Time passes.

The door opens again.

It's a woman. It always goes man, woman, woman, man, woman, woman. The man always makes me do something. Then, the women clean me and put me to sleep. Then, they wake me up and put me in the position the customer wants.

She greets me.

I don't reply.

She asks how I am.

I tell her that I wish to leave.

She tells me that she wishes to leave, as well.

I tell her that she should.

She tells me that she hasn't paid enough yet.

I ask how much she has left to pay.

She tells me that she needs to clean up another 500 girls before she can apply to leave.

I ask how much I need to pay.

She tells me that it may be years for me.

I don't know why I have to pay.

She'd been cleaning me during our conversation.

She tells me goodnight.

She gives me the shot.

Sleep comes to me.

I dream that I can fly.

I have angel's wings, but they, and I, are spattered with blood.

I look around.

I am in the room they put me in.

I am still nude, but my collar is gone.

I'm sitting in the middle of the bed, my knees under me.

My wings open.

They touch opposite walls.

I try flapping.

Wind stirs the room.

I try flapping harder.

My knees leave the bed.

I try flapping faster.

I am hovering above the bed.

I touch the ceiling.

It evaporates above me.

I fly into the night sky.

I fly home, to Nebraska, where I was born.

I fly over our farm.

I see my mother.

She's shocked when she sees me.

She looks at my wings.

Not me.

She tells the demon to leave.

I try to tell her that it's me.

She runs away, into the corn.

I wake up.

A different woman tells me that she has to chain me to the bed.

I am chained.