleasure than she could ever have imagined awaited.