I'm here, on my hands and knees, nude. I have a collar around my neck. It shocks me when I do something wrong. I know from experience.

The door opens behind me. I can hear it.

I feel a sharp pain on my behind.

He spanked me.

I whimper.

He shocks me.

I whimper again.

He shocks me again.

I don't whimper this time.

He roughly shoves a large finger into me. At least I think it's a finger. The finger moves around. Another finger is thrust into me.

I whimper.

He shocks me.

I remain silent.

He begins stretching me. I start to cry silently. He doesn't seem to notice. The fingers are gone. Something is rubbing against me. I strain away.

He shocks me. I stop moving. He pushes into me all at once.

I cry out. He shocks me harder.

He pulls out, then pushes back in harder.

I cry out again.

He shocks me while pulling out.

He pushes back in faster now.

I remain silent.

He rams in and out of me without mercy.

He grunts.

He calls me names like whore or slut.

My tears escape faster.

His pace is frenzied now. He licks my shoulder.

I shudder.

I don't think he notices.

He bites into my shoulder. He releases inside me. He pauses for a moment, catching his breath. Then, he laughs.

I mutter something under my breath.

He shocks me really hard this time.

Then he hits me.

He punches me in the side.

He pulls out of me.

He leaves.

I bruise.