Summer's Reign

Chapter 1: Not So Cold Turkey

A Kind Note from the Author:

Welcome to my second story on FictionPress – Summer's Reign.

I'll be very specific – this story won't sit well with everyone. I'm going to outline the issues people might have problems with so you can avoid this story if it won't agree with you.

Firstly – it's a slash story. Which means male on male action. Don't like, don't read.

Secondly – it's rated M. Which means there will be graphic male on male action. Don't like, don't read.

Thirdly – and probably most importantly – this story is all about incest. Twincest, to be specific. Brothercest. Don't like, don't read.

Please, if you don't like any of the topics above, don't read this story. However, if (like me) you think it's hot, go ahead and have a read. I promise it'll be good.

Chester's POV

One of the things I'd promised myself when we'd moved is that I wouldn't be gay anymore. I'd quit. Cold turkey. Just like that.

Being gay was a problem. Not that I was insecure – everyone knew, and I was the quiet, muscly gay boy that could kick your arse if you had an issue with his sexuality. What was the problem were the boys I attracted. They all seemed to be flamboyant eyeliner-covered midgets with hair dyed ridiculous colours, or weak chinned pink-shirted metrosexuals with shoes a gazillion sizes too big. Oh, and that freaky Goth kid who wanted to tie me up and cut me. He was just weird.

The problem was that I couldn't find the right person. I didn't want casual, mindless sex – I wanted a relationship. So, I figured, I'd stop the gayness and go for girls; it'd make it easier to fit in at my new school.

Little did I know how wrong I was. How terribly, terribly wrong.

Anandil High was much like my old school. Tables set up in neat rows, whiteboard and teacher's desk up the front, kids hanging out in their little cliques and catching up on whatever had happened over their holidays before classes started. I sat by myself. Nobody came to talk to me so I got a chance to size up everyone in my tutor group.

I began to classify groups and pick out interesting people. The dumb girls – I tried to concentrate on them, because I'd probably end up dating one or two (God, they were already tossing me flirtatious glances) but found I couldn't focus on their curvy boobed bodies. Later, girls; I gave them a smile and a wink. They giggled behind their manicured hands.

The Asians – there were the cool ones with dyed-brown sweeping fringes and leather jackets, then the bespectacled nerd variety. The black kids – a couple nodded at me brotherly-like and I nodded back; it'd probably be worth getting to know them. Other random kids to my front right. The football jocks – they were looking me up and down, wondering if I'd be competition for the dumb girls. Whatevs, bros, you can have them. Some of the jocks were hot. I pushed the thought away and doodled swirls on my left palm.

A movement caught my eye and I glanced up at the door. The person that walked in completely blew my mind.

It was a guy. Tall, slim, with fucking tight leather pants that I wanted to rub my body over. His legs, ending in black knee-high boots, seemed to go on forever. A silver-studded belt wrapped low around his hips and his black singlet top was riding up, giving me a ten centimetre view of pale, flat, toned stomach. A faded black denim jacket ended just after his elbows, baring wrists covered in silver bracelets and long fingered hands with black varnished nails tucked into his pants pockets.

Then the face – oh, the face. Kill me now. A strong bone structure, sharp jawline, angled nose and defined cheekbones made up the most handsome and utterly hot face I had ever seen. His ears had piercings. Oh God. And his eyes – seriously, he was wearing eyeliner and a dark eyeshadow accenting beautiful hazel pools. You'd think that with makeup he'd look at least slightly girly; but the strong planes of his face, the way he held himself and the sparking of his eyes could leave no doubt that he was very, very male.

Fuck. It's going to be hard to not be gay when the guy of my (wet) dreams goes to my fucking school and is in my fucking tutor group. Shit. I'm so screwed.

He stopped just beyond the doorway and ran a hand through his tousled girls-grab-this-while-I-fuck-them chocolatey hair. He scanned the classroom – pleasepleasepleaselookatme. The boy's gaze glossed over me and rested on the group of random kids in front. His chiselled face broke into a smile Brad Pitt would envy and he made his way over to them.

I slumped down in my seat and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding with a small hiss. He turned. We locked eyes. His smile widened. My heart accelerated exponentially.

Before I knew it, he'd waved his hand at his friends and come to perch on the side of my desk. I stared up at him and he stared down at me.

"Hey, new kid." His voice was smoke and strokes and sex.

"Hey," I managed to choke out. I licked my suddenly dry lips and he quirked an eyebrow.

"You know, you look a hell of a lot like me when I'm not wearing makeup," he said with a smirk. "Maybe you're my long-lost cousin or something." A bad feeling welled in my chest. No way.

"What's your name?"

"I'm Ry," he said, smoothing down invisible creases in his pants. I felt like I was choking.

"Is 'Ry' short for anything?" I breathed.

"Oh, yeah," he laughed. "You're not gonna believe it...but my full name's Riot."

Fuck. There is no way there were two boys named Riot at this school. No. Fucking. Way.

"Riot Reign?" I asked shakily. He nodded, bemused. I stood up and felt like the ground was pitching under me.

"My name's Chester Summer," I whispered. "I didn't want to meet you like this."

"What're you talking about?" he asked, frowning, a slight pout gracing his perfect lips.

"I…" FUCK. "I think you're my brother."

Riot's eyes widened and he got to his feet slowly.

"Are you serious?" he murmured, barely moving his lips.

"Yes." Deadly serious.

My Mum told me to look out for you. Told me to look out for a boy named Riot Reign. Told me to look out, because I had a twin brother. An identical twin.

In a whirl of movement, Riot grabbed my hand and rushed out of the classroom, down the stairs and through the school gates while dragging me behind him. A little way down the street, he slowed to a walk and let go of my hand.

"What are you doing?" I said, panting slightly.

"I just found out I have a twin brother," Riot said, his deep voice sounding shocked and calm and hurt at the same time. "We're skipping school."

"I'm not sure it's a good first impression to skip my first day here," I groaned. Riot stopped and glared at me, hands on his hips. His eyes turned my stomach to jelly.

"Chester," he said huskily. "Which is more important; your brother, or school?" I think my voicebox melted.

"You," I managed to say.

Riot smiled again and slipped his hand into mine, leading me down the street towards the shops.

Author's Note

Well, that's the first chapter. I had fun writing it (at an ridiculous hour of the morning).

This story is generally going to be smallish chapters, written when I get inspiration and time enough to write.

So, um. Incest. It's a rather interesting topic, one I've discussed (awkwardly) with friends at various times. We concluded that male x female incest isn't cool, because accidental babies would be inbred. (It can happen for real though. I've read about a husband and wife with kids realising they're brother and sister more than once.) Female x female or male x male incest isn't so bad, because there's no chance of kids resulting from the, uh, union.

Also, a word on circumstances. The only reason that the incest in this story happens is because the twins grew up apart and didn't know each other, and when they saw each other they had no idea they were related. They formed opinions (and attractions) for each other without knowing of their connection. I am in no way saying that incest between two people who have grown up together or happens.

After that lengthy monologue of an author's note, I shall leave you.

~ Elira