Kai is sat in a chair opposite the therapist, hitting his forhead off the desk and looking like he's given up on life. The therapist doesn't look much better off.

Kai: (stops hitting head) I lost the bloody egg. (resumes hitting head)

Therapist: And how does that make you feel?

Kai: (stops hitting head again) Like I want to punch my therapist. How does that make you feel?

Therapist: (flinches) Why do you think that is?

Kai: Because my therapist is asking me stupod questions, duh. And right when I'm about to get fired, too, just because that arsehole managed to swipe the damn egg. I turned my back for two minutes for crying out loud, how did he get the egg? Oh, who gives a fuck anyway? I'm still going to get fired for this.

Therapist: Have you ever tried looking at the positives?

Kai: Here's a positive for you - I'm positively going to kil you.

Therapist: (scribbles on paper) Oh, bugger it. I'm just going to put you on medication, you clearly need it.